So far everything with the apartment has been great. Any maintenance problems we’ve had have been taken care of in due time. Chelsea in the front office is a great help with anything we have needed.

I really do love living here. This was the first apt that I have not had to make a complaint or go off. Good job guys. Now let’s not keep me waiting in the cold for 30 minuets shuttle guys lol

Amazing place with amazing staff. Maintenance is always on top of things and are extremely nice! I have felt nothing but safe in this apartment.

Love the big closets and bathroom! My roommates were welcoming and excited to have me. The front office made sure everything was perfect and that I was happy!

I love living here and the staff is great! My building is very quiet and haven’t had any problems. It is a quick commute to school which is great when I want to sleep in haha

Well, the staff is friendly but the maintenance guys are kind of wusses when it comes to dogs. The dryer sucks but gets the job done. The shuttle, gym, and computer lab are all very convenient.

Loving my time here! The staff is so helpful and friendly. There are always events to attend and the events are fun and exciting! I can’t wait for this sememster!

18SeventyNine is a really great place to live. The staff is great! Only down fall is sometimes parking is hard to get close to your apartment but other than that very inviting a respectable community

I've lived here for 3 years, and over the years I've watched Brookplace turn into 18 Seventy Nine, which is nice. The renovations are cool! Although the outside upgrades are nice more detail could be paid attention to the insides. Ive been in the same exact room and house, only changes have been to the hardwood floors, and my rent has gone from 495 to 560. The increase has been really hard and trying to get out the lease is impossible for students. Apartments should be more student friendly and not really take advantage of us!

My first experience with the staff was great. Everyone was kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Although, move-in was quite sub-par.

I absolutely love living here! I have had no problems while living here, and I love the roommates I was matched with. The office staff is extremely nice and helpful!

I like the apartment and the employees at the front desk. My only complaints are that the pool is usually dirty, the roommate selection program isn't very accurate, the shuttle service is often late (like taking half an hour or more) and when I moved in the apartment was kind of a mess with lots of bugs. Other than that, nice place

Aside from a few minor problems with the kitchen light and garbage disposal, I absolutely love it. I love the space and the private bathroom, and the huge closet.

1879 has been a great community to live in. I even lived here when it was still called Brooke place. My only complaint is that roommate issues should be dealt with better. And that maintenance guys should be more involved in their trade.

Super great place to live! Friendly staff and nice apartments for a really reasonable price. If you have any problems then it is very easy to contact the office and get it resolved. Quiet area and you definitely get your money’s worth with living here.

Staff is very cooperative and accommodating. The community is constantly improving and evolving for a better experience. Good opportunities to connect and wind down from school life.

I’ve lived here since moving off campus and haven’t looked back! The maintenance team is so quick to respond to requests and do the job the best they can. The staff is one of a kind, get to know them because they are super helpful and even there to listen to you. The amenities can be updated but that’s a corporate decision 🤷🏽‍♀️

This place is really chill. The roommate match up was good or it was just a coincidence. One downside is because I live close to the office, it gets pretty loud outside.

The rooms are average size but the closet make up for it. Everyone at the front desk are very helpful and try to actually help you. I have yet to run into any problems here

The experience here has been good so far. I wish there were more job opportunities. Also a better organization (schedule and time wise) for the shuttle.

Living at 18 Seventy Nine is super! They have everything a college student is looking for : a 24/7 lab (w/ free printing) , gym, pool, shuttle bus and much more

The community is nice. The maintenance staff are quick to answer the requests. Lastly, it would be nice if the drivers didn't take detours their not suppose to because they take 20+ mintues to get to/from the apartment

The amenities are amazing, and the staff is so friendly and helpful! I love being able to take the shuttle to campus instead of buying a parking pass

I believe the apartment complex is alright. It is a nice area to live in, but to the east side, upon entering the complex, there is some construction store (or something) and it can get pretty noisy if you live right next to it. Maintenance can't paint my room or take mold off the walls because I can't move my heavy bed. However, the staff are nice and they throw us nice parties and it feels like a safe environment to live in.

Pretty nice. It really depends on who you share the apartment with, I guess. There are service bills you need to pay the. I wasn't notified of this earlier.