it’s been great! very clean, safe, and inviting. the staff is welcoming & kind, the residents are cool & respectful & the amenities are up to date. great views of the big house too! i dig it here

I would like to see a more social atmosphere fostered between residents, but aside from that, I've been very impressed! The free food days are always a nice pick-me-up and everyone on staff has been so friendly, helpful, and efficient.

A fantastic place to live. Has great amenities and a friendly staff. Great rates and location. A good fit for UMich students who are looking for a nice place to live at a reasonable price.

My experience living in sterling has been pretty good- the price is just no longer do able for my family. Living on the 9th floor (under the work out room), I often hear weights being dropped on the ground late at night while I’m trying to sleep. Also almost all the events that the leasing office put on conflict with my class schedule. I wish they went on longer.

Great place to live! Nice apartment, great location, great community, great amenities, friendly staff. Good service, would recommend to others

The people are really great and friendly. The apartment furniture is also very nice and minimalistic. It would be great it there were more events for the apartment community

I love how everything is close to the apartment and is within walking distance. I just wish that the walls of the apartment weren't so thin.

Amazing so far! Super helpful staff, accommodating, food during finals week - it's the best! I'm extremely happy to be living her. It's extremely safe too, and having Fred's so close does help as well.

I've been really happy here at Sterling with few complaints. My only complaints would be how small and limited our gym facility is and the expense of rent. Other than that I have very much enjoyed living here.

I love my apartment at Sterling 411 Lofts. I have a single bedroom apartment and it is the perfect size for me and it’s extremely cozy. My bedroom and bathroom are very roomy so I don’t feel like I’m ever suffocating.

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I have really enjoyed living here so far! The staff is very friendly and accomodating. The apartments and facilities in the building are very nice.

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This is a great apartment complex. Although we're leaving, we really enjoyed our time here. Especially all the cute events we have here like cookie Fridays!

I really like living here. Maintenance always comes in a timely fashion. I love cookie Friday and when you put other snacks out. The walls here a thin so I can hear the neighbors quite often.

I agree with the previous comments that Apart from the thin walls and extremely loud heating, it's great. Also, I just hope that the bedroom could be larger if possible.

I really like my time here at Sterling 411 I just think some of the amenities are lacking compared to other apartments of the same price in Ann Arbor.

Great community. After nearly spending half of my lease time here I truly love it, very tidy and provided with nice amenities that make the whole experience wonderful

Very nice community, well kept, very clean. Everyone enjoys. I have lived in this community for a year now and it has been completely positive the entire time

It’s a lovely place and quiet convenient for me to go to class. Really like it here. People are really friendly, and the faculty members are always willing to help.

My roommates turned out to be so great, we get along extremely well. The facilities are clean and residents are friendly. It really feels like a home away from home!

too many building maintenance issues that interrupted daily routine. Electricity shut off for a day followed by electricity shut off at night. Otherwise, the apartment itself was nice, but definitely too high a price if you're sharing a double.

The distance from campus is just right. Whenever there is a problem, maintenance is here promptly. As a student, I appreciate the free food.

Great building, we had a special rate when we signed on and there was zero communication between the staff and we had to go to the office like every month to get our rent sorted out. But the building and facilities are well kept

I really enjoy the events with free food!! I also feel safe living here with the security at the front. However, my neighbors can be a bit noisy sometimes.

The staff is extremely helpful and welcoming. They made my move-in a much more enjoyable process. The rooms are also great. I love that I can have my own space but also have an updated kitchen and modern living area.

Sterling is a great community to live in. I really like how clean it is and how nice the staff are. It is also nice that if we are having issues it is easy to reach maintenance.