So far I've had a great experience moving in. Staff are warm and welcoming not to mention helpful and my room is pretty nice . The pool is beautiful and the amentities are great!

Little confusing on how to use the app or what it means when it says selected but it doesn't say submit or anything like that. I'm not sure how to redeem yet either

Love the bedroom, kitchen, and living room! The walls, the countertops and bathtub were a bit dirty when I arrived, however the bathtub situation was fixed immediately which was great!

The appartment is really nice and spacious, the amenities ate really nice and convenient. I think this is the right place for students to live in.

Not bad overall. Move day was the only real pain as well as the random additional chargers. But as for everything else i can't complain.'friendly staff

Great place so far to stay the rooms are very clean and the atmosphere is one that bring a positive attitude towards me. The pool is amazing btw

Great facilities and staff. The pool, rooms, and fitness area are kept clean. Not very good at responding to emails though; sometimes the emails are just ignored.

Move in day was great. The only complaint I have is my ac doesn't work but the people at the office are on top of it all. Love it here so much.

Very responsive to any issues that are reported about or with in the apartment. The staff seems very polite even though I've only had a few interactions with them.

The place is clean and nice but all the electronics and equipment is faulty , other then that I enjoy living here especially since the rooms have carpets and super nice bathrooms

Everything has been perfect. The staff is super friendly and willing to help and they are more than prepared for the demand. Overall it has been a great experience.

Move in was very unorganized and I had a lot of trouble with my apartment such as the microwave, oven and tv were disconnected and the AC was not working.

So far staff has been helpful with any questions, the building is beautiful and clean and a great location especially for FIU students, and email updates are clear and useful.

I haven't moved in yet but I'm sure it'll be fine. I've been looking at pictures all summer tryna lay out how I want my room. Wish there was more storage, but hey it's good enough.

I haven't moved in yet but the service has been great. The staff is very helpful over the phone and gives a lot of detail required for a successful move in

This is a really great idea and benefits all of us at fourth street commons so greatly. I plan on taking full advantage of this rewards program.

Pros: Great gym and community amenities Beautiful pool and common areas Nice cabinets and counter tops Cons: The parking is always full. Walls are paper thin.

Just moved in to my new apartment and this opportunity is both fun and very helpful with any extra expenses you have for the apartment or on campus!

4th street commons is a very nice apartment style complex that lets a lot of young college students have an affordable, but nice place to live .

pretty easy to understand. The mobile site was a little confusing at first but it's going good so far. Easy to get points. Maybe have more stores to get points with

I love living here at 4th st commons. can't wait to start my fall semester in a comfortable and safe place with my friends. This is going to be a new experience !

4th street commons is a great place to live. It is conveniently close to FIU, is fully furnished and has very good amenities very suitable for students

Clean and easy site. I like that it is welcoming and inviting. I like the idea of the rewards program and I am glad to be a part of 4th street commons.

Clean with modern looking living. Great for any student to start college and a new life. Also so many great amenities like a pool and study centers, gym, and movie room.

So far so good! It is only my first day using Community rewards but I like it so far. My goal is to get a Target reward because I go there all the time! I am excited to see where this app can take me.