I enjoy my apartment community 4th street commons a lot. It is a unique experience that truly offers me all I NEED. The community assistants are truly pleasant and the managerial staff truly goes above and beyond to ensure that residents are satisfied. they extinguish concerns, quickly try rectify issues and all while maintaining a smile on their faces and pleasant energy. This will be my second years living in this apartment complex and I can truly say it is the change in staff why I renewed and encouraged my friend and now new roommate to sign his lease as well. Amazing staff, under brilliant leadership that is not afraid to work and make things happen for residents. I look forward to this year and all 4th street commons and it's staff will bring to my life!

Excellent service and environmet. Everything is good, the food, the people, the facilities. It’s safe to say that when you live there you feel at home

I’m not really sure where to start with this place... my boyfriend is a resident here and I honestly feel bad for him and his roommates. The price they pay does not come close to reflecting the quality of living. The complex’s only redeeming feature, the pool, has been closed more often than it has been open. The reasons have ranged from broken glass to maintenance which lasts weeks. Despite the numerous times management has had to drain the pool due to broken glass, they still do nothing to control the wild parties thrown on the pool decks by underage college kids. I began to wonder if this place even has security. Oh and if you need to use the bathroom near the pool, you better hold it because they’re permanently locked! Instead, go all the way back to your apartment to use yours. When walking down the hallways of the complex, it is impossible to ignore the smell of mildew, marijuana, and cigarette smoke. You can almost always count on finding feces and urine from lovely residents who have failed to clean up after their pets! Talk about health hazards... If you’re eager to workout, don’t. The gym is absolutely disgusting. I’m pretty sure it has never been cleaned. Half of the equipment has also been broken for months. There’s no water available. The paper towel dispensers are constantly empty. Guest parking is a nightmare. There are about 10 spots for the hundreds of residents living here. Yet there are tons of open “purchasable” spaces throughout the garage. I could go on. But I think you get t

This is a great place to live as a student, you have a professional staff willing to help you with any questions pertaining to lodging and just making your stay comfortable at 4th commons.

I lived at 4th street for two years and during my time there I tried to make the best out of the experience. It can be a good place to live if you're lucky enough to not get paired with loonies. The hallways smell , the roommates you're assigned often have all sorts of vices , management deals with enforcing "community rules" poorly. My time is done there, you're better off looking elsewhere if you're looking for a nice place to stay. The new management has stepped up their game and maintenance requests are done at the snap of a finger but that's about it

The experience has been well. There’s improvements that could be made like the smell in the halls and the key system has some major glitches

It’s been one of the best experiences so far for me, I fell like home when I’m at 4th street that’s why I decided to renew for the upcoming semester. Good staff and good location.

I feel safe and I totally feel like living at 4th street commons is a similar experience to on campus. Friendly staff and great at advising.

Best living situation for college students. I enjoy the apartment vibe that the setting gives to each resident. Furthermore, the kitchen appliances and apartment washer/dryer are amazing

I enjoy living at 4th Street Commons. There are a few things (i.e. the cleanliness) that could use some work. But, I love the building and the community!

So far it has been an extremely easy and accommodating process pre move in. There was a mix up and it was resolved easily and correctly, really confirming that living here wasn’t the correct choice.

I love 4th street commons so convenient for students and the amenities are amazing :) it’s affordable and the space is very nice I couldn’t ask for a better living space during the best 4 years of my life !

Fourth street is a cool community to live in. Sometimes we have dog poop in the elevators, but sometimes we don't! We have a nice pool with grills and hammocks, and really friendly front desk attendants!

Prorated rent. The lady on the phone was rude and generally not looking forwarded to moving in the apartment this upcoming year. 4th Street is getting a bad reputation for being this way.

It’s been okay but management isnt that good. The carpet floor in the hallways needs some work. I like having my own bathroom and it was nice living there

It's pretty nice, but the pool always has an issue, and my hallway always smells like weed. They are really harassing over payments as well I remember they send me a notice because my utilities were over by 30 cents.

I have not moved in yet , but I think it’s gonna be exciting to live in this community. It is very close to Florida International University.

diligent, out coming and very friendly! Since day one they have all showed interest on making everyone feel comfortable. All facilities encourage the residents to have a good time every time. Having easy transportation to college is amazing!

It's a bit expensive but the location is convenient for my job and my work plus all the amenities make it worth it. I just wish my rent wasn't raised after my lease renewed.

Overall good experience so far! My only complaint - the hallways smell pretty bad and the carpet could use some cleaning. I think that would go a long way!

I think the building is great. My favorite part is the gym! I live in a two bed apartment and its cute, and since we can add some things to make it feel like home it will depend on you!

Wish parking wasn’t $80 and more available. Everything is great. Briana an amazing job with communicating with the residence. More events would be nice so roommates can socialize.

I LOVE IT. It’s great All property managers sell the same thing. Once you look past the zip code, you’ll realize that every apartment complex has rooms, walls, floors. Granted, we all need a clean product and a competitive product in terms of look and feel. But in the end, what sets your rooms and walls and floors apart from the next door neighbor’s is the interaction customers have with the people—your staff. Experience matters!

Living here is breeze. The staff is friendly and the building has its perks. There is a convenience store and a pool plus parking if you reserve it.

I had a lot of roommate issues that were never solved and neighbor issues with noise. There is also a lot of weed smoking and people parking in my paid spot.