48 West is a great place to be while studying at Grand Valley. They provide areas for study, free printing and many rewards for their residents. I love the design of the housing and am happy to spend my senior year of college here at 48.

I absolutely love the village of 48 west. It’s such a good place to be with so many good people followed by so many good memories. Glad I live here!

The amenities here are great! Staff is also very friendly, and maintenance for the most part is okay. I moved in early, so my apartment was super gross and many things were broken from the girl who lived in my room before me. However, most of the requests I put in have been resolved within the first few weeks! Looking forward to the rest of the year!

The staff needs to be more helpful. They have hard times replying but overall good experience. I love the apartment and the amenities. Big pool is very nice

so far it’s goodness i ca canr wait to live here with my top roommates that i ket last year i just hope it’s better yet than the time reviews i really do i read inline excitef

48 west is a great place place to live. It’s close to campus and all the restraunts. It has really nice amenities like a big gym and a study hall. The apartments also have excellent set ups.

I love my roommates and there cool as hack plus two of my roommates have birthdays in the same week in September it’s about to be lit. I can’t wait to see my homies again💯

I am eagerly looking forward to moving into this community. I have only heard great things from friends and family who have lived here before.

Everybody at 48 West has been very helpful and clearly cares about helping each resident. I am very excited to start the new year at 48 West

I love 48, it has a great community! Everyone is so friendly and nice. Hanging out at the pool isn’t my favorite because it has such a nice facility! Everyone should live here.

Friendly maintenance Free food Best pool/hot tub Best study lounge Quality amenities Active community Best gym for any living center My top choice for off-campus living and I’ve lived at and researched other locations

i love the atmosphere here so much! the apartments are big, clean, nice, and homey! The pool and hot tub are of course great! The village and very pretty and fun!

48 west has good service and livable apartment setups along with good amenities. The service is almost always available when needed by phone or email.

great place to live, seems to be one of least expensive places to live near campus. i really enjoy their amenities! the pool and movie theater room are probably my faves!

Recently moved units from a townhome to a flat style. The new apartment was very dirty when moving in, the office didn't do much about it due to a miscommunication which allowed me to get my keys to early. Shortly after moving in the AC unit froze, we are now on day 4 with a portable air unit which does not cool the apartment. Also had my sink looked at and maintenance made it leak worse than it was before. Not off to a great start, really hoping it gets better from here

Pool/ hot tub area is amazing! Fun to cookout with your roomies, my room has a large living room area and a nice deck to chill. Overall awesome experience

I love the layout of my apartment (the premium deal), and the furnished option is unbeatable. Every room comes with a double bed, dresser, and desk, and is attached to a bathroom. That way, everyone has a door that locks and their own bathroom. The kitchens are big enough for all 4 residents to be in there at once and the neighborhood pool and hot tub are always clean and kept nice. I enjoy that 48 has their own gym that I can run to from my apartment, as it is more private than the rec center.

As a new resident, seeing the various amenities that 48 west has to offer is amazing. There is really nothing you can’t find or do at the complex. The staff is somewhat knowledgeable, most of the time when I call for help they give me the wrong information, but they are nice.

The people at 48 are phenomenal. The housing is excellent quality for the price you pay and multiple amenities are an awesome bonus to living here.

Great amenities and staff is relatively helpful with issues. Wish there was Moreno food options and better social events. Security is tight and are called the fun police

A great place to live! My house was very messy and dirty when I arrived to it initially, however after I cleaned it myself I found Ignace very spacious.

I enjoyed living here, but there was a huge crack in a window across the hall from my Apartment from before I moved in causing excessive heat in the hallways this summer and made it freezing in the winter. There was a terrible amount damage done to the wall because of it! I mentioned it to them in an email shortly after I moved in and never heard back from them, so I started mentioning it to the front office (on multiple occasions) and still nothing was done... as much as I liked living there, they are causing their buildings to mold up.

Best pool/social area of all the apartment complexes! The apartments are neat and there's many different styles to chose from. Makes me excited to go out and meet some neighbors!

Although I haven't officially started living at 48, the signing process was a breeze! Everyone was super helpful & answered every question. The property is beautiful and I'm really looking forward to all of the amenities!

Very excited to start living at 48 this upcoming year! The pool and spa area is where I plan on spending most of my time during welcome week!