Amazing and I loved the process just to stay here. I can’t wait until I officially move in the place. This year of college is going to be amazing.

Excellent place to live we finally got a good place we call home everybody has their own room very spacious the staff is excellent and friendly

I've lived here for a couple of years now. I appreciate having a quiet place to stay. I like that there are armed security guards here to help keep residents safe, and that I was matched with a roommate that I get along well with. However, I am not pleased with how long it took for my mailbox to be fixed. I am not pleased that the pool was not available this summer at all so far, and I do not like the noise disturbances that have happened many times well after 11pm on weekends- when people should be able to rest comfortably. Things are better than when I moved in 2 years ago, but this place still has a some issues that need to be improved.

When my roommate and I moved in, the non carpeted floors were so sticky and dirty that it took us literally months of moping to feel okay with walking barefoot. The apartment had this nasty odor to it for the longest. The vents, ceiling fans, water sprinklers were CAKED with dust. Whoever painted the walls last was so careless that they painted over the light switches, the outlets, and the ceiling. Door knobs put on upside down/broken, broken racks, huge hole in the door that is still not fixed, holes and marks all over the walls. BUT, our living room area just got brand new carpet, which was a definite plus! Couches looked new. Washer and dryer works great. Kitchen appliances are decent and all work. Shower works. Overall, I found if one wants the apartment to be sanitary, you just have to clean it yourself. The first day we sprayed for bugs, spent the whole day dusting and deep cleaning EVERYTHING before we moved our stuff in. Nasty apartment problem is now solved! Also our air conditioning did not work when we moved in, but maintenance helped us out ASAP which was pretty impressive. Current staff is super nice and helpful. The general manager is great! What i’m kinda upset about is that it is the end of July and we still do not have a pool to swim in due to “remodeling” (what I last heard). Personally I feel like that’s a bigger deal considering it’s an amenity that my rent pays for. I like 1540 place, and I plan on staying here. It started off rough with “college grove,” but I believe the new great management with make a change for the better 2019-2020!

It's a nice place most of the time,and the office staff is friendly. The maintenance team may take a little while to show up, but they finish quickly. Good overall.

Great staff and overall, great complex! It’s only been a month and I love the community and residence I’ve joined. This place is a great first move for college students.

Not been happy with maintenance and especially not having a useable pool this season!! Don't feel money is being allocated to the correct sources.

I enjoy living here because not only is it very affordable, but you get the best quality assistance when it comes to utility problems and the people are just friendly!!

It's fine for the price, which is the lowest in the city, but you get what you pay for. This is a great bounce apartment to come out of a relationshio to or perhaps to stay in while in college, but it gets beaten out by a conventional as soon as you value privacy, clean swimming/workout areas, or on-time trash pickup. (I pay for trash pickup, so I kinda expect at least that to be consistent.)

It’s been reasonable, I wish The people were more friendlier though! The parking is an issue i’m very worried about people scratching my car, but yeah! not that bad

Living in the apartments isn’t bad , if we could focus a bit more on how clean the hallways are would be nice but I know that’s not managements fault , all in all still enjoy living here

I love it just sad there’s no pool for holiday of the 4th of the month of July but be sides that it’s great and I’m happy to be away from my parents

I couldn’t ask for a friendly staff. Kayleb helped me out in more ways than I ever could’ve imagined. Really nice spot to live real nice people

Was a little upset about the timing of the pool renovation but besides that love living here. Staff is awesome but maintenance request should be dealt with faster

While the units were nice, I had multiple problems with working with management throughout my stay which overall caused me to have to pay more for things that had nothing to do with me. Other residents too in other apartments were hard to deal with and made me feel unsafe at times

The maintenance are overwhelmed. The updates are lagging. It's the end of June and still no pool to swim in!!! Really disappointed in the whole experience.

It’s amazing Can’t wait to move into the apartment with my cousin in August. So excited to be a part i this community. Coming to take a tour July 8th-10th because of customs

The apartments come with a lot for the cost, but the property is far from clean, the maintenance takes forever, and it’s generally difficult to voice complaints to staff in a meaningful way. Also, theft is a big issue...

I’ve lived here for awhile!!(around 4 yrs) I’ve had some bad roommates but the stuff understood and help me get new ones. great price and friendly staff

This will be my third year living at this complex. I have had a wonderful time with no issues. The open floor plan is beautiful, and the property is even more beautiful.

Loved it! Seems super fun and exciting. I am ecstatic to see what amazing things this apartment complex has in store. Everything so far has been pleasant.

Had a great tour of the place! With 1540 taking over college grove, I can see it will make a lot of the things better! And the area is in a quiet area!

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The apartment was not what was promised when touring. Maintenance requests are fulfilled weeks later. Poor response time and service quality from employees.

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overall, I didn’t have any huge problems. there’s always trash laying around in the hallways & some sketchy stuff will happen occasionally. had to clean a lot before moving in

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Love how everything is included in rent (never go over). Everyone is so nice and decent for he price. I'd like to see different machines in the gym and to also have the machines fixed. Also, I'd like to be able to enjoy the pool right now.

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