I just love living at 48! They're updating the rec which is supposed to be awesome. They're going to have the biggest pool in Allendale. I am very looking forward to my senior year at GV and even more excited to be living at 48!

The apartment complex is well maintained and offers plenty of amenities. The apartments are spacious and a great place for a college student to live.

The apartment community is great! I'm very excited for the new pool and other new features coming to 48 West. I love the area and atmosphere I couldn't be happier.

Very fun, respectful employees & very helpful. Affordable and always upgrading. Always something fun happening in this community to ensure the best time

Great apartments at great rates. Also can't beat the service from the employees. The maintenance crew is on top of things 24/7 and now with the new additions you'll have the biggest pool in Allendale!

I have lived in 48 west for two years. I have enjoyed my stay here and love the things they have to offer weekly in the commons. Their gym is also good.

I love the new updates being put into 48 West and I'm so excited to be living there very soon! I heard awesome things about Mennas joint and I'm excited to have a pool and gym a walk away.

On-site facilities are great and fully functional. Look forward to the upgrades coming in the Fall. The options for things to do and people to meet are always open and feel welcoming.

You guys are doing well and I appreciate living here greatly. You helped my girlfriend get into her apartment when she was locked out just today. Thank you!

I decided to live at 48 west my freshman year and that was the smartest decision I have made all year! The community here is like a little town. There are so many advantages to living here; the hot tub, the commons study area and printer, and the work out facilities are great. And its only going to get better from here with all the new additions this summer!

so far forty eight west has been an awesome place to live. bus stop isn't too far and the ride isnt too long, which is nice on cold days. the hottub and pool are spot on, and the apartments themselves hold up to expectations.

48 west is great. Can't wait til I move in this august Will be a fun place to live. The apartments look nice and the staff is very outgoing Thanks

The apartment complex is nice. The rooms are a good size and have there own bathrooms. Some of the appliances could be better but they get the job done.

I love the place I live in. The staff is awesome and my apartment is beautiful. I can't wait for all the new amenities that 48 west is going to bring in.

Very good. Enjoy my apartment and the fact that maintenance is very responsive. Also, the office staff is always very friendly. Glad to live at 48, as opposed to Meadows or another place.

I absolutely love it, I honestly can't wait to move in soon! I love that it's so close to campus and has so many amenities. My roommate and I are so stoked!

Staff are very helpful when it comes to residential issues and concerns. It is very nice that 48 west is updating their amenities this summer for residents to enjoy.

I've only visited 48 west but it has truly been wonderful. You're amazing staff showed me around my new home and made me feel very welcome. All the shops and restaurants on site are so cool and I can't wait to move in!

I love 48! I've been living here for over two years now and have always had great experiences. I'm very excited for the upgrades to come this summer.

48west is the best!! Close to campus and always has something going on to keep you involved in the community. Can't imaging living anywhere else.

I love all of the community events they put on! They are fun and open to everyone not just residents. I do think it would be nice to have special events just for 48 residents since we are paying to live there.

I will be starting my lease in August, and truly cannot be more excited. Between the added weight room and pool that will be there shortly, I've realized what an up and coming community I will be living in.

I LOVE 48 WEST!!! The rent is a bit higher because the amenities are so worth it, the only issue I have is that the apartment heating/cooling sucks for those that live on the top floor.

I really like the community. I love how it's set up. I am very excited to use the new pool and updated gym! For some reason I only have 2 roommates but I think that is a good thing.

Doing great! Reallly excited for next year! Great floor plans and location! Excited for the pool and gym! Really really really glad I chose 48 west