Starbucks coffee machine in the lobby has made me SO happy. Can you make sure that the filter paper isn’t out? The fire alarm also goes off way less and I am happy the package room is getting cleaned out.

Alden Park is a beautiful community. The grounds and units are great! Amenities are nice as well. I've had some difficulty with various maintenance needs, specifically air conditioning. These have improved however it took a lengthy amount of time without much communication from staff. Parking at times continues to be somewhat limited. I really enjoy the community and hope to enjoy it for a long time! My dog also loves it. :-)

This may be more of a review of the residents, but lately, there have been more messes in the common areas/amenities. There are many amenities not offered elsewhere, but residents leaving messes have made them unenjoyable.

The services can be better. The package room needs to upgrade. A lot of packages is just laying there. The apartments are nice but the services can be improved a bit.

I really enjoy living here. There are a few problems that should have been work on however, haven’t been for a while. The parking lot has multiple lights out. It’s dark and not safe for anyone. The gate is still broke which isn’t safe at all either. We have had break in the parking lot. If the company would fixes these problems, maybe it would have not happen. There was suppose to be 24 hour security. That hasn’t happen yet. It’s a shame that so many problems happen here because it’s a really nice place to live if the company just fixed the problems and stay on it.

The pool was green $th of July weekend. My family came for pool party and we could not use the pool. I had no air conditioning in the living room for two very hot weeks in August. Those are my latest complaints along with the package room being a disaster, having had my car towed twice from the parking lot and the halls never being cleaned. Im sorry I just don't like it here.

Great experience! A gorgeous place to live with incredible amenities. I have seen a significant positive change since management has switched over!

Not good very bad I am very disappointed with the living conditions here bad bad bad bad bad it’s awful don’t have air conditioning and it’s so hot out right now

Great community and place to live but things get done slowly in terms of getting fixed. Many issues in the Kenilworth buildings lately but all have been resolved. Beautiful amenities and area to live.

Good apartments and amazing amenities but below average service. While moving in we had issues and we had complaints but no action taken. Thank you


The apartment is high quality, and the ground are beautiful and have a wide variety of amenities. However, the rent is a bit expensive, package delivery is awkward, and work orders take a long time.

Our new management team gives us great customer service , a prompt response whenever we need anything , a friendly and welcoming new security , and a great cleaning staff TEAM . The updates done to the gym machines make us want to work out. Overall alden park promotes a healthy living style for our family. We would like to highlight the great work the maintenance team is doing in keeping all the pools clean. Sincerely, Manuel Salinas

This place has been a very bad experience for me. No hot water except for about two months in the last 16 months. I get hot water after running it from 5 - 20 minutes for most of my stay here. This has often made me late for work as I expected o get up and go. The first management team was really a struggle to deal with in terms of getting this resolved. I don't know what I was thinking when they said pet friendly. there are way too many dogs and lot of these folks have two!! And then there is the lack of air conditioning which existed almost the entire month of July!!

I have been wanting to live in this community for years and I was SO excited to move in here. I used to come home every single day full of joy, being surrounded by nature and finally feeling safe. I would have given Alden Park a 5/5 rating but their management team and specifically maintenance response is absolutely deplorable. It is not okay for people to go without air conditioning and running water. They need to invest more money into maintaining this beautiful old building. It's shameful the way this company is handling it's tenants.

Only reason I put less Stars Is due to the AC experience which I know is not the teams fault but they did an amazing job handling the situation!

The AC has been a disaster, and also the fitness center (broken equipment, no cleansing wipes and housekeeping never cleans in there). Pretty buildings from the outside though and the maintenance guys are very friendly ( and overworked!! Need to hire more)

I appreciate that there has been more recognition and understanding on some of my issues I’ve had living here (ie with residents living here and lack of security to enforce rules) compared to the 2 former management companies. I feel like you get it but there’s still a lag in action. . I have seen an improvement in the community in general but would like to see more timely response on maintenance and more of a presence of security and enforcing rules.

It is a great apartment i live since i live in Philadelphia. There is great view in my apartment i real like it. So you should male a tour and see you great place

Awesome place, usual problems like HVAC and plumbing, but it's an old building, and there's an outdoor pool, indoor pool, and fitness center, after all.

Getting ready to move out. The front door wasn't locking properly, and now, the door access code isn't working. Cleaning staffdoesnt actually clean, leasing office is rarely responsive or responds really late. Rent is ridiculously high for the lack of security and maintenance.

The whole time I've been living here we have had a lot of maintenance issues. I've spent two summers without AC and I have asthma so that can be an issue sometimes. We also had mice in the winter. There was also a period of time that we had no hot water and I would have to take cold showers. The response time is slow for maintenance. Some of the only perks of living in this apartment are that it looks nice and the amenities like the pools and weight room are nice. Although the weight room could use a couple more machines.

Our apartment complex is a beautiful facility and the units themselves are updated and very nice. At times getting answers to questions or having the issues that do arrive get resolved is very challenging. The place has many many units which leads to a lack of staff to resolve issues. The main office phone is never answered (I've called 15 times over 2 days and no call being picked up). Also the emails for office staff are not posted anywhere. If you need to talk to anyone you will have to find time to stop in during office hours. Given the age of this property when issues arise they can take a lengthy time to fix. We have had no hot water, no A/C, and elevator issues. If you are willing to consistently advocate for yourself as a resident and give up certain features like hot water and air at times, this can be a great place to live.

Difficult getting tickets filled but love the apartments. Wish everything wasn’t falling apart but understand the cost of having a new building.

Beautiful community with great amenities. I love the green space with stunning gardens and landscaping, and the amazing dog park. Great place to live!