The people at 48 west are super professional and friendly. Made what would usually be a stressful ordeal of trying to figure out housing into an easy streamlined process!

I love 48 West, the staff are super friendly and helpful, the apartments are quiet and it’s not a party complex. Covered parking is bomb and the dog park is 10/10. I highly recommend 48 West for every GVSU student!

Very excellent staff and willing to help out when needed. Apartment is beautiful and love having my own bathroom. Could do a little better on snow removal though

Living at 48 is one of the cheaper options for off campus housing at GVSU. So living here was an easy choice, and the bus stop is very convenient unlike Campus West's. Management is not the best but the regular staff that work in the office are great.

Great facilities and great management for an amazing price! Perfect for the typical college student! quiet during the week days, crazy and fun during the weekends!

Living at 48 west has been pretty good. The community events and perks are awesome but some things in my apartment aren’t the greatest. We have had to make lots of maintence calls this year

It's over priced for what you get. Compared to say Campus View you get granite countertops for $40 less a month. I do Ike the events and amenities that are here though

I’m pretty happy with my experience here so far. I really like the amenities and the free food Friday. It is getting a bit too expensive though and I’m not sure if it’s worth the price.

It is a very friendly environment but it is expensive to live her and sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. Overall the staff is super kind and is willing to help me out if need be.

The amenities here are so amazing, and I love that they are open 24/7 for the most part. I am so happy and excited to live at 48 west next year!

Pool is great, friends live close, I’ve also met slot of great people and 48 has decent food throughout the week, looking forward to staying here in the summer!

Overall, I have enjoyed my time here enough to renew my lease, but it took the complex about 3-4 months after we moved in to replace the broken window in our living room which was ridiculous. They are not great with answering residents' requests, but other than that it is a really nice place to live.

They have always been so helpful and quick to respond to maintenance issues or really anything else that goes on. I have two dogs and I love the dog park and the way the community is set up it is super nice to take them on walks.

My community has great amenities, they are always hosting activities and mixers to get people inclined with each other and getting social. They try to do a good job of making sure that their residents are always happy and it shows.

Overall, I really enjoy living here. I am going on multiple years and really enjoy my unit. I have not found too much trouble finding someone to sublease which is a positive as well.

The staff is helpful and friendly! The apartment complex is kept clean. The amenities are great! The management constantly provides great activities to include all residents. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

The staff is helpful and they're pet friendly and have a dog park which is great. They recently remodeled and have a lot of different apartment/townhome styles.

Living here is okay! Apartment is good size and lots to offer in community. Office staff isn’t very helpful and apartments are not in good shape when you move in.

I love living here at 48 West. The apartments are spacious and rent is fairly priced. The pool and fitness center are top notch and it has a great location!

48 West is a bit pricey (as can be expected for student housing) but you definitely get your money’s worth! Everything and everyone here is awesome

The community aspect is great. I like the many events offered. The buildings he selves are a bit out of date and I have experienced problems with or ventilation system and with mold in the bathrooms. Also, half of the gym equipment is broken and the variety isn’t great, and mostly everything in the game room is also broken

This is my first semester at GV. I was recommended here by the baseball coach. It has been a very nice stay. The apartments are a nice size, and are very adequate for college students.

A lot of activities going around 48 West. The opportunity to enjoy the gym and game toom and other facilities are a huge benefit to the residents.

Everyone who helped me did an amazing job explaining things and doing things to fit my needs. They showed me how I could use my financial aid towards rent, and how to calculate finals costs.

The apartment looked nice and has many amenites. I look forward to living here next year. It also helps that they have a nice incentive. thanks