the apartments are nice and are in good condition. There are great amenities like the pool, free parking or covered parking and the dog park.

Always good about responding to residents and maintenance is timely. However, the amenities should have been done before aND there's a large dumpster right outside my window

Great job! Amenities are amazing and customer service is great and friendly. The community is great and I've never had an issue with any neighbors

So far so good! Move in was smooth and almost everything's in working order. I'm very excited to spend the school year here, it already feels like home :)

Great place, community, and atmosphere. The new amenities are great, and I can't wait to try them out for myself. Also, the staff are always there for questions and support.

48west is a clean and friendly community. The pool is awesome, and it has an especially cool feature at night that I don't want to spoil. Overall its a nice place to live.

Awesome layout of buildings. Nice pool, gym, and theater. Can't wait to try the food places here. People seem super nice and kind. Good place to live during the school year or for the whole year.

48 west does a great job advertising and accommodating residents with gifts and discounts. They also have so many amenities that other apartments don't have.

the staff is so friendly and welcoming. they helped me with all of my questions about moving in. the office overall is extremely organized and made moving in a breeze. i love my room and i have so much space.

I absolutely love it here at 48 west! My roommates are amazing, my room is the perfect size for me, and there are so many options for the residents to choose from for activities!

i haven't officially moved in yet, but everyone has been so kind from the beginning. the new pool area is great, and i can't wait to use it! i'm really looking forward to spending my year at 48!

Well the new addition to the complex with the pool was nice. I think people will love it. Not to sure on the other amenities haven't been to the gym but chances are you won't see me there anyway.

So far I love this place! Move in was quick and easy, and my room was very clean when I got here! The staff is super nice and helpful. There is even more than enough parking really close to my apartment.

I am really impressed with the complex. I really like what us has to offer and how nice everything is. The pool is great, perfect set up over there.

The community is great so far and I am liking what I am seeing with the community and all of the apartments. My only complaint would be that my room doesn't have a closet which I knew coming in.

48 West is very clean and organized. 48 West offers many features to your stay other than just an apartment, it offers a nice gym, pool, game room, and so much more. It has a modern style to the architecture of the buildings.

Very close knit community, the new pool helps bring everyone together for a great time! The dog park also allows for pet owners to feel included!

Pretty cool so far, just moved in the other day. The rooms are huge and there is more space than you know what to do with. Cool atmosphere..

It is a very friendly and welcoming environment! The staff are helpful and patient and the price is generally the same as other apartment complexes nearby.

Apartments are very spacious... I love having my own bathroom and a washer and dryer. Lots of amenities for a decent price. Dissappointed in rent specials for returning leasees and parking is over priced. Staff takes a while to respond to phone calls/emails but they are always friendly and professional. Maintenance team is always fast and does a good job with repairs and other work orders

Having all of these new amenities is awesome!! The new management has really stepped up their game. They always seem to have some kind of activity going on whether it's a pool party or a workout class!

Great service, great maintenance team, and great people. This is my third year and I love every experience I've had Really feel like coming back up to school is coming home.

The place is nicer than I expected! The pool is beautiful and the place seems very well rounded and organized. Very up to date on the apartments which makes living here that much more enjoyable.

Great place so far. The pool and hot tub are great. Move in was very smooth. Only issue with move in was coming into a messy apartment including garbage on the ground, chipped paint, scuffed walls, food left in fridge. But it was taken care of almost immediately which was very nice. Other than that the place is awesome!

The 4 bedroom 4.5 bath townhouse is great. There is plenty of room to spread out and relax. It's also really nice to have your own bathroom attached to your room. The amenities are nice as well, the new pool is awesome.