The office staff are always there to help! :-) When everI had issues I could always go to the office for a water bottle and a solution to my problem!

So far the community has been really nice, I like the extra mile that 48 makes to add nice touches to the complex. However, just a little more ice removal would be ideal. Also some issues that seem to still happen with internet.

The wifi leaves much to be desired. However, the amenities and customer service make up for it. I have already renewed my lease and am excited for the years to come.

It's pretty cool here they really care about resident well being and are also aware of the student stresses and help by doing weekly like activities.. also the price is right:)

This is my first year at 48 West and I personally really love it. The amenities are great and there is always a ton of fun events to participate in.

I've lived here for the last three years and have greatly enjoyed my time here. I appreciate the amount of events that are consistently going on. I wanted to give some love for maintenance as they've always arrived in a timely manner and efficiently take care of the problems that are listed in our requests.

I really like this complex. I feel like it is an upgrade from my last one. All the rewards are really great, as well as all the updated features that are included.

I have lived here for almost two years now and loved it last year. Since then, I have run into a couple problems with the management who couldn’t seem to follow through with their promises.

Wonderful place to live! It's my home away from home. The only thing that needs improvement is the utility bill confusion. Other than those two things I have enjoyed living here!

My experience has been absolutely amazing and seamless. Since I've moved in I haven't had any problems and when I did they were promptly taken care of.

Cool place to live lots of space and things are fixed when they need to be. Good amenities and a lot of stuff that makes living here enjoyable.

I have really enjoyed living in 48. Living in A style apartment, and haven't had too many issues. Nice neighborhood, nice amenities, and got a great deal on rent this year.

While all apartment complexes have their faults, the quality of 48 west apartments and amenities makes it an overall nice place to live while attending college. We enjoy their giveaways, events, and free food Friday.

48 has a lot of great amenities, super great having the pool for the summers. The theater and the gym are my favorite place, it’s so convenient!

It's a wonderful community with great apartments for the price. I do wish there was a bit more noise control, but it's honestly not too bad.

It’s a nice place and I don’t care about this review at all and if you live there you will have fun because your not at home blah blah blah.

I like it here, but sometimes it’s too loud! I like having a car port spot because parking can be difficult to find since there’s so many people.

It’s a good place to stay, with good amenities. The price may be a little higher than some people would want, though, do take that into consideration.

It's been amazing living here so far. I absolutely love how convenient it is to have my apartment close to campus but also off campus at the same time. Not to mention all of the free food fridays!!

Overall, my experience at 48 has been good. The staff is friendly which creates a positive environment. Also, all the amenities offered by 48 have improved my living experience.

The community thus far has been amazing. Meeting new neighbors and long time friends has been extremely easy and it's only the first semester. Can't wait for the rest of the year!

The community here is great. I have really enjoyed the amenities like the weight room and pool. I think that the townhome was a great choice considering the low cost that we are paying to live here. Maintenance staff is great, also!

Good love your events and your staff is very friendly . Thank you so much for all you do for your residents . I always going to the community center

great website. I got my gift card threw them when my apartment complex gave us a great deal. thank you for the help because i need the money.

Apartments are really nice and taken care of. I have noticed some glass around the parking lots. Also, when we moved into our place there was a lot of paint spots on the floor. The fridge and dishwasher was not cleaned either. The staff does a good job with making you feel welcome and keeps the overall place looking good.