Excellent service and very good location. Close to everywhere. Good connectivity to everywhere but bus or link. Walking distance to downtown.

I love the complex and space beautiful and safe I wish I had an actual balcony though. We have a female like thing so you open the door and it’s just a fense

I love the actual unit my husband and I moved into. The staff is friendly but I am unhappy with an incident that occurred with another resident and I'm not happy with the outcome when working to resolve it with management. Another resident would not allow me to close the blinds for privacy when exercising. He was very aggressive about it and I did not argue with him. I excused myself without a word and contacted management about the aggressive behavior. I was told I could close the blinds for privacy and thinking it was resolved the next time I worked out, I closed the blinds as I thought I had managements backing in doing so for privacy. The resident became very upset that I closed the blinds and was being very aggressive about it. All I wanted was some modicum of privacy when I exercise and I was told that I was allowed to close them. The resident closed the blinds again and stood staring me down with arms crossed guarding the blinds. I told him I was told that I could have privacy per the management and was going to close them again at the next opportunity. He became very angry said he was going to call the police. The resident in fact called the police. He had no reason to do this and it was extremely upsetting to have someone call the police in what is supposed to my home, when I did nothing wrong, barely spoke a word to him and all I did was close the blinds. The resident is lying to the management about what occurred. Saying he was intimidated when he was bullying me and being aggressive from the beginning. He feels no one has the right to close the blinds for privacy when he is working out. I barely spoke a word to this resident and I feel that it's obvious that he called the police to threaten and intimidate me just to get his way. While I very much appreciate the manager reviewing the security tape at my request and offering to do what she can. I am left with the unsatisfactory response that I am not allowed to work out when this resident is in the gym because no one else is allowed to close the blinds for privacy when he is present. I was told first come first serve. Which I understand for equipment, but I don't understand why everyone else needs to be exposed for this one persons benefit. Using the police to intimidate and harass me is totally not acceptable. I understand that management cannot control other residents behavior but it's not acceptable behavior. I am very uncomfortable being here and not happy with having a resident call the police to intimidate me because I wouldn't cowtow to him when he was trying to intimidate me a second time. I think the best way to resolve this would have been to fog the window or allow residents who want privacy to draw the blinds if they need it.

I live close to everything and anything I need is just a few steps away! Love coming home to my clean and beautiful home!! The staff does a great job upkeeping and keeping the grounds nice and clean!!

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I’ve only been here a few weeks so far but the experience has been great! The building is clean and well managed, and and issues are handled promptly by the professional and personable staff. Residents seem great! Big fan of the coffee machine.

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Such an amazing apartment. Located right in downtown. The location is premium and connectivity is also great. There's never an issue which the office can't help resolve.

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The management is very nice and punctual. The apartments are also not too shabby ;) Very well maintained building with a lot of natural light.

I really like the community and the leasing office staff has always been helpful. The location close to downtown is what makes this the best place to live.

Living here during the summer months is the worst! There are summer concerts right at our front entrance every Friday evening showcasing awful, ear bleeding, untalented musicians! Weekends are the worst too, noise level here sucks! Counting the days when I can move back. A few staff members have talked back to me disrespectfully, not cool.

We have lived at 206 Bell for about six months now, and we still really enjoy living here! We had to get an air conditioning unit for the summer heat, and the staff was very helpful in our selection process.

I love living here! The location is perfect because literally everything is in walking distance - great restaurants, bars, boutiques, music venues, grocery stores, even dentists and doctors offices! The staff is friendly and always super helpful too. Amenities like the coffee machine, fitness room and rooftop patio are top notch. The apartments are also very well designed and are pretty soundproof. Long story short - 206 Bell is the best!

206 Bell is a great place to live. They have Happy hour every thursday for residents to meet with free beer from the brewery under the building. The roof has an amazing view also!

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They deliver prompt assistance in a friendly qnd professional manner. I would recommend this apartment/community to anyone who feels that excellent customer service is as important as the apartment building itself.

I really like 206 Bell! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The happy hours and events are a great way to meet other residents. The building is modern and has good security. I would highly recommend living here!

I have only lived here a week and love it already! My favorite part is the coffee bar and rooftop deck. I think this will be a great place to call home for awhile.

We are very happy to be a part of the 206 Bell community. Natasha, Karina, Mary and Taylor make us feel so welcome. We especially love the community activities.

All around great community Facilitrs are very clean, employees are very helpful and eager to assist with residents and the happy hours are great

The community is new and apartments are well furnished. The apartment size is good for a single person. I would recommend this place to my friends.

It is great, the management team is very friendly and the social activities they promote are amazing ( e.g happy hour all Thursdays with food and beer).

The community seems nice, and the staff is always really helpful. Maintenance requests are usually handled in a timely manner, and the building is always kept clean.

206 Bell is an awesome place to live. Convenient location. Great amenities such a great room, gym and awesome roof top deck. You can walk to downtown and Belltown with in minutes

Strong appreciation for the quite yet upbeat neighborhood and clean environment. Great area for those who want the city experience without the madness of downtown.

A wonderful place to live in the middle of a vibrant downtown neighborhood. Management is helpful and pleasant to work with. Bonus - they just put in an espresso machine in our lobby. Love living here.

Everything seems to be great. We could use more socials like other apartments do though.....that would make the place a little bit more livelier.

Awesome. Really fast response to requests and always friendly. Love the activities they setup too! Friendly staff members and also enjoying the new mail service.