2818 is a great place to live . I enjoy the amenties like the shuttle ! I've been here since I was a sophomore Very happy with my choice :)

Awesome it's so great and I think everyone is amazing. The office staff rocks and I love the free cookies. Maintenance is in point and they always have your back.

I enjoy living at 2818, it's a great place to live and the staff is great. There could be a higher fence by the volleyball court though. It's easy to hit the ball over the fence.

I think that you guys are doing a fine job. I would just like to see more parking spaces and i would like to see mail handled more quickly. Other than that I really think you guys are doing a good job.

I love my town home. The furnishings and the environment are great. I don't like how the amenities are commonly out of service. The printers never work and the hot tub is never on.

Great service, the management here is very friendly. Services for the apartment are also quick and painless. Tiny issues but nothing to really complain about

I like the place a lot! Work orders get full filled on time and the people are really nice. Not very happy with the roommate matchup thought, couldnt have been more opposite

Great and fun place to live! The staff are always courteous and friendly. They're ready to help with any request - small or big. Amenities are great.

You guys are doing great I love living in these apartments. I have been living here for a year now and I do not see myself moving out any time soon. I love them.

Not a bad place to live. The price is acceptable. I don't know much about apartment hunting, but 2818 place wasn't my first choice, but I realize now that I made the right choice.

this place is great. staff is fun and place always has a good vibe. but maintenance is kind of poor. also they should take a little more time cleaning apartments before move in date.

Great staff, haven't had any problems! Good on time maintenance! Front desk called me to see how I was doing the other week which was very nice! Mail/packages are properly recieved

Great! This is a very cool idea. Other than my dryer being very low heat and me having to use it 5 million times, and the shuttle take five-ever to go back and forth between campus, I like it here.

Love the place, but would love email reminders of of when they will cut the grass because my car has gotten many scratches from it. Other than that, the place is good. Most of the staff is good. When we put in work orders, they are pretty quick about it. Also, the shuttle system sucks and is not reliable or consistent, especially with only one shuttle running.

Overall I enjoy living here. The only complaint I have is that I have an extremely hard time finding parking anywhere close to my apartment.

Overall I have had a really good experience living at 2818 Place. Any time I put in a maintenance request I can expect it to be completed within the day or by the next day. Also, the front office staff is always more than willing to help me with anything I need.

Glad that the lights are fixed, but my online profile still doesn't work and I can't pay my bills online like I would like too. And I can't get deliveries, because they always get returned because of conflicts with my address and correct room number, which is correct online.

So far I have been pretty satisfied with 2818 Place. I have had a few issues like my closet door falling off, but after sending in a request it was fixed very quickly the following day. I appriciate the quickness of the problem being fixed.

at night time when it's really late there aren't any places to park if you don't have a roof parking pass. This causes me to park really far away sometimes which is not fun for me when I walk home.

I really enjoy living at 2818 Place. The complex and apartments themselves are very nice, as well as the staff and maintenance crew. The only somewhat downside to living here is the unknown timeliness of the shuttles.

I like this place, everyone is nice and very friendly. And getting minor repairs are easy, like having light bulbs replaced or the dryer fixed.

First apartment was terrible/discussing. Accommodated to 2 bed 2 bath instead of the 4 bed that I was originally assigned to, so that's really awesome. It was not very clean. The staff was extremely nice during the whole process. Terrible water pressure in the shower. The upstairs people are always loud and constantly moving around furniture and bounicing what sounds like a basketball. The layout of the apartment is not that great. A lot of twist and corners that cause multiple blind spots. Bedrooms are a little small. Nice spacious bathroom and closet. The living area and kitchen are nice. Just needed to be cleaned better. Overall very friendly and nice apartment complex.

It's my second year here, and so far has been the worse of the two. Didn't really have problems last year, and this year it's been insane with the technical failures and other inconveniences. I appreciate the location and the amenities (when they work), but financially it's a bit much for the amount of problems that one could run into living here. Mainly, communication could be improved between office staff/their bosses/maintenance/the residents. Otherwise, it's a roof over my head with some privacy too, so I'm grateful to be here.

It is a very comfortable place to live, the residents are friendly and it feels like a community. The study rooms are awesome and the computers and printers as well.

I am doing great, I love it here at 2818 place. It is super friendly here. The office helps you out with anything you have trouble with and make sure you are happy.