Amenities are ample and new management is responsive but maintenance issues still take a long time to resolve. It does sometimes seem like towing enforcement is inconsistent which I would like to see resolved.

The residents here at Alden park has been great, everybody is polite. I’m having a great time living here. When I’m walking through the hallway most people have smiles on their faces and greet u..

Apt is fabulous! Beautiful upgrades! Spacious, pretty but the overall management of the complex leaves much to be desired . The pools, the grounds, the gym are fabulous. The garden and outdoor spaces are wonderful to feel as if you are not in the city

If the place was kept cleaner, including cleaning up the basements and hallways, I would give it five stars. I enjoy the amenities and location. We also like our apartment, though we wish maintenance would respond a bit quicker to our requests.

This apartment complex has been overall pleasant. The amenities are nice, and the free parking is a plus. I also like the coffee machine in the lobby.

Great community and apartments. Maintenance has been great. Not quite enough parking spots for everyone though, and some things that break inside the complexes themselves take months to get fixed.

Cleanliness of the building needs to be much better. The recycle can is in a parking space and gets overflowing with garbage and sits. Also parking is awful

Place is beautiful and the area too, but you should work in maintenance, this is a place to live, when i come home after work to relax because finally i m home, but there is no water or ac not working or i m founding mice and the peat conteol already came twice and the mice are still coming to our apt.

I’m highly disappointed! Luxury is not this place.. mice, no AC/heat, no running water, lacking security, random fire alarms during the day/night & lacking parking for residents!😞Worst decision i’ve made thus far. This place is an illusion of luxury.

Happy with the new management. Maintenance has improved and they are quick to fix a maintenance request. Awesome amenities and available parking as well

It’s a great community in a great location. The amenities are beautiful and the apartments looks awesome too. The new management is better and is doing a lot to fix things and improve what’s already there.

I love the community amenities. There is an indoor pool and out door pool. We have access to a gym. The property is beautiful and grounds are well kept. I am disappointed in the parking issue, with residents being towed and non sticker vehicles taking up spaces. The package room is a nightmare. You can never find your packages, as residents do not seem to pick up their items in a timely manner. Often, carriers will not put the packages in lockers and just leave packages all over the floor. Also, the Manor has terrible plumbing issues and air conditioning problems. I know the buildings are old, but I wish there is a way Alden Park can upgrade the old plumbing and HVAC units. Otherwise, I love the look of the buildings and area. My building is quiet and residents are polite. The staff is friendly and maintenance tries t respond to inquiries quickly. The management does all it can, but the management company must put some money into upgrading the old buildings.

It is very peaceful, my wife and I love it here. It is our sanctuary. We love the amenities, getting involved with our community. Our family is happy.

Its a very nice piece of property. I find the location to be strategic for life in Philadelphia. The community is pet friendly and accommodating for outdoor activities such as bike riding, fitness, and barbecue grilling, which i find to be drawing.

I waited 6 weeks for an apartment. When I arrived with the moving people the apartment was still being painted. My car with an Alden Park sticker was towed. I didn't have air conditioning for 6 weeks last summer. The hot water is anise, sometimes on sometimes off. It is off now for 3 days. People don't pick up after their dogs. I don't like it here at all.

It’s lovely location is lovely people are lovely… All is wonderfully wonderful... Close to the Wissahickon… Close to Center city… Lots of yummy delicious restaurants… Great community… And staff is very helpful…

I've been living at Alden Park for 16 years. It is a wonderful place to live. Convenient to Center City and Routes to NJ and NY, the Jersey shore. It has beautiful grounds and an indoor pool par excellance I recommend it to anyone looking to downsize.

I really love the apartment but there are factors which are very disappointing. I hope they get resolved soon. Otherwise living is great and even better in the summer.

I really enjoy living in the neighborhood. The area is really clean and quiet, the staff is well mannered. The amenities are excellent and very convenient

I've been living here for over 3 years through the good and the bad. The latest Management has been doing a wonderful job. A few minor issues, it is an old historic building so what would I expect?

Love the location and amenities. There is still a residual bitter taste from the previous management company but the new company is making an effort to change things and raise the bar. I am optimistic

It is a wonderful place to live. I really like living here . Every one is courteous and professional. The grounds is beautiful and clean. To pick up a package the location is very organized.The location is very close to public transportation.

I enjoyed living in this building, i like my apartment views also it is a quiet place and near to my university. I recommend this place to any one

A lot of things tend to break including call boxes and it takes months to repair. Security is always around. The people at the resident desk could be nicer. Especially when issuing parking stickers.

It has not been a good one. No immediate hot water for almost a year! Takes 20 mins, car towed, trash piled up, security issues. Urrgghhhhh!