I think that 48 West is doing a great job. The complex and staff are all very nice and helpful. I love the townhomes, i've looked at all of the other apartments around and none of them compare.

I appreciate the over all environment. The security is friendly and the hot tub is lots of fun. It is a very affordable price for what it provides

I enjoy it all. Great times. Great experiences. Living with some of your closest homies is without a doubt the greatest time that you'll ever have

I haven't moved in yet but when ever I have a questions, someone always is there with an answer. Everyone is super friendly and they break down everything you need to know into super easy stuff so that you actually know what you're getting into. I can not wait to live at 48 west!

I thoroughly enjoy my experience at 48 west. I love the sense of community it creates, as well as all of the amenities that come with living in this fantastic community

The "costumer" care at 48 west is pretty good compared to other apartment complexes. I've lived in multiple and I've felt the most welcome here. The new renovations coming soon should further enhance the experience and I am excited.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years here at 48West! The staff have always been helpful and kind. All of my questions have been answered in a timely fashion! It is a great college community.

I love 48west. Living here is so much fun! They always have events happening that you can take part in. There's always a way to get connected with your neighbors

I love living in 48 West!! Everything is so nice, I love the atmosphere and I feel as though everything you get is for such a good price. I've resigned because I love it so much!

I love 48West. The apartments themselves are spectacular, and the staff is amazing. The amenities are also really nice; I love being able to go to the gym when I wake up in the morning without having to walk an annoying distance to get there.

The apartment complex has been upgraded nicely in the past year. The increase in available devices to connect to the internet has been essential in increasing my productivity.

My favorite apartment Complex in Allendale! No complaints! Very nice complex and I love everything the Resident's office does for the community!

I love living at 48 West!!! Great management! I've lived here for the past 3 years and love it! I cant wait to see what the new pool is going to look like!

I enjoyed my time here, but I do think 48 needs a few upgrades. 48 is kind of expensive compared to other apartment complexes. The outside has gotten a little dirty between trash from residents, pumpkins, and dog poop. The workers here are nice.

I've lived here for 3 years and the community is great. Maintenance is awesome. Wish the kitchens were updated but that's about it. Lots of room.

I have lived in 48 for two years now and have enjoyed every moment of my stay. The amenities are very nice and I really enjoy having a restaurant so close by!

I'm really enjoying my community! It's super relaxing! There are tons of things to do and the staff is so friendly! I can't wait to see how the upcoming years are!

It's a really nice atmosphere at the village of 48 west. The noise level went down a lot in the past year and maintance has been very good at following up work orders!

I like that 48 now seems more into getting the community together with having different activities going on every month. Free food Friday is awesome.

I love the 48 west community! Everything is so convenient and the people living in this community are extremely nice! I'm so excited to start my new chapter in life living here and building a successful life for myself here.

I love 48 west! I am beyond excited to be apart of such a fun and exciting community! It is the greatest place to live! Everyone should live here.

I was amazed at how easy the process for signing an online lease was! I was also very pleased when I received an email about a signing bonus that I did not even know about until after I had signed!

48 West continues the provide great service and maintenance. Its nice to know that when an issue occurs it is handled very quickly and efficiently.

The apartments are extremely nice. The staff is nice and always willing to help. When you need maintenance they get back to you as soon as possible. Everything is always clean!

Things at 48 are great. We submitted a maintenance request because our keys were getting stuck in the door. The following morning a maintenance man was here to fix it and has been working fine ever since. The employees are on top of everything and always answer any questions we have.