I love the apartments themselves, as far as layout. But the mechanics of how everything works is very rough. I have maintenance requests that take forever to get finished. They are low staffed and it seems so hard to get help. Overall not great experience and I wouldn't renew.

Overall pretty good, maintenance gets pretty busy sometimes so order can get backed up. Other than I've been treated well, currently on my second lease here.

They still didnt give me the reward Im supposed to get. Ive asked so many times and still not figured out. They need to work more precisely and think more about their service.

Love Mary in the office. Besides that, nothing else was good. We had multiple unsolved issues in the unit. One of the staff members told me wrong information twice on very important subjects. It ended up becoming a huge mess for everyone. Would not recommend

2900 Student Apartments is a great place to live. The staff is friendly, the campus shuttle is convenient, and there is always something fun planned for the residents to do. I love, love, love the Starbucks machine in the clubhouse!

Such an average experience. The maintenance is slow, but what can you expect from one guy? The apartment is good, but most of the amenities are pretty bad. The gym hasn't been fully functioning since I moved in (2 years ago) and the hot tub has been broken for half that time. I think it's fixed now though.

A very average experience. They are friendly enough, but needs to hire more maintenance. It took 2 months to get our dishwasher fixed. The gate is hardly ever working, but I don't think that is the apartment complex's fault, I think residents keep running into it.

The price is nice but there are constant issues with internet and maintenance, and also I live at the back of the property and they locked the back gate so that we have to drive all the way to the front just to leave. Definitely not the most convenient.

My experience wasn’t that great the apartments just seemed like they were after money, didn’t care about the residents needs we went months waiting for maintenance requests to be completed then the tried to act like they’d get things fixed ASAP but never did and the messed up electrical fee schedule always gave me a hard time

Mostly positive, with good rooms and appliances. Negatives include maintenance taking anywhere from 2 days to over a month to get resolved, some electrical sockets not working, and only one ethernet port in the entire apartment.

The place is cheap and the maintenance responds quickly when it is staffed. Make sure you read your lease, as you always should, to make sure you understand terms and agreements for staying. Move-in process is quick

So far everything has been pretty good, except that when i asked for a maintenance request, it took over a month before they came, and by that time I had already fixed the issue myself.

Not all orders got completed and there are a lot of bug related issues. When I say a lot of them have yet to be completed, I mean a lot. I am going to put in a fourth. Also, I dislike how unorganized this apartment complex is as a while. It is not a bad place to live. The gates have been closed after about a month and there hasn’t been any problem related to crime that I am aware of. Overall, I have really enjoyed living here.

Always fun activities at the clubhouse, maintenance guys are always kind and take care of any problems as well as good neighbors overall great place to live.

It's kind of good. It's nice sometimes. At the same time, it's bad. Gates that is near building 9 is closed everyday and which is really inconvenient.

2900 is a fun community and a convenient fit for students seeking the on-campus vibe at off-campus prices. Apartments are spacious and staff is helpful in case of issues. Would recommend!

This is a great place to live! I recommend anyone wanting a great price and a nice place to live to come check out 2900 Apartments! Staff is awesome!

Super friendly Fast process and really helpful The grounds are pretty. Some of the pet bins to throw away poop is used as trashcans and its over flowing

The whole process has been great however, the AC has been broken since I’ve moved in and it hasn’t been fixed yet for various reasons. Maintenance is working on it but hasn’t been able to fix it yet.

My girlfriend lived here before me and her apartment has so many problems before she moved in in March and they still have not fixed them I hate it

I love my roommates and i love having such a great place to come home to! I really enjoy the gates being locked now and feeling so safe in my apartment!

My place is nice, was able to be meet new friends as my roommates and the pool update is cool. Can’t wait to use the fire pit and hot tub this fall/winter.

Very spacious apartments with good equipment provided Reciprocative staff, listen and file complaints properly. Happy to be a part of 2900 :)

A nice and cozy place to live! Great place for semesterly housing! The amenities are great and accessible! 2900 offers many cool ways for residents to win cool, free stuff too! They find many interesting ways to get residents to enjoy amenities and love their stay at 2900!

A great and cozy location, great for semesterly living! I have enjoyed the amenities available for residents and the many fun events they host for its residents! Has great opportunities for residents to win cool and free stuff too!