Only missing a half star because there's been a lack of security on third shift. I'm not thrilled to see people rooting through dumpsters or lingering in the breezeway.

I have liked living here but there are a few things that could improve. Been here for two years, so ive learned to live with the few things that could improve such as the halls inside the yard being clean to be one.

Overall great community. Amenities like the fire pits are great for this time of year. Also t he complex being pet friendly just makes it a great place to really feel at home.

It hasn't been the best and there is a lot of room for improvement. For starters there pretty much isn't any time of security There's on a person who is supposed to watching both builders but isn't very efficient. 2nd there is always music blasting at all hours of the day and the front desk pretty much is telling me that it is my responsibility. Another thing is the things in the parking garage need to be fixed. The mirrors need to be adjusted and or replaced. The parking gates and either broken and should be fixed if the 13th and olive are going to keep advertising garage safety. The furniture in the unit is falling apart but there's nothing that management wail do about it and I know that I will be charged for the wearing tear on the couch. The is a lot more that I could say but every time i do say something nothing ever changes. All in all, if you don't have to deal with management then 13th and olive are just bareble.

I think it is ok. Most of time, I feel like office didn't do the good job, and rooms are not clean. The efficiency of front table are extremely slow。

It's ok. Cant complain much. Just wish the pool was fixed during summer. It was quite obvious they closed the pool then on purpose. Which was really unfair. Even after repeatedly asking them why they just kept saying that it will be fixed and BAM! Fixes it right as fall started. Of course no one would go then. Perhaps they didn't want to deal with cleaning the pool but yeah. It was rude. Good apartment complex. Nice staff members

It’s a bit loud from the outside and hallways, you can hear people coming in and out from the parking garage and the walls which create massive noise. As well as it creates noise from room to room since the walls are thin.

Still really expensive to live here but i like having my own bathroom. I like how my roomies are willing to decorate the apartment and bring up the festivities on this holiday!!

Response to work orders have been prompt and staff is very friendly. However, I would have appreciated more guidance during the move-in process.

I really like living here so far! The building is clean, the amenities are great, the apartment unit is cute. I love it so much! The only complaint is sometimes maintenance takes awhile to come to our unit

Great student apartments, easy commute to campus. Lots of ammeneties and a very nice staff. There were a few hiccups with my move in initially, but maintenance was ready to fix anything that was wrong with our rooms upon move in.

My experience here so far hasn’t been bad at all. The staff is nice and get things done at a reasonable time. But of course there are things I would like to see change. Just a few: the printers, never working. The pool isn’t heated stupid cold. The steam room doesn’t work.

The only thing I can suggest is please put more employees at the front desk on weekdays rush hours. Usually there is huge line there around 5 pm.

It’s not bad. Though I got kicked out of my own parking garage? I was outside on the top floor of the parking garage taking a breather from doing homework and the security told me I couldn’t be up my own apartment complex? And my mail address works sometimes. And not all the time.

Things seem to be going smoother this year. I’ve been here for 2 years and going on my third. This summers transition has been good for new and current residents.

I love it here. I love my roommates. I love the space and how close it is to downtown. I also love that the bus line is a block away. I love having my own bathroom.

Over all I have Enjoyed living here at 13th and olive. I love how they have a calendar of the whole month with events that will take place at the Willamette building that include treats. One thing I would love on it was if their was specific times for the things taking place because sometimes I want to go get some treats but I’m not sure at what time they will be available.

I really enjoy living here and have no problems. Maintenance was super useful and responded swiftly. The range of amenities is great, when they are actually working.

Lack of follow through in many areas. Horrendous lease process. Fairly new apartments and furnishings. Great amenities. Convenient downtown location. Very noisy!

I like living here! There are some issues such as the pool or fireplace not getting fixed fast enough, but other than that it’s pretty great.

13th and Olive have been great so far. The staff is very helpful and I’m surprise at how fast the maintenance responded to my request! Also great amenities for a great price

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Close to my campus and convenient! Close to grocery stores. In the middle of downtown so just about everything is in walking distance. Rent is super affordable for students!

The staff is trying hard to improve--but the main issue here is with the customer service of the staff and how it seems apparent through everything they do that they are just trying to make more money off of you, which is ultimately displeasing and makes the complex unattractive, especially to college students.

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Hours aren't till super late (would be nice if so), but overall a great place to stay! Close to the EMX so getting to campu shouldn't be too hard, along with great features.

Overall the facilities are nice. The pool and hot tub areas are well designed and spacious. The apartments themselves are very modern looking with fancy appliances, cabinets, and countertops.