I like it here but the roommate matching is bad and they need to update it. I have a roommate who doesn’t have anything in common with me or my friend.

The safety, parking, amenities to the rooms are perfect. Seems like every week there is something fun going on in the main lobby. If you ever email the staff a question, they will answer you very quickly.

I like a lot to live in here, has been 6 months since I move in and I like being part of this community. The building is in downtown so practically you can go walking everywhere. The apartments are big and well equipped. The amenities are awesome. The only thing I didn't like is the roommate arrangement, is like the lottery, I got a good roommate which I get along really well and a not so good, that smoke inside the apartment and use the living shared area as his bedroom and dumpster. Is a pain in the *ss.

I've really enjoyed living at 13th and Olive so far. It's super close to the bus station which is great for getting into campus, the amenities are awesome and the building overall is great.

This community makes it so easy to transition from living in a dorm or at home to living on your own. I’m lucky to have so many amenities available to me and for a reasonable rent!

I love it here at 13th and Olive , the staff are very helpful and welcoming I love the area very close to downtown with some great food and bars

13th & Olive is a great appartment complex with a variety of amenities and a great location right in the middle of Downtown Eugene. The staff is very friendly and helpful and there is 24/7 security which helps you feel safer.

For the apartment I have along with my roommate, I think I have the perfect set up. Love the fact there’s garage parking. My car is never subject to the frost in the morning or the rain all night. My experience with the staff has been solid. No issues there. It’s also prime location to walk anywhere downtown.

comparing my experiences that i have had living in other apartment buildings, living at 13th and olive has been the most pleasant experience. having everything so close is amazing. i haven’t needed to call maintence for anything but i know if i ever do need help, it will be there extremely soon.

Awesome community. The building is very quick to respond to and resolve any issues that have come up. Great amenities and perfect for someone looking for a place where they do not have to worry about the conditions

I love this place. I like the fact that we have our own bathrooms. I think that the calendar rewards could be improved because some of them are bare. I went to taco Tuesday and only got meat on a tortilla

I have loved living here. The amenities are so helpful and great. It's great to have my own bathroom too. It's a little far from campus but having the bus stop so closeby makes it better.

I love the amenities and the staff at 13th and Olive. They’re very helpful and make moving away easier. I also love my apartment a lot, including the furniture.

This is my second year living here and overall my experience has been good. The amenities are great. Having two pools and two hot tubs year round is nice. Having access to computers and printing is convenient. The staff has always been nice and helpful.

I like living here for many reasons. The residents are extremely nice and easy to communicate with. The location of the facility is absolutly amazing.

Good building with tons of amenities provided for residents. The staff does a good job of setting up activities for residents like catering food or other fun things. I love the on site gym and pool as well!

I really love it here, the view is amazing and my roommates are great! I love the amenities and how close I am to the places that I like to frequent!

The neighbors my roommates and I have met have been kind. My only issues with the community are cars going up and down the garage are driving much faster than the speed limit and almost hit each other or pedestrians.

Great job i cant think of 140 words to say to yall but this is doing a lot but i appreciate the points but this feels like im doing a 140 page essay lol

The staff here are super helpful, and even when they don't know the answer they will find someone for you who does know. It's a good place to live.

I love living here . Staff in the office very friendly . I really was excited about their incentives they offer to rent here . I feel safe , good security . Gym , jacuzzi , pool , very nice .

I love this place. I go to the gym and spa like daily. The rooms and the kitchen are nice. I have had some issues with gating work orders done.

Everyone at 13th and Olive is so friendly and helpful, and the environment is safe and welcoming. However, if the office staff have more directions for new residents like how to use their key or where the msilboxes are that would be great. Other than that, it is an amazing place to live, and it's convenient.

I have great neighbors with amazing personalities! All are very approachable and friendly. Everyone gets along and communicates well with each other.

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Such a wonderful community to be apart of! There is always something to do here. It's placed in a nice spot where it's not too far from anything! :)

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