I've lived here for a while now and I have to say that over the years 1879 seems to get better and better. It has its moments but overall is a generally great place to live.

Living here is great, especially if you have good roommates and neighbors. I enjoy the ammenities inside the apartment (large kitchen, washer/dryer in unit, personal bathroom, etc)

It stays pretty quiet usually, good people around living here too. The staff is really nice and good people, the maintenance is good generally it just takes a long time to get things done usually

Everything is amazing. The only trouble that I have so far is the shuttle bus, but other than that everything is good. All in all, great experience so far.

For the most part I love living at 18SeventyNine. It’s a great complex with great CAs the maintenance staff could be a little better and the shuttle has been down a little bit lately. Other than that I love it

1879 is a very accommodating place to live. definitely gives a college living experience one to remember. All the members that work for the apartment complex are very tentative and caring. Definitely recommend this apartment complex!

1879 has very good prices for what they offer and they are great apartments with wonderful helping staff. I guess the only downside what be the shuttle that sometimes stops working.

It’s great! I enjoy it a lot! The staff is amazing! My apartment is amazing! My roommate is amazing! Lived here three years and have enjoyed my experience!

The staff is very friendly! My experience has been good so far. Had some technical difficulties through payment center, but it was soon fixed.

love it here! strong community engagement and staff is always very open and friendly. there are a lot of events hosted every month and my dog loves it here as well.

The new units are amazing, the workers in the front office are very helpful. The 18 seventy nine workers in the front office/management staff make sure the community is aware of everything going on in the complex and Huntsville as a whole.

So far, my experience has been good. My only complaint is that you guys told me that my discounted rent price (499$) wouldn't be available in the future, so I renewed full price, but you guys did in fact end up offering the discounted price.

The management is great! They respond very quickly and will actually listen to you and are so understanding! They have helped me and worked with me so much I’m so thankful!

Our apartment is perfect for us because we get our own bathroom and pretty big closet. It also came fully furnished so we didn't have to make any big purchases.

I love 1879. The price is outstanding for what we get! I love how the dryer and washer are in side the unit and how there are two story’s for one unit.

Our apartment is spacious and fully furnished. It's perfect for me and my two roommates to have our own space in our rooms and still enjoy watching tv or cooking together.

My experience has been great, I would renew and let my friends know about this place. The price is also very friendly and not to mention the gift card I received.

The apartments are so nice! You get great value and amenities for the competitive price. They're some of the best apartments on campus. And the staff is super nice and helpful

Some of the staff can be rude sometimes and way to many speed bumps which can be very annoying but it could be worse. Also don't trust their promises cause prob won't happen.

There is a nice atmosphere at 18 seventy nine. The amenities are super beneficial. Furnished apartment is a plus. Several activities at the main office is nice touch.

Wish there was more lighting by building 12 so I could walk my dog without having to carry a flash light every where I go. I also wish the hall ways would get cleaned up

Overall it’s a great place to live. The Roomate choice wasn’t the best but we have enough privacy so it’s all good. I would reccommend to a friend

At First When I Moved In I Thought I Wasn’t Going To Like It But Turns Out That I Love It They Care About The Residents So Much, And They’re Very Good At Communicating.

Since living at 1879, it has been is excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. Also there are different events to go to. Living here has been good so far.

I love all the amenities and the staff upfront. There was initially confusion with a lower rate I signed with, they cleared it up fast and professionally.