I love 21 Oaks.. The staff are extremely helpful. They have great amenities... It’s always great popcorn and they are always having something in the office. The pool is nice. The gym is always so peaceful when I go in there. The computer lab is super nice and quiet when I go and do my homework. It’s jsy everything about 21 Oaks that I love.

Living at 21 Oaks is an interesting experience. I would recommend that those interested in going to the games and wanting to be apart of a close community come live here!

21 Oaks is a great, affordable community and it is especially good on game days. I am a returning resident and I would recommend this place!

I do enjoy living here, but there are a few things that I don't like. For example, constantly getting emails about miniscule overages and about how we weren't charged the correct amount for one month. But, other than that, living here has been great!

21 Oaks is an amazing place to live. It’s very convenient for game days because it is right down the street from the stadium. There are numerous events going on in the office for residents to interact. I would recommend to anyone

I love 21 Oaks! It’s a great location to be at during football season! The staff is really nice and the apartments are a good size. The only problem is that there is some kind of mildew in toilets. I’ve already renewed my lease for next semester!

The apartment is ok, need a lot more visitors parking. Maintenance turn around is good but they don’t fix the problem right away. Traffic is bad

Great place! Apartments and appliances could be updated, but overall great amenities, staff, and living experience! Plus it's close to the stadium!

This is a good place to live, it is safe with a fence surrounding the perimeter. The office people are friendly and nice to everyone. This is a fun place.

Pretty good price for what you get. Some amenities aren’t always in tact or break but overall good place. Love the basketball courts and swimming pool

Something like service here domt really meet weel standards but then again i love the complex. My roomates are also great and i was bery glad to have mer them.

The staff is extremely helpful and accommodating. The rooms are spacious and up to date. The complex is secure and I feel safe. The grounds are kept beautiful.

Great location, the office staff is very friendly and always is there to answer your questions. They also do a lot of great events and promotions

the apartment complex is a great place to live. the people are nice and respectful to others. the company typically always have something for us to do or eat so that’s always cool.

I don't like how the pool is always dirty. I wish that the rules at the gate were enforced because people almost hit me as they go through the gate the wrong way.

The location is great. You can walk to the stadium easily. It's not as expensive as other college apartments which is awesome. The staff has been very friendly and helpful.

I️ love 21 Oaks and everything it has to offer. Nice amenities, awesome staff, and right by the stadium for gamedays. You will never walk into the office and feel unwelcomed, which is a great feeling to have in your living community.

The complex has an estimated meter system for calculating overages. This means that even if you dont run your air and turn off all of your lights, you are still guaranteed to pay an overage.

The apartments are all pretty nice. I lived here a couple of years ago and there has been a lot of work done since then. The pool area is great and even the gym is good for what it is. There are loads of community events if you are interested in that too. My only complaint is that there are pretty consistent overage charges for utilities. If people are always going over, then I think that should be a sing that the limit needs to be a little higher.

It’s a good place to live but the only thing I dont like is the electric bills. The staff is very friendly and helpful but maintenance requests take forever to complete.

Great location and good value for the price. Being close to the stadium is a plus on game days. Staff has been co-operative and helpful so far. Would recommend this place to a friend.

21 Oaks is close by the stadium which is great for Game Days and the shuttles have improved. The WiFi sucks though which is something they should work on.

I overall really like living at 21 Oaks. There are some downsides, on game days the traffic is terrible and to top it off they don’t allow you to have guests park here. The walls are also very thin and I can constantly hear the people above me stomping around. I have sent an email but nothing was done. The apartments though have decent furniture and amenities.

Love the new floors and all the events the office throws!!! I just hate the bugs, but that's just Columbia! The game day tailgate was great!

The amenities are all nice. I love the shuttle to campus, the pool and workout room. However, I don't understand why the gates are always open. I liked this complex for the increased security. The rooms also have more issues than I originally thought, and maintenance seems slow.