I love it at 21 Oaks. Everything about the complex community brings positivity. I moved in during the middle of the school year, and every member of the staff does their job to make you feel welcome and part of the community instantly. The living spaces themselves are extraordinary in comparison to others that I have viewed and toured with respect to the cost. Continual support for inclusiveness that includes arts and crafts, cookouts, and many other events. The events are probably my most bragged about feature, because there is ALWAYS something going on if there is free time during the semester. When it comes to maintenance, the response time, and turnaround to rectify things that need to be fixed is some of the best that I have ever experienced. The shuttle that runs to and from campus is usually reliable, with exceptionally nice drivers who seem to genuinely root for you. The shuttle does stop running early when compared to the other living communities with the last time leaving the campus at 6:15 pm on most days so that is the reason for 4 and a half stars. But great community to be a part of and I am proud to define where I live.

The apartments are nice. The rooms are decently sized and come with your own bathroom. It's a good location for the price. Some things could be updated and better communication from the front office would be nice. Overall it's a decent place to live.

I've lived at 21 Oaks for a year now, and I can say that I am satisfied with the the apartment community, and the management staff. I do wish we didn't have visitors parking though.

21 Oaks is a a great place for college students! The management team and staff are very helpful with proving valuable resources to residents in order to accomoadare residents living experience. The maintenence staff is also great with providing quick and on the job services.

21 Oaks is a great place to live. Front desk is always willing to help in anyway possible. The living space is very comfortable and spacious and a great location. The only complaint I have is that the pool was closed most of the summer so we did not get to enjoy that amenity for the majority of the time it was available. 21 Oaks is a great place to live. Front desk is always willing to help in anyway possible. The living space is very comfortable and spacious and a great location. The only complaint I have is that the pool was closed most of the summer so we did not get to enjoy that amenity for the majority of the time it was available

21 Oaks has a great location for students who love to go to football games as they are located right next to the stadium. They have also given students the best way to travel to campus and back by buying/renting a new shuttle bus that holds more students at a time. But management is always key to any business and how it is communicated to their customers. They are aiming in the right direction but they need to strive to make sure students are happy to live there and not slack on anything.

So far things have been very nice at 21 Oaks. The staff is friendly and great. There have been some maintenance issues, but it is easy to submit a maintenance request on the resident portal online. The complex has a 24-hour gym and shuttle both of which encouraged me to sign a lease. The complex is very close to the football stadium and Bojangles chicken.

This is the best place ever! The staff ‘s management team is really up to par. Absolutely love all the events! I’m always waiting for the next event because they are always so fun. Safe, clean, environment

Much better after CA took over. Still ridiculous how much u have to pay for pets. Considering other uni apts, this one is probably the best.

So far , living here has been an interesting experience. The staff here are really friendly and cool to talk to. The pictures online are to be expected in person.

The staff is great. They respond to requests typically within a day and then call to follow up to make sure everything is okay. All the desk workers are always willing to help out and answer questions

I’ve lived here for three years. 21 Oaks had improved over the years, but the shuttle bus could always use some improving. It almost never comes/leaves on time. The management has improved over the years though and I like that they’ve added more stuff to do for residents.

Lived on the second floor for two years while attending USC. Was a good place to live especially for USC game days and they allowed us to purchase extra parking when my family came into town for the games. The pool was always too crowded, but nice to have the outside grills around the BB courts! They should have a smoke free building policy...the smoke from the lower and upper apartments always came into our rooms. None of us smoked on our entire floor...the other apartments had the same problems. Would be better to fit all the smokers in one or two buildings.

Only issue is sometimes dealing with the broken appliances around the apartment. Like when our AC broke it took weeks before we actually got a response and someone came to fix our ac. Same with like our sink, it just takes a bit too long to get a response and some help, but I understand that some people are busy.

Everything is so wonderful, quiet, and relaxing. The maintenance crew are very fast about their job. I love a quick response to my work order

21 Oaks has been a home away from home for me. The staff really tries their best to accommodate me and keep the atmosphere safe and fun. There has been some rough points and no community is perfect but they come close to it.

The apartment itself was nice. The people in the office were very nice. There were issues with roommates and I don’t think the survey for the random roommates were accurate AT ALL.

A great place for students to live for the cost. Nice amenities that are being upgraded. For the cost, it is well worth it. The staff is always friendly. They plan numerous community events for residents.

Loved the experience here. Everyone is so nice. Always speak with a smile on their face. Also it was nice seeing that people wanted to help me move in.

I love the amenities, the quickness of maintenance, and the friendly staff at 21 Oaks. Living here has been a very pleasant experience and I recommend it to anyone wanting a great off campus experience.

Great area, very convenient for students who love attending football games (won't have to worry about parking). The community employees are nice and helpful.

Great management and fun place to live. Staff puts on great events and gives away many prizes. The community is clean and welcoming and the amenities are very yseful

Great amenities! Everything I need for school and fun. The business hours are great with later weekday times. It's also amazing to have access to the gym all the time!

I love it here! The amenities are very handy, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and it is pretty close to everything you need. Very affordable too

Pool and jacuzzi need to be cleaned better and more often, but other than that I enjoy living here at 21 Oaks. The hallways need to be swept or powerwashed as well. I like the events that the community assistants hold.