The move in process was very easy. The staff was friendly and easygoing. I love that it is zone for great schools. It is also located in a convenient spot. Everything is mins away.

I like here. First time living in Summerville and everything is convenient. Food places near by are great and community gym is good. I would refer friends and family

I Love the location! Love the school! Love the staff! Can’t get enough fun ! I’m happy to live here at Alta Brighton Park! Conveniently Located close to everything!

Alta has been so good to us. Truly a blessing finding this place. It's a quiet, safe, and clean atmosphere with so many fun local activities.

It has been a mixed bag our first month here. I really want to love the place, especially because I love our unit layout so much and the location, but there have been a lot of mishaps. It's very frustrating that for a luxury complex many things seem half done. For example the car care area only appears to have pressurized water, no vacuum or anything else as many other luxury apartments nearby have. The dumpsters are locked so a few people leave their trash out all the time so it doesn't pile up in their apartments on weekends, not fun in the heat. The ammenities gates/doors are almost never all working. It is very frustrating to pay for luxury and not even be able to get in the pool or cafe area sometimes. The lights around the pool don't all always work either. Plus you cannot get in the common main building space in the evening - there are TVs left on in the space but all the doors are locked. I really hope some of this is fixed, added on to, and hours/access reconsidered as it would greatly improve the experience and my view of feeling like this is actually in the luxury category.

Nice place but hallways and patio's are not kept clean, spiders, bugs and paint stains in hallway is not appealing. Not enough parking for the back area of bldg 309.

I love this complex. I moved here from NJ and I will never go back! The only complaint I have is that people don’t know how to take care of the equipment by the pool, so the sandbags for the cornhole are destroyed. The beds are starting to look gross too. You pay rent here! You should be taking care of all the amenities they provide.

Everything is wonderful. Friendly staff that are available and happy to help. The grounds are kept immaculate and are held to an incredibly high standard. Everything’s always well kept and clean

Moving in was not the most pleasant experience . I moved in on a Friday and management forgot to clean the apartment so I had to wait until Monday for the apartment to be cleaned. Now, it has been almost a month since we moved in and the paint fumes are still strong. We have opened all windows in the apartment for hours at the time, have placed buckets with a solution of half water with half-vinager throughout the apartment, have used candles, air refreshners etc., but the paint fumes are still really strong. We went on vacation, came back and realized that the place still reeks of paint fumes. The apartment is new (never lived in before), the kitchen and bathrooms are nice but if I had to do it all over again I would choose one of the other communities we toured. The paint fumes are unbearable. Living in this unit is uncomfortable and hurting our sinuses.

I love the nexton community very family friendly and accommodating I love the location and the many amenities alta Brighton park has to offer!

Great experience. Staff was very friendly and helpful with all questions asked. This is a very nice place to stay. Parking gets a little nutty at times but that's expected.

I love the place , although the neighbors aren’t a pleasant. The criminal mischief in our neighborhood has been pretty alarming. Cars stolen & getting broken into. That’s not the apartments fault , but it would be nice to feel safe in our community with all the money we pay to stay with you guys , all around a great environment and beautiful place to live , & well maintained.

Love it! Tons to do in the area only a few minutes of commute to my job and awesome staff. Clean quarters and comfortable lounge and unlimited coffee !

Very nice community! Kind of pricey for the area with such crime. The staff is mostly attentive to problems that arise. Would probably reccomend to someone.

Love the community and staff. Really well kept property and very helpful staff. Like how many community events are held as well. Love the pool, coffee bar and gym, too!

Helpful and friendly staff. Great amenities such as grilling area, pool, biking trails and hammocks. Love chilling on my balcony in the evenings. Loving the Brighton Park community.

Beautiful community and apartment. I don't think you can beat it in the area; furthermore, the location is fantastic. You're a minute or so from the interstate, and the community essentially has its own road leading to it. Also, there is promising development happening within a mile of the complex. You're near everything but not in the middle of it. I would give 5 stars if the amenities and a few other things that are included/excluded were more thought out. For example, there is a car servicing center but no tire station or vacuum for your vehicle-- there are four hoses that are hung up under a car port. But there is a tire pump for bicycles within 100 yards... Also, there isn't an elevator (not a big problem but something you'd expect for the price). The lighting in the bedrooms is weird. You can pay an additional $150 to install a fan with a light, or you can install your own fixtures; you can also use a lamp that can be controlled by a switch on the wall. The dryer has an odd feature to close the door-- it juts out and requires one to hold the unit to force it closed. Again, not a huge deal but odd. Some of the apartments are close to a grill but some are not. Lastly, in our dogwood unit the front door opens and hits the countertops if pushed all the way; there is a door stop, but the door hits the table space first... again, small problem that can be fixed, but it is odd. There are a lot of little things I've noticed early on, but none of it has been a dealbreaker.

I have lived here for 3 months and I have enjoyed it so far. Friendly and attentive staff. I enjoy just walking or biking around the community enjoying the green space in a park like setting. I would give it a 5 star but unfortunately I hear quite a bit of noise above me. mostly foot steps and when the dog wakes up in the morning and is scurrying around the room. This is the standard in apartment buildings nowadays so I blame this on the builders for not insulating better between the floors. In the Nexton community as a whole it's unbelievable how many acres of forest have been cut down in just the 3 months I have been here. The trees and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of 26 and Summerville is what appeals to folks but that is fading far too fast.

We have enjoyed our time in the Alta Brighton townhomes. The pool and clubhouse has some great features and activities. The staff are all great and very helpful.

Alta Brighton Park has been a wonderful home for us. Unfortunately, we have noisy upstairs neighbors and not much can be done. It’s a shame that the courtesy officer is never on duty to document this noise. Aside from this, everything else about this place has been awesome. Great amenities, wonderful staff and amazing neighborhood. I always feel safe here and it’s endless fun.

Reasonings for my rating: Great location, pet friendly, friendly neighbors, community events, amenities & apartment layout. Not giving full 5 star because I had maintenance men walk into my apartment without me knowing but I will say the leasing office contacted me & talked about the issue that needed resolving on their end to make sure it doesn’t happen again or to another tenant.

Comfortable, quiet, walkable to parks and pool , close to work, close to restaurants, friendly helpful staff, I genuinely love living here. Pet friendly and clean! Bike ride to concerts! Love cooking in my luxurious kitchen too.

My husband and I just moved in and we cannot be happier. The staff are super helpful and we love our little apartment! We look forward to enjoying all of the amenities offered here.

We just moved in and love it. The apartment is beautiful and we are so happy to be here. It is a great area so close to so much. We look forward to being residents here for a very long time.

Perfect. Love the amenities, location, people are friendly. Its quiet most of the time and a brand new place that's never been lived in is definitely a plus