I have really enjoyed living at 33 East this year. So much I resigned my lease. 33 East has some of the best staff. They have been extremely helpful in answering questions promptly, completing maintenance request in a timely manner and just always having a positive attitude. We have some many community amenities and events that are planned for us. Grocery bingo has definitely my favorite. I mean, who doesn't love free groceries? Super stoked to move into an upgraded apartment soon and to spend another year in this community.

Awesome management and I love the fact that the area is quiet! I’ve stayed here my freshman year, burn i came back and I’m on my sophomore year!

When I had horrible roommates, the people at the front office were understanding and made sure I was able to move far away from them. The bugs are the only reason it’s not five stars.

I had cockroaches in my room. On more than one instance. My house always smells like old people. Maintenance is good. Greenvillians roam around here 25/8. This plsAce is literally the hood.

33 east is very interactive and is always having something going on, They are very friendly and the maintenance helps out whenever you need it. Love it!

I moved here in August of 2018. It is now April of 2019. I’ve enjoyed my experience at 33 east so far. The staff is super nice, my apartment was in good shape, and the events they host are fun. They are always doing giveaways so many people have the chance to win.

I had a great time living here. I have created memories and friends I will cherish forever. The people at the front office were also super nice.

Love living here. The residents are super great and the staff is grerat also. I will be signing another lease at the end of this year. I am glad I decided to call this home

I’ve been at 33 East for 2 years now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Rent isn’t expensive and the fact that I can go to the pool and the gym whenever I want helps a lot. The best part is the fast WiFi, I don’t like buffering or lagging so it makes everything easier for me!

These apartments are nice. The front office staff is very friendly and maintenance always responds to work orders quickly. I have had no complaints living here.

I've loved living at 33. Maintenance is always helpful and timely, staff is friendly, and the room are spacious for what you pay. Just wish we had better neighbors!

I like the apartments themselves and the privacy I have. I just wish there were more amenities and things to do on the complex. One thing that does need to change is maintenance. They are way too slow in fixing things and often times they don't fix them properly. I called them about my dryer and three times they fixed only for it to stop working.

Contemporary, upscale property offering balcony, dining area & a gym, and nice views. nice events good roommates grocery bingo is fun. good job

It is quiet, peaceful gated community. People are nice around and security is awesome. Rooms are big and spacious. Kitchen is big. Appliance are old but works good

Living here was fine. It can become a little too noisy at times. It’s located in a decent spot (for purposes of food shopping and distance from ECU), but there’s another complex right next to Phase 2 where the children are obnoxiously loud. Plus maintenance never comes on the same day (and above had an experience where my heat stopped working and I had to freeze for a whole day).

Convenient location. Reasonable price. Quiet area. Awesome activities and events! Super friendly staff, and they are more than helpful. Amenities are super nice!

33 East is a convenient location, with a bus that runs strictly to 33 and back up until 3pm. It took a few days for me and my roommates get help with our main door lock which had us locked in our apartment for an entire weekend. Once originally "fixed" by spraying some WD -40 and just told not to lock the door, we finally put our foot down, had to get parents involved and then got a whole new and safe lock

33 east is a pretty descent community with the price. They provide a good service. I was really satisfied since my new roommate moved in. Unfortunately he smokes and we don’t like the smoke all over the place

The place is okay. There were bugs everywhere when we first moved in. The kitchen and bathrooms are outdated. Having a pool was nice. There is also always something fun in the office as well which is nice.

33 east is the best i mean who wouldn't want to stay here ?? 33 have everything you will even think you need. they have all sports here which is the best part about it . they have a weight room which i love i just cant leave yet lol

I live here currently and resigned for next year because it's a great floor plan and amount of space for college students. Parking is great as well!

I don’t live at 33East yet but my cousin does and I’ve stayed with her and hung out at 33 many times over the past year. The community as a whole is so polite and welcoming. The staff always go above and beyond to take care of the residents and keep the amenities clean. The apartments are very spacious well taken care of.

The apartment is the perfect size for my roommates and I. The rent is not too expensive. The volleyball courts and the clubhouse are my favorite parts. The people who work in the office are so welcoming and kind.

Love living here but definitely would appreciate renovations in my apartment because it is very outdated and seems more rundown than other apartments in the complex

Pretty good apartments. Quick maintenance. Helpful office staff. Overall, no complaints in the three years that I have lived on the property.