Good amenities, property needs to be kept cleaner, maintenence speed needs to increase, community events are great (pizza parties, taco tuesdays, etc).

The location has easy bus access, is within walking distance of UO, and is close to downtown, which makes getting around easy. It's also surprisingly quiet for college housing. The amenities are great as well, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The only difficulty is that package or pizza delivery can get confused trying to get here.

I have really enjoyed my time here. Although I have not been here for that long, the amenities and the people here are excellent. The staff has been very friendly and helpful. I could not ask for a better apartment complex.

I have loved living here, wonderful location, so convenient. Free printing, two pools, two hot tubs, etc. I've had several incidents that have gone overlooked, but I won't go into detail. I wanted to renew for a third year, but they didn't give me a reasonable offer. I am also disappointed they are going to start to charge for parking and to be on the 5th floor. One of the reasons I originally signed was because there was free parking, and to take that away from future residents I think is a poor decision.

13th & Olive is the very first place i moved into without my parents and so far i am enjoying it because it's a nice apartment building within walking distance of a library and fast food restaurants and, grocery stores

Great amenities, central location, very accommodating and friendly, would recommend highly recommend to other friends and other students in the area

13th and Olive is great apartment complex located in the heart of Eugene. It has so many amenities like a gym, sauna, tanning, and more. I love it here.

I think it is a very nice place to live. The maintenance staff is really nice and are quick at addressing any issues in my apartment. Furthermore, the office staff is very knowledgeable and are able to answer any questions I may have.

I really like it. The maintenance staff could be a little more friendly but overall I have had a great experience. I especially like the tanning.

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Overall not bad. Occasional loud noise from upstairs neighbors and pool late at night in the summer. Not sure if it is somewhere I’m going to want to stay yet.

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Very solid facilities; apartments are of high quality and are well made for the most part. We've received good service from all of the staff during our stay.

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My experience at 13th and Olive has been pretty good. There haven’t been any major issues which I appreciate and I love the sense of community!

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Overall, everyone’s friendly and nice. Maintaince could be faster on the elevators burn is more timely when something is wrong with my place

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My experience at 13th & Olive has been awesome so far. You guys are great with keeping all the people involved and up to date. I definitely would recommend this place. I have had some bumps here, but who doesn’t.

Really nice front desk and super helpful. The only thing I really dislike is how many times the elevator is broken but I know that is not their fault. Super friendly all around

I wish people would not let their dogs pee in the hallway. I get it to a certain extent, but still it is pretty gross walking to the elevator and stepping in a big puddle of pee.

so far i’ve had a great experience. no problems. just that work orders could get done a little more quickly, but other than that, everything is great. very spacious for the price


This place is great affordable rooms and the staff is so nice. The rooms are a great size and you get your own bathroom. Plus you get your own lease which is a peace of mind if you don’t want an irresponsible roommate.

Overall pleased but there is some disconnect between management. Front desk workers all have different ideas about what's going on and this usually differs from the back office as well.

13th and Olive is a fun, centrally located community that I have thoroughly enjoyed living at for the past two years. Great perks and amenities, great people, and friendly and helpful staff.

As a resident for over a year, 13th and Olive has been an excellent place to stay. The rent includes several amenities which fortify the value of renting. The roommate matching service offered is surprisingly successful. Weekly food and drink giveaways along with renewal incentives keep me interesting in renting here.

Living in 13th and Olive has been pleasant. The staff is always super helpful and there when I need them. The parking garage gives me peace of mind in knowing that there are cameras and security nearby.

So far everything has been really nice. The stuff available to use is nice and the free events are fun. I like the location for school. Parking garage is the only part I don’t like it’s too small

This is a great community overall. I definitely love having all of the amenities, especially free covered parking. The only issue I have is with how long maintenance takes especially the first few weeks after move in.