I've only had a few challenges since I moved in two years ago... mostly procedure and paperwork related. It's quite noisy. The street noise, I understand; however, I shouldn't be able to hear my neighbor coughing through the wall.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. The unit and amenities of the community make it feel like you are living in a vacation home. I was concerned about living with someone I’d never met but they did a great job with roommate matching and I couldn’t be happier.

Overall, i have enjoyed living at 13 and olive. I haven't had any bad experiences with neighbors, and everyone that i've ran into is always super nice. I enjoy all the amminities and the overall environment.

Sweet 250/250 internet, great location! Love my bedroom on 4th floor, don’t use ammenaties much, but still enjoy free breakfasts food from time to time.

Best spot in downtown Eugene. Come check it out. You will.not be disappointed. Librly atmosphere and Tom's of evening entertainment. All within walking distance from my place.

I really like a lot of the amenities there are here that are offered and the staff is nice and friendly. I like living here so far and not many complaints

Amenities far better then most apartments in eugene. Super Clean. Staff is alwaus helpful if you have questions. Great security on site and always available.

The ammentities are amazing! The apartment is in the best location. The bedroom has its own bathroom and is very spacious! So far its been a great experience.

Overall pretty good. I love the amenities and the staff is very responsive and always helpful. Currently having a slight pest problem but the apartments are helping as much as possible to resolve the situation. Rent is reasonable for the perks.

If you signed an incentive agreement for a gift card as a part of your specials package, please know that gift cards have been ordered. They will be arriving within the next couple of weeks to you via email from Community Rewards. If you have not signed up for Community Rewards, you may do so by visiting our website 13andolive.com and scrolling down to the center of the home page. Once you are registered, you will be able to earn points for a number of awards throughout the year, as well! Thank you for your patience while we work with Community Rewards to get incentives to everyone and feel free to contact our office with any questions!

I just renewed my lease for the 3rd time! I was a random in a 4 bedroom flat and love my roommates each go around! I haven’t had much trouble besides some minor maintenance but it always gets fixed

I enjoy living here. Living in the first floor is a little hard because I can hear people passing by my window at night but other than that I love it.

Love living here and love the amenities. Enjoy how it’s easy to pay rent and all that is offered here. Staff is super friendly and helpful to assist with anything

Excellent housing and easy to apply. A godsend in terms of finding pet-friendly housing. Highly recommend, as I do to any of my friends looking for housing!

people keeps smoking wee in the hall way, things got stolen and I couldn't even check the camera before calling the police. not bad place to live but it could be better,

So far, I have had a good experience living here. It is a nice place to live off campus and I love the size of the kitchen and rooms. I would recommend this place to other students!

Everything is going ok, I wish that it wasn’t as confusing to get around the building. I’m really loving the gym. Also I feel like the staff isn’t as cooperative as they should be.

So far so good! I've only lived here for a few months but I had loved every moment of it so far. Staff is very helpful, amenities are beyond what I could ask for, and just overall living situation is wonderful! No complaints here.

Experience has improved since renewing our lease. The first 6 months of living here were difficult because my car got towed unjustfully from the parking garage even though it had a sticker. Also, to get us to renew our lease the complex threatened to fill our bedroom. Would consider renewing if the rates went down for next year. Love all of the events, and hope they have some over winter break as well.

This is my first year living here at 13th and Olive and so far it has been a great experience. Lots of amenities and campus is not a far walk

I have been enjoying my room and roommates but not the apartment stuff because I have not received what they told me I would get and my internet has been going out.

I have had my ups and downs with this apartment complex. I was involved in a hit and run in the parking garage and initially the front office said there were video cameras jn the parking garage to which I then learned there wasn’t. My apartment was extremely dirty when I moved in. Bad roommate matching. Not happy that i have to pay an extra $13 to be on the top floor because it’s “quieter”. Anyone who knows general physics would know that the rooms around the pool area would not be quiter.

Great place to live, lots of cool events that the apartment has for us! Love the amenities, as well as the room sizes, and I like the convenience of the bus station across the street!

Good looking decor on my walls. Been trying to get a poster with a dog playing poker, but it turns out dogs don’t actually play poker, so this just got a lot harder.

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It’s the best! I love living here, all of the amenities are the greatest! I love living close to downtown, and all of my friends. Living close to campus is a perk too!

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