48 west has a lot of good things just wish that burger joint opened like they said it would. No message or anything about why it did not. Pool and hot tub are nice but i do feel the pool could be open as long as the hot tub.

48 West is nice enough. Maintenance and management communication could be better. Wondering if the other restaurant is going to open like they said it was.

48 West is a great place to live! Wonderful staff to help at all times! It is also close to GVSU, and very convienent!Highly recommend to anyone in the look for a great college apartment!

Everything has been great. The features of the complex are great. Everyone is super friendly. The only issue is that when we got the apartment, we were informed that utilities were going to be much lower than they actually are. They are over double than what was originally expected.

I have lived here for two years. Last year I absolutely loved it. This year is great to. Maintenance and Jee have been great with helping a few unexpected issues in our townhome.

I love 48, can't wait for the burger joint!!! Just yesterday I put in a request for maintenance and they ere here early this morning to fix the problem.

I really have enjoyed living at 48 west. I enjoy the apartment set up and the commons area is super nice for studying. I am so happy I chose 48 west.

Really love living here the people and the staff are always very helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help you get what you need. I like the way that they are always trying to get people out with activities and trying to get people involved.

Pros of 48: Ammenities. The pool is new, large, clean, and has lights for night time and grills for cookouts. The hot tub is open late. The commons has free printing, free coffee, and a relaxing atmosphere to study in. The tanning package is a bonus. I have yet to use the gym or game room. You get one free late rent payment. Bus stop close by. Cons: Our apartment was super dirty when we moved in. When we called to complain, two girls came in and checked our apartment, sneered/were rude and nothing was done about it. 48 was not clear about the payment schedule. You can't pay in person, you have to pay rent online. There is never any parking late at night. Things seem to have been more chaotic than smooth but overall I would still think about signing another lease.

I love living here! It is clean and friendly the staff is so great. The email here let’s you know when you get a package and it’s super convenient

I love living here and my girlfriend lives here too. You have great staff and the pool/spa area is amazing. The commons is also nice and I enjoy using iy

So far this year I've loved the new amenities and upgrades, especially the pool and gym. The communication with staff and maintenance hasn't been the best though.

Good amount of space in the apartments and very clean! Staff is super friendly and helpful, and have been flexible when I needed it. I plan on staying at 48 west next year!

The noise issue has really been getting to me and the spider webs are becoming quite ridiculous. I really wish we could hire an exterminator, but I am grateful the staff are willing to listen to concerns.

Well kept surroundings, sometimes it gets noisy but nothing that interferes with my day/night. Large rooms with plenty of rearrangement options and room for more furniture

All the staff are very helpful when determining how to solve a terrible situation. However, the one thing that is still yet to be solved is our internet issues within our apartment.

I really enjoy my townhome here at 48 West. My roomate is a good fit and the people seem nice. There was a large amount of partying when I first moved it, but besides that, I haven't had many issues.

Great location with the campus easily accessible, the room is very comfortable, and the staff are very helpful and kindly as well. It is a good option for students

So far my experience has been great! The roommates that I was paired with are awesome. The amenities are all beautiful and conveinient. Also, I love going to the events held. They are all very exciting and give me a chance to meet neighbors.

I enjoy living at 48 west. Free food Fridays and the amenities are great. It has a very home feeling to it. Although me and my roommates have come across a few things that are not the best. We had blew a fuse that controlled our bedrooms. The quick fix took longer than it should have. Also the communication has not been the best it could be. I also was assigned the smallest room of the apartment yet still have to pay the same as my other roommates who are fortunate enough to have more space and are able to arrange their room how they want when I am stuck with what seems to be the only logical way to set up my room. With these things said, I still enjoy living here and would not be opposed to signing again.

A very good experience so far. We have had some issues with our sink, washer, and dryer. Also we are not in the system yet but otherwise its been good.

I love it a lot at 48 west. Everyone is super friendly and the staff is amazing and very helpful. The amenities are very cool and all the events they have throughout the week are really cool and you meet a lot of new people.

Great place to live, I love the location. I love the fact that the bus stop is in the complex so we don't have to walk super far like some of the other complexes. The only complaint I have is that the matience is a bit slow. We put in a request for new chairs, (or at least ours to be cleaned) right when we moved in and just now got some today. Very happy overall though, the pool rocks and all the activities are great! :)

The apartments are spacious and lovely, along with the amenities and the scenery. The only area with room for improvement is noise on the weekends late at night, and glass left around on the road, though I understand this is the fault of other residents and is difficult for staff to control.

48 West provides a comfortable, fun living experience. They truly care about their residents and go out of their way to make that known. Every Friday they provide free food made special for their residents. They also have various events throughout the week to engage the community. All of the apartments and townhouse are updates and clean. Overall, 48West is a great addition to your college living experience and I would highly recommend these apartments and townhouses to you.