Everything is pretty smooth here at 21 oaks! I enjoy staying here and look forward to staying at 21 oaks for another year! I do not regret staying here this year!

Living at 22 Oaks has god so far. The staff is very nice and I am content with my living space. When I expressed some of my concerns , staff assisted immediately to resolve issues.

Love the location of 21 Oaks! The office staff are friendly and helpful. They also host great events for residents. The apartment buildings and amenities are up to date.

It has its ups & downs. The staff at 21 oaks are really dope. The managers there make sure their residence are safe and well. These apartments are quite affordable.

The location of this apartment complex is what my favorite thing about this place was. It is very close to the football stadium which makes it easy to get to and from football games.

Being a resident at 21 oaks is really nice. It's a good community to live in and the people who work in the office are the nicest. Maintenance is usually pretty quick when responding to issues. It's also pretty quiet around the apartment so there isn't usually too much noise.

21 Oaks is the perfect community. There is a free shuttle to classes on campus at USC. The community is near Williams Brice Stadium, and the apartments have plenty of space, with private bedrooms and bathrooms.

Good-sized apartments with mostly good furniture. Grounds very pretty. Parking free and utilities up to a certain price included. Fair rent. Difficult to get responses to work orders. Shuttle to campus fairly reliable.

So far pretty good except maintenance needs to be quicker, because I’ve been cooking in the dark for a week and a half. But besides that the space is nice and so is the community.

I it was great and I enjoyed living here and there is a lot of party and activity and I had great roommates as well they are nice and kind g

It has been great! Everything is clean and well run all together! The maintenance staff is so kind (especially the grounds team). Everything in the apartment works well!

Love all the community activities and the staff is super helpful and nice! Having the shuttle to campus is so helpful and a nice feature. Never have had any issues with my individual room!

I thought I wanted to live here for the rest of my time at Carolina, but after the first week I knew I was going to find somewhere else to stay. Maintenance request are not fixed in a timely manner. On move in day my bathroom sink was broken and was not fixed until almost two months later. Our refrigerator was broken since move in as well and was not completely fixed until 6 weeks later. The people in the office are nice but do not seem like they actually help with getting request filled. Our pool has worked for about two days since move in but is constantly turning green or completely drained. Not sure why we pay so much for rent but not all of the amenities are available.

I really enjoy living in this community. The amenities are great with the gym especially. They only thing i have not liked is the lack of pool access

Great place to live. Nice staff, safe and clean community. Would recommend for students. Conveniently located in the center of USC and us not far from the other colleges around Columbia.

21 Oaks provides a great value at a convenient location. Located right next to the football stadium, it is a great choice for those who like to live the full Gamecock experience.

Great location along with a very friendly staff. Can not beat it for the price and location. Staff throws numerous events to bring the residents together.

Not awesome, not awful. My feelings about 21 oaks are neutral. I have had a tough time with customer service about half of the time and great service the other half.

I really like the apartment itself. There’s a lot of room, and it came fully furnished. I haven’t participated in a lot of community events because of my class schedule, but I like that there are a lot of options for events to participate in, especially ones with food.

I️t is very safe and quiet and it’s better than staying I️n a dorm and I️ love staying here it’s a pool free cable free parking I️ Love I️t so much

There are some issues, but overall, with the cost, this is probably up there with the best place I can live at. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and the staff is really nice.

It’s been great overall, the noise isn’t too bad, my apartment is clean, my roommates are okay. The staff is helpful, maintained could use work though.

Expectations have been met and almost succeeded. At first I was a bit nervous but this place has everything needed and al our work orders were taken care of in a punctual manner. Confidently located

I love the apartment layout but have had a lot of maintenance problems (as have a number of my friends who live here). Maintenance has been somewhat speedy, but could be faster. If that problem were fixed, could be a 5 star

I love it here. I only have a problem with the upstairs neighbors stomping 24/7. Its upset all my roommates too, other than that it's been pretty great!