The only thing that I like about Academy is the location. The staff is not accommodating and everything in my apartment breaks on the daily basis. My door handle falls off once a week and our dishwasher didn't work for weeks. They didn't allow us to move in early even coming from out of state to allow for "cleaning" of the room; after moving in there was hair in our sink and the floor made my feet black. Me and my roommates had to live out a hotel room for days. I absolutely would recommend for people to live anywhere else.

The location is very nice. Staff is very friendly. Maintence workers are very nice and always come in a timely manner. Trash pick up is nice as well. Paying extra for going over water and electricity is ridiculous and unneeded considering the price we already pay

I would not recommend living here to anybody. Terrible. Garbage wakes us up every morning, elevators are always out of service and my bathroom was filthy when I moved in. Rent is outrageous for what comes with it.

Honestly, super disappointed in the customer service and the quality of the building. I have never seen a more poorly constructed building than this one. I don't understand why I pay so much for the bare minimum in every category of residential living.

My townhouse has no insulation and it is impossible to keep it warm. The office also can’t be bothered to stick to their own schedule so they extend things for weeks on end.

I loved living at Aspen the first two and a half years, but then several problems began to occur. The office staff is no longer helpful in any way at all.

Not very accommodating, nothing is clean, coffee machine is always broken or out of cups/coffee, trash fines, many things broken in our room when moved in yet they didn't let us move in early because they had to fix and clean apartments

Internet is either down, slow, or refuses to let devices sign in. Getting packages is a huge hassle now. People refuse to clean up after themselves and multiple people have tried to just walk into my apartment or bang on the door non-stop. This building is not worth the price, the only thing it has going for it is that it is close to campus. I pay a ridiculous amount of money per month for a place to sleep.

I really enjoyed living here at first. I loved the location and the amenities. But after living here for two full years i realize that it was not as nice as I originally thought. The Maintence man told me that academy was not built for cold temperatures. This means that in the winter time in Lincoln the elevator in the parking garage freezes until it’s warmer, the townhomes don’t have running water downstairs until it’s warmer, and the pipes freeze and cause leaking in the bedrooms. So it is not the best place to live during the winter. I would look into other apartments that would not allow any of this to happen no matter how cold it is.

The location is amazing for the classes I need to walk to. I didn’t realize how bad the fire station is and it’s incredibly loud often. Also half the people that live here are fine but the other half get drunk mad scream through the halls and kick down trash bins and blare speakers. It wasn’t noticeable at first, but I learned the buildings are not up to code which is why they have so many issues. The staff can be nice at-least sometimes

The hallway ways are extremely smelly because the trash cans are left out all night and sometimes permanently. The elevator in the garage is almost always broken.

Great location except for being adjacent to the fire department. This is incredibly obnoxious at night when you're trying to sleep. I think the rent is too high for what it is.

Hallways always smell like trash. Sidewalks are never shoveled after a snow storm. Walls are incredibly thin. Fire station across the street is loud. LOVE living on the fifth floor though!

overall it was a good experience living here. just some things i did not like were that the elevator in the parking garage was always broken in the winter and wouldn’t be fixed for weeks. and same thing with the call box

Overall good, need some updates in the building. The staff is nice and maintenance are pretty on top of things. I like the coffee bar, but the workout room is small without many useful workout tools nor does it have mirrors.

I am currently staying in a hotel and not the apartments because our apartments are not ready, so I don't know what it is like to live in the apartments because I don't actually live in them yet.

Neighbors are all very loud and enjoy weed a bit too much (to each their own, but it still stinks). Upstairs neighbors party almost every day but get flustered at the smallest bit of noise at 10:00 am.

Occasional maintenance issues that linger( elevator,floors etc. for the most part academy does a good job. But the floors in the stairwell and sometimes the locks on the doors fail to work properly

The cardio room and weight room are very nice and well kept for the most part. They dont heat the pool in the summer and is 9 times out of 10 freezing because it barely gets any sun. The buildings are also very loud, walls are thin.

Very convenient location and great access to downtown Lincoln. Kitchen is not functional at all. Very limited storage space throughout the entire apartment

I am a new resident to Academy Lincoln apartments and though I have not moved in yet I am looking forward to it. I like the fact that it is close to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Very noisy, other than that there are a lot of pros and cons. Security is very strict if there is like any bit of noise coming from your apartment. Also being on the first floor right next to the boiler room is probably the worst room in the whole complex

I think there a great amenities to offer as well as a the complex being in a great location. The roommate matching is definitely a joke because my random roommates are awful.

I've had a bunch of issues with management for this year's move-in. They added a roommate without notice, changed the way they bill for trash (now we pay double) and my roommates have had other issues as well. The room is still fine and the location is great.

It was okay, maintenance people are awesome, I don’t like the space or workout facility. Pool is nice. Hallways smell constantly that’s not pleasant.