So far all of my experiences with 257 Thayer have been very positive. Everyone I have interacted with has been friendly, accomodating, and helpful. I have no doubts that I will be treated well when I am living here!

look great cant wait for it to open up .it in a great place lot of stuff around and lot to do so open it up sooner . good website and good design

I went to the leasing office in the summer to drop off my down payment and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the service was and the space itself. I cannot wait to live there next year!

Love seeing all of the pictures of 257! Really hoping I can afford to live here! Every time you post updates and new pictures I want to move in even more

i haven't moved in yet but the process of signing the lease was confusing and it was hard to know whether we had done everything required or not

Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. The leasing office also has tons of goodies you can help yourself to! Overall awesome experience with signing my first lease. I'm looking forward to living at 257 Thayer next year :)

Awesome staff. They are all very helpful and explain everything thoroughly. The leasing process was very fast and very easy. Plus the apartments are amazing

Working with 257 Thayer has been such an enjoyable experience and they have made off campus living one thousand times easier and more convenient!

I have not lived in 257 Thayer yet. But I get more excited each time I pass by on my way to practice. The building looks great and I can't way to move in.

The outside looks great! Can't wait to see the inside. Everyone at the office has been extremely helpful; whether it was going over the lease or answering my questions.

Great job guys! I am excited to move into Thayer 257. Let us know when is the grand opening and the tour, and of course when is the move in date! Keep it up!

I have been very satisfied with the quality of help I have received, answering all of my questions and concerns about my new home on Thayer! I am currently abroad so the promtness of email responses has been wonderful. My mother also attended the open house and was thrilled with the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff.

A truly fantastic staff. It feels like you are living in a hotel! Yesterday, I woke up and went downstairs to find out that it was Belgium Waffle Wednesday!

I haven't moved in yet, but have gotten so much easy information and emails about everything going on! All of the messages and news I've heard just makes me more excited for the fall.

Most everything is great so far. The biggest problem is that the Wifi connection is sometimes weak. More promotional events like Waffle Wednesdays would be awesome once the school year starts.

Everyone's very friendly. Came here for the amenities, then stayed because actually I had already paid to live here. Also very much enjoy the waffles and the pool table. 5 stars, as seen above.

You are doing very well. However, you do not need to check in on us so much. I like the waffle Wednesday's. I think there have been minimal problems.

257 has great clean facilities and is located perfectly on Thayer. It would be nice if our living room were a little bigger but otherwise I don't have any other complaints.

The waffle Wednesdays are awesome although my schedule does not allow me to get to them often. The coffee machine in the lobby pulls me through the day but it is often disappointing to see it out of stock. The water pressure for the shower for sure needs improvement. Overall, it is a good place to live.

It seems like the most substantial drawback from a lovely living experience thusfar has been the fire alarms. Other than that, everything has been pretty great.

Living in 257 has been great us far. The staff is very helpful and the waffle Wednesday's are amazing. Only complaint to this date is to fix the fire alarms. One, they're way too sensitive and two, they are 500 times louder in the hallways then in the rooms.

I really enjoy living here at 257 Thayer. I think that it was a great choice to make. It's such a great spot to be right on Thayer but also with folks that also like living off campus.

The building and amenities are quite nice, especially in comparison to Brown dorms or nearby options. They are also responsive with maintenance.

Everything is great! I just wish packages were more organized and the coffee was refilled more often. Otherwise I am pleased with the experience.

Living here has enhanced my college experience so much! I love the staff, our lounge, the residents. I am so grateful for 257Thayer. I love having my own bathroom and kitchen. Everything is always so clean and organized.