Had a rough start here - but it seems to be getting much better as time goes on. Responses to service requests etc. have been quicker. Staff is always very nice.

It's cheap to stay here in 1540 but not all the staffs have adequate knowledge of what is happening so they find it difficult atimes to give adequate answers to questions/ solutions to problems of residents in the community.

I have lived here for over a year now and I do not have any complaints so far. Overall it’s been a fairly good experience. Plan on staying here till school is done.

I enjoy staying here. Only had problems with dryer and air but they have both been fixed. My roommate are straight. Haven’t had any problems with anybody and it seems to be a good community. 👌🏽

Staff was great with personally helping with the details of getting the space. Rooms are good considering the great price. Only criticism is that noise complaints should be taken more seriously.

The staff is friendly and helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I moved into a student apartments but it is good knowing there is a good staff here to fall back to.

The WiFi is slow and often doesn’t work. The A/C have broken 3 times and it takes on average slightly over 8 days for someone to come fix it.

It's a quiet place. I've not had any issue with the other residents or the staff. There are plenty of amenities for you, including a dog park and tennis court.

Good area. Friendly ppl around . staff very nice. Love it that my rm has its own bathroom. Only have had one problem of one of the roommates of her living dirty her room stinks very bad. She doesnt clean up after her self.She never helps clean the kitchen or sweep or mop the floor .when she gets stuff on it. The counter she uses its dirty.

I like the apartment I live in. The staff is always so nice. I like the amenities. I was however bummed out about the pool being closed nearly all summer. It seems there aren’t enough maintenance personnel hired also. My only other complaint are most of my neighbors constantly have really disgusting smelling trash sitting out for days (even weeks) and being thrown over their balcony into the grass. I overall enjoy my experience here though.

Its very hard to get maintenance requests answered. Everyone is nice but i just wish that my questions would be answered. Other than that the community is great.

Very nice and clean Love the experience I've had since I moved in will recommend it to everyone 😁And look forward to living here a while I feel very safe and love my community ❤️

I love it here. I do not regret anything about this move. I love the fact that we have security, a work out center, and an office full of great staff.

So far the community staff are friendly, they work beside you to get you in your new home. Very organized. I am moving to the community with kids. They have been working close to make sure they are secure and safe.

I moved out after all the issues we had. Maintenance was extremely slow. The unite was nothing like the one they show you on tour. Staff was not super friendly or helpful.

1540 Place is not bad in terms of student housing. It's affordable, among one of the safest, and the staff is extremely friendly. Although student housing is student housing, it's no 5 star living for sure.

It started off awful with having little room and terrible communication and apartments not being ready in time for school and looking like absolute trash, but I understand it was challenging because of new management so now after two months it’s better.

Just moved in yesterday, my roommates are pretty cool. Kinda wish I had my own bathroom, but she’s pretty clean and to herself so far. My son is enjoying it.

Wasnt clean when I moved in but was cleaned promptly, the staff is very helpful and friendly, common area is really nice! Quiet place to live

This place is awful. Would rather live in my car. Too dangerous of a place to live. Wouldn't recommend to anybody at any time. I don't care if y'all paid me to live here.

Its a safe environment. Lots of things to do in your free time for example going swimming and to the gym. Staff is great, friendly, kind and caring towards residents.

I love the community it’s very friendly. I’m close by a few stores & it’s very easy to get around.. the office managers are very nice . It’s jus a welcoming place to live. I recommend to all

There Is Very Nice Scenery And All Of The Amenities And The Pool Is Very Nice. It’s Very Safe And It Gives A Nice Vibe Whenever You Come In.

1540 place (College Grove) has been pretty decent. This is my third year living here and I only have a few complaints (most involving roommates and roommate assignments). I’m currently living with one other student, and two adult women. I do not remember being asked about living with non-students. When the garbage truck comes, it’s always at 7 a.m. and the reverse beeps are loud and last forever. The back patio connects to the gardening in the front and it’s always full of trash and animal poop.

The women at the front desk when I was signing my lease had me sign another sheet of paper that said I would receive a $300 certificate towards the end of September. Of course it sounded to good to be true but she said it was a bonus for signing the lease when I did. I guess she was just misinformed but still a major letdown....