There's always room for improvement! I would suggest to increase gym hours because I spend most my time at school and by the time I get home the gym closes way too early. First they told us it was 24h but now it close at 11 and I can't even use it and I have to pay for it !!

Love the proximity to campus! Office staff is pretty nice and I always feel safe. However, I've had some issues with the speed at which maintenance staff gets things done (though this may have been due to other more pressing issues after hurricane Irma) and their accuracy in completing the necessary tasks. The printer downstairs is available to everyone but is often out of toner, or ink or whatever the issue is. This isn't an issue when the front desk staff is there as they will print for you, but it's an issue after hours. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives I like it here.

Its been pretty solid so far, no complaints. The staff is friendly, I love my apartment. Its kind of far from campus, but I like walking so its good for me!

It’s been a good experience even though there’s a couple of things that are to chane, like elevators frequency and tendency to get fixed. It’s been over 3 weeks with only one elevator

hile the overall experience in 4th Street Commons is somewhat pleasant, their are quite a lot of flaws with the building that really do put me off of recomending it for anyone. Firstly, the shower water is not. In fact, i would put it at a lukewarm at best, and thats only if its during hours where people are not taking showers often, so during morning hours, you can expect coldish water fairly often. The rooms you move into will often be covered in marks from the previous tenants, some of which were very crudely painted over, making the walls in the rooms rather ugly looking.The ammenities in the appartment are pretty decent, eith such ammenities including a lounge, pool, gym, and an in appartment mini conveniece store. One of the biggest turnoffs for the appartments however, is the price for parking. In order to park at 4th street. You will need to pay an additional $80 a month, which, when added to the original rent, puts the price at almost 1000 dollars a month, which for the entire yeat is nearly 12,000 dollars. Overall, i would only recommend 4th street commons if you really do not want to live on the FIU campus.

Great place to live, awesome aminities, always something to do around the building and lots of activities, clean gym and friendly staff always willing to help

Good location—only a few blocks away from FIU. Front desk people are friendly and helpful. Parking sucks, parking garage needs more visitor parking!

This is a beautiful apartment complex, feels like a vacation every time I go home. The community feels safe and the staff is incredibly helpful and patient.

Great place to live, awesome staff, I️ really enjoy all the activities they put together for us as residents! Great gym, parking, and pool area

It is a very nice building in the terms of appearance, but the service could be better and so can the parking situation which seems to be a huge issue here.

I love living here its awesome honestly i have no other words to write but i am just writing since it requires 140 words, which i think is a bit too much.

Had a lot of trouble working with the staff here in a roommate dispute. didn’t cooperate with me or my other roommates and just didn’t care.

From the first day of moving in to this apartment i have loved it. The amenities such as the pool and gym are amazing. The staff is always helpful. Great community.

Have had a great experience until this year. Third year resident. Had my lease lost twice, frustrating move in and slow clean up after storm

4th street commons is a very clean and welcoming apartment complex. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the maintance team is very helpful and responds quickly.

I love it but it is not a community that I can go for a run. I would love if there could be more visitor parking because the visitor parking is ridiculous and we should not be paying every month for parking it should be a one time payment.

Its been ok. We have had wifi issues sometimes but mostly a positive experience. We do like the common area and haveing the washing machine in the dorm is always super nice!

should have more parking, elevators need clean and fix. apartment building is fairly clean most of the time. Computers need fixing in computer lab. Gym is clean.

4th street has been an amazing place so far gym is great pool is great most people i have met that live in the building are very nice my few complaints consist of the price for parking the building I believe a far and good way for you to get more tenants is give very lease a parking spot for free like most apartment places do or a least lower the price

I absolutely love the room and everything that comes along with living here! I do wish they took more time to assign roommates according to their questionnaire answers.

Its a great environment for students! Its is full of life and very convenient for those who attend FIU since its very close to both campuses

I genuinely enjoy living here at 4th street commons. I feel very comfortable here and since it's my first time moving out, I think it's really good place to start off.

Could be better. Just need to fix the floor boards faster & host events. I would like to meet the rest of the people living at 4th St Commons.

Seems great so far hope you guys do more things with Snapchat to earn rewards because I use that the most Just downloaded the app but seems easy to get reward points

They had problems with the keys and one of the elevators isn't working but overall really good!!!! Great roommate match. Love how big the rooms are and how great the pool view is.