Nice staff. Good apartmentstructure. My AC was always broke throughout the year and took a few days to always fix... I will say the only reason I didn’t leave 0 or 1 Star was the staff. They always tried to help.

My shower is not working and the disposal system is not either though my room is in good condition which I appreciate but there should be a more thorough check to make sure everything is ready for the next customer

I love the atmosphere and the people around it. Really nice and chill. Feels like a safe community here. With wonderful staff and it feels good to call this place home.

I am just about to wrap up my first year staying at 18seventynine and it was great! Love the shuttle it’s so convenient. The property is nice, it really does have a lot to offer!

All of the staff are friendly and willing to help. The new maintainence lead knows what he is doing and from what I saw, is good at teaching others!

I have lived here at 1879 for two years now, about to be three because I renewed my lease. It has not been a terrible experience but there have been some things that have happened that cause for a lack of a five star rating. My main issue being that maintenance has been awful this past year. Just yesterday I went out to the pool and it was so green I couldn't even see to the bottom, disgusting. My roommate and I just ended up going over to Gateway to swim. Their pool was as clear as water could be. Other than that, and a few other minor issues, my experience has not been that bad. Just lately the maintenance has been atrocious and something needs to be done about that.

It is a great community. Always having fantastic events for their residents. Very quiet. Never had a problem with noisey neighbors. Would highly recommend

Great experience! Maintenance works too slowly though. I love the great atmosphere and the office is friendly as heck. Everybody is great! Great place!

My resident experience with the staff has been very well. They have been there for me every time I need them. Without the stuff I would not feel welcome. The staff makes everyone and everything all right.

Light needs to be fixed still. Would like the pool area to have some sort of closing time. People being out there loud until 2:00 in the morning is ridiculous. Other than that, ok.

I love it here!!! The living space is huge compared to my last apartment. Walk in closet with so much shelf space for my shoes and clothes. A huge bed just for myself with a nice study area to prepare for exams. If I get stressed, I can always go to the pool or gym which is in walking distance from my apartment. This summer is going to be really chill living at 18 seventy-nine.

I enjoy staying at 1879. If I wouldn’t have signed my lease elsewhere I’d definitely stay here for the full 12 months. I would encourage anyone to stay here at 1879.

Really friendly staff always willing to help. 18- seventy nine are good apartments to live in. Rent is reasonable for the size of the rooms. Great for college students

Great place to live in!! The staff is great, and the amenities are worth using here. Just two issues with the amenities, the workout machines sometimes work and the pool is usually never cooler than the outside tempature

Overall the apartments are well taken care of, maintenance is on top of everything, and it is a beautiful place to live. But the main problem is room mate matching. You can either be matched with the worst roommates ever or some of the best. For instance me and my roommates were matched with “similarities” but we did not have one single thing in common and fought all the time to the point it was hostile in the house at all times. We had several “roommate mediation’s” and none of those seemed to help at all. My strongest recommendation is come in with people you already know and try to live together.

I love everything about this apartment complex. The staff is helpful and kind. Have even bothered to remember my name. (And basically know what I need everytime I come in)

Real friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff members. Location is a good distance from campus and shuttle services are extremely helpful for commuting to class.

I’ve enjoyed living here, everyone is super nice and always giving a helping hand. I love the environment and can’t wait to be back here next fall.

It has been a pleasure for me to live here. I’ve been here for almost a year now and I have no complaints. The only thing is maybe the response time to the maintenance requests. Other than that, keep up the good work!

This complex started out really good when we first moved in. But our second year here everything has gotten worse. It takes weeks for things to get fixed after multiple request and the manager isn’t the nicest.

Very nice place to live with great deals! Shuttle is nice and is timely. I enjoy the 24 hour computer lab and gym that they offer. Great place to live

18 seventy-nine has been a great experience the office is always friendly and helpful. Maintenance is quick to make repairs. The grounds are always tended to and looking good. Having 24hr amenities is a great plus to staying here wether it be studying or trying to relax in our pool it’s great. Would recommend 10 out 10

The office staff is always wonderful. I love the events that they have. However the roommate matching service isn't the best. They also said they would have a pet park which is part of the reason I chose to move here but they tore it down about a week after I moved in.

I have had such an amazing experience here! The office staff is so helpful! Everything i’ve Ever needed help with, they fixed immediately! They have the best events planned too!

I love this apartment! If I have a problem, it is fixed within a couple of days. The staff is very understanding and helpful with anything. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.