While the apartments are great and maintenance responds quickly, there’s some major issues with parking that haven’t been addressed in over a year. The new management doesn’t really do anything about the numerous parking violations. They will walk right past vehicles double and triple parked without looking at them or having them towed. They’ll tow visitor vehicles for not entering the license plate number correctly, but won’t tow vehicles parked in fire lanes or handicapped spots. Overall my experiences here have been very good, but the previous management was much better about handling parking violations.

There's room for improvement but considering the resorces, the job is fine. I would likely recommend it. Main concern is parking. If you get there after 10:30pm, chances are, you wont find where to park.

Parking is a serious issue, but the apartments are very nice in and of themselves & the office/maintenance staff are very courteous and helpful.

Parking is bad sometimes... people in the office are very nice. There's a lot of trash on the ground, and but overall its been a decent experience living there


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Staff and maintenance are awesome I just don't feel safe due to the neighborhood and lack of security. I also don't fancy the visitor parking rule.

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The price is low but you get what you pay for. Maintenance does not fix what they say they will fix and the parking is pretty limited. There is also a bug problem even though you have to pay a monthly pest control fee.

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Great price, love the patio set up. Could use some upgrades and maintenance on some issues in apt when moved in. Appreciate the gates. Parking is awful as usual.

Living here with my family has been great for the past few months. Great community and the maintenance has been on time and the workers are very friendly.

Nice place to live, friendly staff, quiet and safe, needs more available parking , otherwise there would be 5 stars on this review. Towing enforcement is a pain, other then that this is a great place to live

this is a great beginner’s complex, but there’s a couple amenities missing that I overlooked before signing the lease. other than that the community is quiet & friendly, great starter place.

So far it’s ok. I can hear other people pretty easy. Had to replace dishwasher when i first moved in, also I’m finding more insects in my kitchen and bathroom as the time goes by. Other than that. Things are going ok.

I Love The Apts, Not So Much The Other Companies That The Site Associate its self with. i.e. SWAT Towing Company. There just a bunch of thief's... as long as 5636 uses them i 100% wont renew my lease.

So far I have had nothing but good things to say about this complex. All of my maintance requests have been done in a timely manner. Parking for visitors is a huge issue as it is limited and a parking pass is required? My gate access is akward and could be easily improved. After saying all that the complex is clean, well maintained and the staff is friendly. I have enjoyed my stay here as I lived here for 5 years now.

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The experience so far has been a good one. The office staff have been very helpful and understanding. I wouldn't mind renewing the lease a couple more years if it wasn't for the inconvenience of neighbors living upstair and their lack of concern for the persons living below.

It would be awesome to promote a more quiet environment. Previous noise complaints were not handled as best as possible. Would really love to see more proactive action in that regard.

This is a great apartment. The leasing office workers are friendly and respective. We feel very secure and protected. I would like to recommend friends and relatives to rent here.

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I've been in these apartments going on four years the complex is steady improving and cleaner than it was when I first moved in management is awesome as well as maintenance

I really enjoy living in 5636. The management staff is extremely helpful, when you have any questions of concerns they address them immediately. The maintenance staff responds to each concern in a timely manager. The only complaint is the apartment appliances are out dated for the amount of rent being asked to pay.

I really enjoy living here. It is very quiet and the office staff is nice. The grounds are clean and well maintained. They have fixed all of my maintenance request without delay.

The apartments are great and very quit. Great for a family. The size is great for the price. The sidewalk have flooding promblems when it rains and parking is hard to find

Rigo, is a very good property manager, he gets things done and it is very much appreciated. When I speak with him or email him I know that what I ask for will get done. I have lived here for almost 8 years now.

Having a good time living at 5636; parking is still a major flaw, but other than that, all else is well. Helpful & friendly staff, maintenance is top notch.

Awesome place to live! Parking is still problematic, but I'm definitely comfortable enough with my home. Looking forward to another year!!!!

The people in the office are really helpful. All maintenance request are done promptly. The neighbors are quiet and polite. I really enjoy it here.