The maitnence staff is very good and get to things in a reasonable time. The front works with you to make sure that you are happy with the environment.

It is an okay place to live. It is a tad bit expensive but it is cheaper than most other apartment complexes in this area. The new buildings offer new floor plans which is a plus.

Really good about getting back to you for any questions or concerns. Love the office staff as well! Everyone is super nice. Would like to get an updated kitchen though.

Clean and safe apartment complex! Hate that I am moving back home for next semester and will no longer be living here, I have had ana amazing experience here!!

I love living here, the place is really nice, bunch of nice amenities, the staff is always amazing. The only thing that concerns me is the shuttle can take awhile to get to class especially in the morning when it gets full

The apartments themselves are okay. The staff at times can go above and beyond, yet at other times they make you question why you even live here. Nothing is completely reliable; pool, shuttle, staff.

This place is great. I moved in March and haven't had a problem yet. The staff is friendly and courteous. I love the gym and pool area. Overall this is a great place.

I love living here and just recently signed a new lease! The staff is most definitely the best part about living here. They are extremely helpful!

this apartment community is very well run and nice. the apartments themselves are very spacious. the front office employees are always helpful

Great neighbors, and environment! The CA’s are fun and friendly ! Maintenance does take a little long sometimes but beside that they are great! Love living here and glad I renewed!

Although I don't have a lot of free time at the moment due to classes and work, the atmosphere seems to be extremely positive when I visit the office or ride the shuttle.

It's okay, not the best or the worst. Price could be better, have fees for any and every thing. Office staff is awesome even though there's frequent miscommunication.

Very clean and friendly environment. However the front office is very bad at communicating updates and changes. Also the exterminator comes like once a year

The office/staff are kind and always there to help. I love all the amenities, especially the gym and the computer lab!!! I live in a 4 bedroom. My only complaints are (1). when I first moved in, the apartment was A MESSY WRECK. One of my roommates had lived there before and just renewed her lease. I understand that the apartment cannot mess with a renters things, but I was highly irritated that they had obviously made NO effort to have her clean prior to the move so it would have been at least halfway decent when we moved in. They did fine her after the fact but it was still irritating that we had to go to the office to have them deal with something that should NOT have been an issue AND STILL CLEAN UP OURSELVES. Horrible first impression. (2). This is partly my fault as I did not read the lease agreement as carefully as possible but I had been under the impression (via contract and talking with office staff when looking at leasing) that utilities were included and I would NOT have to pay anything extra...while utilities are included, you have to pay when you go over...and apparently everyone goes that was a little frustrating. Other than that, the apartment complex has been pretty good.

The number 1 thing I love the most my apartment is that it’s super quiet. Rent keeps increasing a little too much. Nonetheless, I like it here it’s peaceful.

Living here was an experience that I’m definitely going to learn from. The tour was nice, the staff is nice, but the unit itself that I’m currently staying in has a lot of problems and I’m not about it

I like the constant activities but management takes too long to respond to maintenance request, if they respond at all. Additionally, upon arrival the apartments were very dirty and the appliances required cleaning.

Quite nice, me and my roommates get along quite well. The neighbors are very nice and welcoming too. So far between the events and the community this is a very nice apartment complex.

The staff is so friendly! They are very welcoming.The shuttle service they offer is very convenient. My favorite thing is the events they hold.

So far everything with the apartment has been great. Any maintenance problems we’ve had have been taken care of in due time. Chelsea in the front office is a great help with anything we have needed.

I really do love living here. This was the first apt that I have not had to make a complaint or go off. Good job guys. Now let’s not keep me waiting in the cold for 30 minuets shuttle guys lol

Amazing place with amazing staff. Maintenance is always on top of things and are extremely nice! I have felt nothing but safe in this apartment.

Love the big closets and bathroom! My roommates were welcoming and excited to have me. The front office made sure everything was perfect and that I was happy!

I love living here and the staff is great! My building is very quiet and haven’t had any problems. It is a quick commute to school which is great when I want to sleep in haha

Well, the staff is friendly but the maintenance guys are kind of wusses when it comes to dogs. The dryer sucks but gets the job done. The shuttle, gym, and computer lab are all very convenient.