It is a good place to live with an affordable and reasonable price. They really need to work on hiring more maintenance people and increase the shuttle to two instead of one.

complex is very quiet and nice. everything fine so far but the shuttle was down for about 3 weeks! such an inconvenience... hopefully that doesn’t happen again

I enjoy living here at eighteen seventy nine but do wish the shuttle services were improved. The shuttle is very small and I have been late to multiple classes.

I enjoy living here, the whole environment is great. The people are chill and it's not too noisy. Love the pool and hot tub. The grill area is great as well.

The staff has gotten a lot better over the past year and they have made improvements to the office as well as the way things are done. The shuttle is always broken and the back up is never ready when we need it. But overall it is getting a lot better and I’m excited to see where things go in the future.

Living here has its ups and downs, lately the downs outweigh the ups. It is still a nice place to live but if you want anything done you have to pester staff multiple times to get simple tasks completed.

I really like the space of my townhome and my roommates. I just wish that the amenities were updated. If they were, our washer might not have flooded, our tables and chairs would look newer. We need a bigger microwave as well.... The shuttle needs a tracker please. I feel like I always see everyone else's shuttle, even gateway's shuttle twice before I see our shuttle. This would get more stars if Management was more organized anf competent. I know it's just students working, but I'd like to have a piece of mind knowing that my money is in the right hands.

My experience has been pretty good overall, good roommates, good location & great staff. The only downside would be how long it takes to get maintenance to assist you.

I love it here! By far the best place in Huntsville. Both the staff and residents are super friendly, the grounds are clean. And the price is on point!

I wish I’ve had a better experience. You guys have “lost” my information numerous times. You guys wouldn’t paint my apartment before my roommates came, left me in a apartment with water everywhere for a whole day. Broke window for days, and so much more.

my experience at 1879 has been good for the most part. the only thing that is bad is that our fridge smells and our a/c unit really doesn't work.

It's a nice place but things break easily and it's really hard to ever get anything done when something breaks. Electricity is really high sometimes for no reason. It's a great place to live when everything is going smoothly.

My time here has been good. Three friends of mine and I decided to move here when we were looking for a place to live. Has it been the absolute best? No. But it truly has gotten the job done for us at least.

It decent, could be better. had a lot of issues with my last apartment but they took initiative and moved us to a new unit. maintenance is pretty quick to handle requests.

I love living here! The rent is amazing and the size of my apartment/ room/ restroom is great. I like the location of the apartment and how safe it has been lately. I usually see police vehicles checking up.

I don’t like it they haven’t fixed my light and I’ve asked several times. What’s the deal bro , let’s get it together. I’m only even writing this because I want the points

Could be faster to help fix - I just want to put that much Stuff, it is my full review funny worry bout it ha ha ha I am a genius ya feel me

The first few weeks was rough, and I still have a maintenance issue but it's been good overall! I'd like my bathtub drain unclogged but it isn't an emergency.

Unsatisfied. Everything gets done so slow around. Understaffed. Apartment wasn’t the best when moving in. Management doesn’t seem to care much.

Overall not bad for a first appartment ! I love the location and how close I am to campus, and they gym, pool, and other things included with rent are awesome. I like the living room space my 3 bedroom appt has as well as my room and closet size.

My experience so far has been overall positive, with a few small problems. Generally, the apartments themselves are very nice, with good amenities and plenty of space.

When we moved in we had lots of issues. There was flees the micro wave was broken. We had to get new carpet and a new couch which forced us to live in the model home for several nights. The staff was not willing to help make accommodations until we got all of our parents involved and had numerous conversations with the seriousness of the issue. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

On the surface it is a great affordable place, but staff are usually very passive aggressive:( Only a few are friendly and are willing to help

Move in was terrible. Apartment was nasty. We didn’t have a microwave for almost a month. The shuttle broke down. There was cockroaches downstairs.

Staff will always try to help with any problems. Good location as well if you plan on going to Sam. My only complaint is other residents not picking up after their dogs.