Lovely people and it is such a healthy community to be around. The facility is top notch as well! I could not ask for a better place to live at this price

My experience here at 1540 place is a little less than ok because it’s like nothing in my apartment works how it’s supposed to. I have to do 2 dry cycles in order to get my clothes properly the dishwasher doesn’t work right and my floor still hasn’t been fixed yet and it feels as if I’m gonna fall through it and their is still mold on my air vent in my room that I asked them to clean Just over a week ago so my experience has not been that great and I don’t plan on renewing especially since they want to go up on the prices which is ridiculous

Excellent place to call home 🏡 some of the neighbors are nice some of the staff are friendly they get to know everyone that lives here and any concerns are handled in a timely manner

Office staff is very helpful will all of my needs! If I even have a question, I just stop by and say hi to all the lovely people in the office!

The staff is amazing here in the office and even more the maintenance. I would recommend this place to others as they have help me and my girlfriend out a lot.

Great place to live would recommend this place to my friends some staff knows the residents and pets most of the staff is very friendly and helpful towards the residents that residence here

Everything has been great so far since the new company took over. Any issues we have had are addressed. There isn’t much I would change about how everything is run now with the new management.

1540 place has nice facilities, a calm environment, and cool things to do on the property. The best moments at 1540 place is when the facilities aren’t malfunctioning, and when the staff are compliant with your requests. Maintenance and management used to enter the apartments without a notice, and would move your belongings around when you were not home. When I came home one day, my desktop computer was moved on top of the kitchen counter. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what I would have done if they lost everything on my hard drive. When confronting the office about anything they will usually deny what you say, or simply not take care of the issue. We had a scheduled move in date a month in advance, and when we arrived at the apartment it was unfurnished, with no installed carpet or appliances. This took 1540 place an entire week for them to solve, and this isn’t even the end of it there. There are friends of mine who also live at 1540 who had reported a broken air conditioner back in June, and for all of June through September the air conditioner was not tended to. In that same apartment mold started to grow in their bathroom, they notified the office ASAP, and the office didn’t deal with it for over two months. I have no idea if this breaks health code violations or not, but it is definitely unprofessional.

It ok in a room, just hate to come in knowing the kitchen and living room is a pig pin .. surprised there isn't maggots in our kitchen .. and the ceiling dry wall is peeling off and molding. I need my own unit .. Otherwise, my Roommates are ok

It's better than what I thought a student apartment would be. It has a good amount of space and is located close enough to campus that I still get to sleep in a little

Moving in was horrible. It’s ok for its price. Probably not renewing my lease. They comped me but it wasn’t enough. Trash service is HORRIBLE.

Great place to live but maintenance is hassle and the wifi sucks but other than that it’s pretty nice. The staff is really chill and for the most part understanding.

I love my community. It is so nicely kept. The staff is very friendly and is quick to respond to what I need taken care of. It is so close to everything that I would possibly want.

The ppl in office are nice and know me by name. The ppl who are suppose to help maintain the apartments do NOT do a good job IF they do the request at all. Filthy breezeway b/c of other renters.

So far, I've made this my home. I'm comfortable and for its price, its a luxury to me. Whenever I first moved in, the 4x4 was shocking and disgusting, but the office didn't give me the boot. They actually cut me slack and moved me into somewhere more nice and private.

I love the community. It’s so nice and quiet, the office staff are really helpful. Everytime there is a problem they fix it. Mantience seem to be on their job. People with pets seem to clean up after themselves.

I love living in my apartment. The units are more updated than any other ones I have been in around the area for college apartments and it's also fairly quiet.

Good community and price, usually, although the kerfuffle of pricing is frustrating. That said, everyone is friendly, and I have enjoyed living here for a good while.

My experience as a resident has been great ! I feel safe and staff in the office are always so sweet. Whenever, I need something fixed in the apartment , maintenance is always there in reasonable timing to fix everything.

I love the amenities here especially the dog park and tennis court. There’s plenty of parking for residents and visitors. This is a great place to be.

Very nice and welcoming stuff. Very nice place. A lot of amenities. Great location. Nice restaurants around us. Very efficient management. Can't wait to move here on the 22nd.

It’s a pretty nice place but we are still struggling with getting maintenance to help with everything we need done after the office has told us multiple times they would fix things

This place seems to have improved. It's a good deal for the price paid. Laid back, easy place to live, privacy respectful roommates and all the necessary amenities. Can't complain

i love it, great community. i use to live here before but its much better, easy to talk to staff & friendly. I would highly recommend 1540 place

The community is nice. Amazing price for what you’re getting. Only problem would be the communication from the staff as well as the vendors they use not being considerate of the apartments. (I.e. leaving a huge mess. Moving things around and not moving them back. Leaving lights on and/or doors unlocked/open when no one in in the apt.