I'm at my second month at 5636 Apartment Homes.It's beautiful,very quiet place and I like it.I wish to have a well equipped gym for tenants.

From the first day I moved ! 5636 staff has been great !! If I needed anything they came as soon as possible. Making me feel right at home as soon as I signed my lease. I am so glad I chose 5636 Apartment Homes.

The A/c hasnt been working properly how its supposed too. Radder then that, everything else is good. And work orders dont get done in a timely manner.

Nice apartment, good price. I did not like kitchen very much. The size of the apartment is very good I really feel comfortable living here.

Three years here, and I'm still happy & content. Parking still a problem, but all else seems to be doing well. Good spot to make home for you & your family.

Nice area to live in. It’s pretty much close to everything but way too many roaches and sinks and cabinets that have water damage really bad u won’t notice it until you start to clean off your counters and the wood is getting stuck onto the towel so disgusting and parking is horrible but the staff are super sweet maintenance and office ladies

Friendly maitenance busy guy nice pool and laundry wish they had a gym. Had a leak in the wall for a couple months they could have been a little mote efficient taking care of it i noticed also a raise in my utilities. I had atyed gone the entire month and it was 40$ for watef although had not been there probably high cuz of leak. They said utilities are according to whats used doubt tbats true

Whenever I’ve had a problem the staff always fixes it quickly. People in the office are friendly. Maintenance does a great job of keeping the grounds looking neat.

The office staff are one of the best of all the apartments I’ve lived in. The community is nice and it’s so close the Addison and the mall. They really are on top of any maintenance issues that arise. Love it here!

Have only been a resident for 3 months but I’m already planning on my second year at the community! So needless to say, it’s a great place to live, definitely feels like home

I've been here 4 yrs. The manager is awesome it's quite community It could use a little improvement on the parking areas bot maintenance is good issues are done in a timely manner

All is good. Sometimes it seems like the maintenance really requests take a little longer, but I think overall everything is ok. Still having a major flea problem even after spraying incense already.

For me the experience has been good. I love the peace and quiet at night. The only thing missing is a fitness center. Maintenance and the office staff are awesome!

Well I moved in Jan of this year. The screen is completely cut all around. I've turned in the work order. It's yet to be done. One Excuse is they're waiting for the weather to warm up. Then I ask in May. Well it's a vendor we deal with. So we're going to do a large amount. I ask for a third time. The maintence guys said. He's short handed and won't be able to do it. So I've given up. Oh there's roaches here too. Been sprayed 2 timers. They're coming from the neighbors

Everyone was really nice and I love the quiet area. My apartment is really nice I just moved in. Its perfect for me just got to get use to the stairs lol..

I’ve lived here for almost a month and I’m impressed with how swiftly they have helped with any service or pest control issues I’ve had. I get compliments on my place as well. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So far everything has been very wonderful living here. Each time something has happened in the apartment weather it’s a light bulb going out or something of the sort the maintenance has been superb!

A little unorganized need communication work. The apt is ok but in the photos I was shown there was shelving in the closet and different bathroom cabinets. The appliances look like theyre from rhe 80s I hope they work and the roaches are disgusting also the gap under the door is going to raise my electric bill when it seemed utilities were included. All bad surprises so far including a ridiculous surprise deposit. I hope you guys can change this negative experience if I am truly a valued resident

It’s a quiet place to live. No one bothers you. They fix work orders fast and no problem there Just has bugs and when you ask them to come spray, it brings more and more bugs out.

Very friendly and welcoming. staff. Recently have done a great job at removing mud and dirt coming from parking areas. Please install better signage and visitor parking lanes.

Everything seems to be ok. I’m glad that there’s finally getting to be grass put down. Seems to be quiet around here for the most part. All ok.

So far so good. New to Texas and everything is relatively easy to get to and the complex is nice. Everyone has been very helpful. The Parking situation isn’t ideal, it’s always full.

Haven’t had many issues and when I do they get fixed immiedately. Have been staying here ever since I moved to Texas about a little over 2 years ago.

Muy buena atención en la oficina! Es muy cómodo el vivir aquí, lo recomiendo mucho es muy tranquilo, tiene bonita piscina de verdad todo es muy lindo

we decided to move here because it is five minutes from my job. the office staff is super nice. and maintenance was quick to fix my frozen fridge. so far we love it here.