The front office is extremely helpful! 2818 is always having fun and cute events for their residents:) These apartments rock (the rooms are just a little small for me).

Management is not great, maintanance only does things when and if they want. Wish I could say I've had a better experiences, but from the start my roommates were awful and were not similar to me in any way. I also requested no pets and ended up having 2 cats and 2 birds live with me, along with their nasty owners.

I love living at 2818 Place, the only issue is the bus systems. I've been to class several minutes late because of an unreliable bussing system.

The facilities are nice and you are extremely quick to respond to problems, however parking is a pain and is not enforced, there are always several cars with no stickers so I have to park far if I get home from studying late, and my upstairs neighbors throw trash down off their balcony.

So far everything is alright, there's been a bit of confusion with bills and lack of work on maintenance's part. Overall not too bad! I love my personal space, while still connecting with roommates.

Y'all are all very nice and supper helpful when I go into the office! The only thing i am having problems with is the shuttle. I think it would be very beneficial to have both shuttle buses running in the morning.

Glad that the lights are fixed, but my online profile still doesn't work and I can't pay my bills online like I would like too. And I can't get deliveries, because they always get returned because of conflicts with my address and correct room number, which is correct online.

Wish the apartments were cleaner and re modeled.. other than that good job! I love how y'all give treats and prizes to people who attend events such a good way to make new friends.

I have had sown issues upon moving in and trying to ask the office for help. They seemed overwhelmed with the move in process. The mail service is great. I love how all mailcomesbto the club house and we pick it up from there

The printer never works in the office, our stove, washer and dryer keep breaking, and there are cracks everywhere on the walls in the living room.

There isn't enough parking, the maintenance crew can be slow sometimes. It is better to do maintenance requests online than it is when you talk to them over the phone unless you get a manager.

I enjoy the homey feeling that the townhouses have. I've enjoyed the 2 years that I've lived here and I wish I could stay! It's super affordable and the staff is great!

You should get all your employees to say and know the same thing, I already had trouble with some of them and got confused with a lot of stuff.

First apartment was terrible/discussing. Accommodated to 2 bed 2 bath instead of the 4 bed that I was originally assigned to, so that's really awesome. It was not very clean. The staff was extremely nice during the whole process. Terrible water pressure in the shower. The upstairs people are always loud and constantly moving around furniture and bounicing what sounds like a basketball. The layout of the apartment is not that great. A lot of twist and corners that cause multiple blind spots. Bedrooms are a little small. Nice spacious bathroom and closet. The living area and kitchen are nice. Just needed to be cleaned better. Overall very friendly and nice apartment complex.

Staff is nice. Maintenance is hard to work with, the guy would try to get out of fixing the light until I asked him to check it again then he realized it wasn't working and the freezer wasn't even fixed.

So far so good. I'm really liking the pool and gym areas. Gives me a place to hangout and meet new friends. However, one of the employees lied about fixing an appliance in my apartment and I was not pleased

The apartments are pretty nice and good to live in, but the painting process and the lack of warning about next door construction makes for a much noisier and dirtier environment.

I like the rewards program. I don't like that I'm paying for the whole month of August when I can't move in until the 18th of August. I don't like the I emailed you to change something 3 times, and it never happened. I don't like that referred 3 friends and didn't get the award for doing so when I followed the instructions they gave me.

The houses are nice, the staff could be better. The units are beautiful and pretty well taken care of for a used apartment unit. The appliances are new- the only trouble I have is the dishwasher. The patio is perfect and a walk in closet is to die for!

So far so good! I was only upset when the pocket finder app wasn't working... other than that it's been great! the apartments are really nice and comfortable. feels like home!

So far I have been pretty satisfied with 2818 Place. I have had a few issues like my closet door falling off, but after sending in a request it was fixed very quickly the following day. I appriciate the quickness of the problem being fixed.

The staff is great and everything gets fixed really easy. Parking sucks though, they should definitely label the parking spots with apartment numbers

Great! This is a very cool idea. Other than my dryer being very low heat and me having to use it 5 million times, and the shuttle take five-ever to go back and forth between campus, I like it here.

I really enjoy living here! The amenities are great and the kitchen is huge! The only negative thing I have encountered is that the bedrooms get very stuffy and are always a few degrees hotter than the living room area. Other than that, it's been great!

2818 place is an awesome complex with a lot of convenient amenities. I really like the shuttles that run to and from campus, it's nice to not waste all of my gas.