Great people here at 2818. I have been living in this community for the past three years and I can say I had one of the best living experiences so far.

Great apartment with great amenities! At first, I didn't want to live here but after talking to many people I know I have made the right decision. I can't wait to become apart of the 2818 Place community.

Pretty well, with an overall good living experience. The apartments are a nice size, although some of the appliances could use replacing. Maintenance is prompt.

I really enjoy living here and didn't have very many problems. Management was awesome and maitenance always was really quick to fix any problem that I had. The events at the office were pretty cool when they would give out free food and such.

The rooms are small but really nice and the closets are large. However, at move-in my apartment was not cleaned but they sent someone to clean it when notified.

The apartments are pretty nice and good to live in, but the painting process and the lack of warning about next door construction makes for a much noisier and dirtier environment.

I haven't moved yet but I assume great lol I definetely enjoyed it when I visited. everything looks nice and clean. new equipment at the gym etc

I love the four bedroom apartments here. They're cozy and have such a nice kitchen thats big enough for everyone. Everyone in the office go over and beyond to help you out and are always so nice.

Overall a good property and very friendly people that work in the office. Newer apartments that are a competitive price. Some down falls is my roommate and the overall size of my apartment.

My tour guide was very kind and open, and I loved everything about the apartments and amenities. The private shuttle bus to Blinn and A&M was also great to hear about! I signed for next semester!

I love the atmosphere and the people here. The only thing I'd comment on is that maintenance requests should be at least responded to quicker

I generally like it, especially the fact that a shuttle takes you to and from campus. At this point just trying to reach the character minimum.

Great place to live, but my only complaint is the gym equipment being broken too often and for too long. Otherwise the staff is always on point, and I haven't had many issues.

Love living here. The emergency maintenance was very helpful when I needed it. The bus system is very poor though. Sometimes the run at the exact same time and you'll have to wait more than 30 minutes to get on.

The maintenance staff at 2818 is always helpful and prompt to respond to requests. The resident events are not necessary and it would be better if that money was used to reduce our rent.

Cheap, and lotsa community events. Apartments/rooms are nice. The people in the office are always like baking cookies and stuff for us it's pretty groovy.

Wish the apartments were cleaner and re modeled.. other than that good job! I love how y'all give treats and prizes to people who attend events such a good way to make new friends.

really good nice room great community environment friendly community stuffs fully furnished room shuttle to school nice clubhouse and 24 hours Gym

When i first moved into 2818 Place all my friends love cooming over becuase it looked so expensive but suprisely it is really cheap. I love how my apartment came fully furshied it help my moving process more easier. Thank you 2818 Place for your friendly services.

Warning: Long but thorough review: I enjoy living here. Despite the small rooms, I love having my own restroom and large closet space (I live in the largest 4-bedroom town home floor plan so my closet is in the restroom, not taking up space in my actual bedroom). Having a smaller room forces me to stay clean and organized, and it forces me to get out of my room to go study. One thing I am extremely happy with is the common area in the apartment (loft and living room). It is perfect for all of us to share and just enough room to have friends over. The only thing I truly wish were different is the size of the kitchen and the amount of counter space it has (I know other floor plans have more kitchen space). Given that one of my roommates never really lived here, the kitchen actually ended up working out perfectly for the three of us that were there. I'm sure it'd be fine with four. As far as management, I have never really had a problem with them. At first I notice that I would be told different things by different office workers when I called with a concern or question. However, since about my second month living here, I haven't had a problem. If anything, always try to remember the name of the person you speak to so that if there is ever any confusion, you know who told you what. Maintenance is pretty efficient. I had one incident with them, but besides that, they have been amazing. When I first moved in, my ceiling fan stopped working. I immediately put in a work request and hoped they would fix it quickly. It was summer after all. They came about a day or two later (I understood they were busy dealing with all the people who had literally just moved in two days prior). They discovered that my fan had a faulty winter/summer switch. The maintenance worker said he had to order a new part and that he'd be back Tuesday to replace my fan. However, he must have forgotten, because he did not come Tuesday or any time that week. He did promptly fix the fan after I reminded the front office of the situation. Since then, maintenance has been great. One time I entered FIVE work order request on my online portal and within 3 hours, 3 maintenance men came and took care of all five issues in a matter of a few minutes. It was incredible. Amenities are nice. The volleyball court isn't in the smartest location. A net around the court would help keep the ball from flying into the woods below. The pool is nice and the gym is pretty good. I use the study rooms every once in a while. I enjoy all the free food and community activities 2818 puts on. However, the one thing I will say is that PARKING IS HORRIBLE. Either pay for a covered parking spot or don't leave after 8PM on a week night. You will not find parking near your building when you come home unless you are lucky. If I wasn't trying so hard to save money, I would definitely pay for a covered parking space right now. Also, be really careful entering and exiting the apartment complex if you live here. From 4PM to 6PM traffic is really bad, and it can be dangerous trying to turn left when leaving our apartment. Also, BE CAREFUL when moving over into the turn lane because cars heading Southbound will try to get over so that they can turn left onto Holleman. Overall this place is a good place to live. I renewed my lease, and may do so again next year if I find people to live with. Good luck in your search for a place to live!

Lease signing process was smooth! Loved the staff and the Townhomes! The closets are great! Shuttle service is a bonus! Seems like a great place to live! Can't wait for next year!

The management is good! Every time I have talked to them they make me seem welcomed and they are very friendly. If I'm ever have an issue, I know I can go up to the office and get it resolved with no problem!

I have really enjoyed living here and have had all my issues with maintenance solved quickly. The move in process was nice and smooth and staff have been very helpful in my lease renewal!

Living at 2818 place has been a great experience for me and my roommates! 2818 provides many things that help you with college wok and also things for entertainment all for free!

I really enjoy living at this community. The staff is attentive, the location is great, and the apartments are very nice. I would recommend this to any of my friends.