I enjoy all of the amenities here at 48! Free food fridays is awesome and I love having the bus stop here, it makes it easier to get to class. What I do not like is how expensive it is to park at your own home. $125 just for open parking is too much. The trash and broken glass in the streets never seems to be picked up.

Need some more lighting especially between and behind buildings. I like the amenities and hot tub. Everything seems clean and the staff is super helpful.

Am I happy living at 48 West? Yes. Would I live here again? No. The rent is sickeningly high; Apparently I am paying for things such as free coffee 24/7 and a game room no one uses. The front desk doesn't know anything, and I have been lied to on multiple occasions. My apartment is nice, but nothing worth over $600 a month, especially for a shared apartment.

I have been seeing some improvements being made that I appreciate: picking up trash and filling pot holes. This is my third year here and improvements are slow. The pothole outside my apartment was huge for two years and got filled over the summer. The employees over the years have gotten a lot nicer and more knowledgeable which is great.

I love living here! However, management can be a little slow when it comes to responding to residents' needs. But i love all of the amenities and how close we are to campus!

I really love living here so far but I have noticed that some of the Amenities don't work. For example I really love the hot tub but the music system doesn't work there! The same goes for the gym music system. My only complaint is the hot tub needs to be cleaned a little more regularly.

I love 48 west! Everyone is very nice and always helpful! It's super easy to communicate your problems with them and they are always around when you need some verification or just your drain unclogged

You guys do a good job. The only issue I think I have ever had here is when my friends visit they are constantly worried that their car is going to get booted.

It's very nice here! I love my apartment and the fact that I have my own room and bathroom. The environment is very nice and welcoming. It's a great place to live.

I love 48west apartments overall, but I think the service in the leasing office isn't that great. They're very nice, but not very knowledgeable. I often get an "I'm not sure" response to my questions which isn't very helpful. Also, I think that there should be some type of stairway cleaning every so often for the apartments that have to use a stairway. The large window has had nothing but spider webs and huge dead bugs in it since I moved in in June. It's just not very appealing when I bring people to show where I live. Other than those few things, 48west is pretty cool.

This is my second year living at 48 West and I love it! I just renewed my lease for next year and am so excited to be living here again. The price of living here is very reasonable and the amenities are great.

I wish the wifi was better at night and on Sundays and that coffee cups were filled for 8 ams. Security is good, and I like the upkeep of everything. Wish parking was a little safer

I think everyone here is nice and stuff. Some of the buildings and the strip could be to better use. The coffee shop or whatever it is, isn't even open yet, like we are already paying more then meadows or campus view cottages mainly because of those things and it isn't even open.. make it into a bar or something, students drink, see how mulleys does? it should be a hint to keep your residents for another year to make it more of a college campus feeling. nobody cares about the coffee shop that isn't even open, u want people? make it into something that college students want.

This is my second year here at 48 West, the only problem I had was my first year here, nobody cleaned the apartment or painted the walls or anything and it looked horrible when I moved in. But this year I moved into a different apartment and it was freshly painted with new furniture.

The community is beautiful. The staff are wonderful but they aren't very helpful when it comes to certain questions. They respond with "I don't know" for many situations. They are also slow at taking action for certain things. They do try keep the community safe

Everyone is a little on edge after the recent events happening here and around campus, but I feel that management is doing a satisfactory job given the conditions.

Really great living here, but sometimes disappointed in the amenities. Wish there was like a little grocery store for basics like bread or milk or candy bars, or a little coffee shop would be awesome.

Really like living here. there are so many amenities and the location is so close to campus. having a bus stop in the complex is very convenient.

The staff at 48 West has been great so far! Every time I go into the office everyone greats me with a smile and is happy to help me with whatever I need. However, there needs to be more security looking out for peoples safety on week nights due to the recent break-ins.

I have loved living here over the past year and a half! They offer so many great amenities and the maintenance team is great! The only problem I have encountered is poor internet connection issues!

I enjoy living at 48 west and the amenities are great. ive been living here for over a year now and its been a good experience so far, will definitely recommend

You guys are doing great! you should have more events though. Service is very fast and reliable. Rent is pretty high though. Could add a pool too.

Great friendly service. Maintance needs to fix the speed bump in the back of 48. Also clean the apartment staircases ours is disgusting and covered with dead bugs. Cheaper rent should definitely be considered... way too expensive for us broke college kids.

I love it here. Everything is great. The staff is friendly and helpful always. My complaint is that the Internet is horrible. I am using my data to write this because the wifi is so slow that I can't even use it

I signed my lease pretty late and I wanted to move in my friends and the management team was very understanding and helpful getting me placed where I wanted! I love the website that I can set up autopay to pay rent too! I've had a couple things break at the apartment and you guys were very quick and coming and assessing and fixing said things and I really appreciated that. I felt heard and respected! I absolutely love my apartment and all of the cool stuff in our village!