I have enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed my time at Academy Lincoln so far. The furnished apartment has been great and the building's close location to campus is convenient. The wifi can be bad sometimes so I am not giving 5 stars but all in all pretty good.

Overall it’s okay. Sometimes my neighbors will have late night party till midnight. Party in the evening is ABSOLUTELY OKAY! But not too late. Also I agreed to live with pets for roommates assignment but I didn’t have anyone to talk to me about what kinds of pet my roommate is having and that have been bothering me ever since I moved in.

The apartment is nice. Although the light in the bedroom is a little bit dark. Also, the Internet is stable now after a week of frustration.

I love living here in Academy Lincoln. People are very friendly and welcoming. The service here is awesome, from receiving emails to maintenance. The events hosted by the office are also very awesome!!!

I love the location of living here! It is super convenient and close to campus and other good restaurants. The noise is a little bit loud and maintenance could be more quick. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here!!

My experience with Academy Lincoln has been pretty good so far. I really love the amenities and the supportive community around me. Despite the noise issue, everything is excellent.

It's a good apartment and environment. I live in the townhouse style apartment, the sound isolation sucks. The first floor is ok since the window is sealed. The second floor is really noisy when the cars drive by, or the fire truck. It sounds like keeping the window open. My roommate and I will hear very loud music on Friday and Saturday evening until 1 AM. But the location and the unit is good. It's only 20 mins walk to campus.

My first few months of living here have been pretty great. I love the pool and all the amenities offered. The only complaint I would have is the noise from the fire station in the early morning.

I love living here. it’s super close to campus and has a lot of great amenities. The apartments themselves are super nice and I love having a balcony. There is always ways to get free gifts and money which is super cool.

My community is awesome and working where you live is super convenient and a great way to feel connected! The pool area is great to meet new people as well!

Experience has been amazing so far! Such a great place to live! Needed maintenance done and they were out in a couple hours and had it fixed. Highly recommend living here

I am currently staying in a hotel and not the apartments because our apartments are not ready, so I don't know what it is like to live in the apartments because I don't actually live in them yet.

This is my second year living here and I love it! It’s so close to campus so it’s nice to be able to still walk to classes without having to drive and park! It’s also a perfect distance sways from the downtown activities!

Everything would be amazing if it wasn't so loud and if I didn't have a light right outside my window that kept me up all night long. It's like daytime all the time in my room.

love my experience at Academy! wouldn't​ want to live anywhere else. I love living with my roommate and how quiet our room is. I also love how close I am to all of our other friends.

My experience at Academy has been outstanding! I’m living in a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment in building 1 and the atmosphere is amazing. I can go out on my balcony and meet the people across from me and above/below me. It is really nice that there’s a lot of college students living there too because I met someone in the building with my same major and now we study together. The location is also really close to campus and only takes me 15 minutes to get to my farthest class (I am a slow walker too so it probably takes the average walker even less time). This is the best place to live in lincoln!

All three of my roommates either got a bigger bathroom or a bigger bedroom than me. I feel like I kinda got screwed over. My towel rack broke right off the wall the first time I touched it move in day, but it didn’t even matter because mine is Inconveniently placed above the toilet anyways as opposed to elsewhere with more hanging room underneath like my roommates’. Also the walls are hella thin it’s scary. Other than that, it’s a nice living space but it’s still priced entirely too high. I’ve mostly enjoyed my time because I enjoy my roommates, but I will not be resigning a lease.

My resident experience has been amazing so far! I love my neighbors and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the pool. It’s not too loud or too quiet!

I am very satisfied with Academy so far this school year! The pool is back and running which is very exciting and all common areas have stayed ver clean!

So far I’ve enjoyed living here but a small issue did arise. My roommates bathroom was flooded from the room above us as well as our kitchen. A maintenance request was placed because there was a huge water bubble in the ceiling. A maintenance man came and popped it but nothing has been fixed concerning the water damage. One of my roommates was in the leasing office and asked when the maintenance man would be up to fix it and the leasing office had no idea anything had happened.

About the same as my previous review; the facilities here haven't changed much over the summer. However, I have noticed that the people living here seem to be nicer and more friendly when I see them around the complex. Only other comment is that the office hours are somewhat inconvenient and that I'm loving the coffee machine!

Internet is either down, slow, or refuses to let devices sign in. Getting packages is a huge hassle now. People refuse to clean up after themselves and multiple people have tried to just walk into my apartment or bang on the door non-stop. This building is not worth the price, the only thing it has going for it is that it is close to campus. I pay a ridiculous amount of money per month for a place to sleep.

Everything over the past few weeks has been easy and living here is phenomenal. Academy's communication is amazing and you can tell they truly want their residents to be happy.

Awesome location to campus - very accommodating for college students & friendly staff. Some cleanliness issues and lack of communication with specific fees but overall, nice place to live.

Everything is pretty great except when we got here the floors were very dirty and my bath drain was clogged from the previous tenants hair (female)