So far living here is nice enough. My biggest complaint is the trash service drops garbage around and doesn't pick it up. I've seen it happen several times and nothing changes. Aside from that I get quick answers. Friendly service and what not.

It’s a quiet community. There are amazing amenities such as 2 pools with hot tubs, a park, outdoor WiFi lounge and MORE! Staff is helpful and the community landscape is beautiful

Over all it's a very pleasant feeling to live here the only problem so far is parking its pet friendly which works great I feel like I live at a resort.

Love it so far, just moved in. We have encounter friendly neighbors also lots of children playing around which is healthy. Have not explore the whole complex yet but planning on doing it soon. We were recommended by another tenant and they were right the complex has a very resort feeling. Pet friendly is a plus.

Living at Alvista has been an overall great experience for my boyfriend and I. We love how modern our apartment is and how close we are to the freeway. Neighborhood is pretty quiet and everyone is friendly... staff needs to be a little more nice though.

My boyfriend and I just moved in about a week ago and so far we love it! There's been a little bit of a learning curve getting to know the various quirks of a new community, but everyone has been so friendly and helpful. It's a lovely place to live!

I've been here for almost a month and have been pleasantly surprised. The apartments are very spacious for the size, the complex is well maintained and clean. I love the convenience of having a pool nearby and in unit laundry. I do wish that the parking spaces were a smidge wider - since I part next to one of the overhang support posts, it's a bit of a tight fit. Otherwise, I've been overall happy with my stay so far.

Super dope place to live! Neighbors below are very loud but outside of that I don’t really have any complaints. Apartment is clean from office is responsive

Good place to live. Someone always in the office to help you. And maintenance is wonderful, getting work requests done in a timely manner. I would recommend living here.

I've enjoyed the past 7 months I've been living in the community. everyone is friendly and I love to take my daughter to the park with the rest of the kids

All the residents here are very friendly. I like the how there is a gym on site. The complex is well kept for the most part and I love how there are plenty of dumpsters to throw away your trash.

No complaints thus far. Aside from people making noise outside at all hours of the night, I don’t really have anything negative to say. Just moved in, so will update.

Great pool and view, the apartments are very confortable, love the view awesome and amazing, could do with better parking for more than 2 cars.

I'd like maintenance to be prompt as I put request on the app. Visitor parking overnight should be an option maybe with a temp pass. We receive constant email reminders about parking and garbage, yet I don't see anything being addressed about the water not even getting on the lawn/landscapes. It's all over the street and seems to be a waste of water.

I really have never had a rental apt charge for water/ sewer and garbage before. It is just not what I expected but it’s growing on me slowly.

In general is ok, I like the bldg to have a double glass windows because beside hearing the plans , we hear the loud music from other apartments even though the windows are closed.

I like living here. Everybody is very respectful. It's close to the shopping mall, the bridge, a lot of restaurants around and costco is just around the corner.

Rules are not consistently enforced for parking or patio expectations. Patio rules should be loosened up a bit, allowing Residents to have more flowers and reasonable decorations.

Araceli was so helpful and amazing. I feel so comfortable in my new home! I love the little toddler park as well. Perfect time and pace to move in! Thank you guys for such a smooth move in!

I love the complex, has many ammeties that i like, 2 jacuzzi's 2 swiming pools, the new doggie area and is close to i880 foodmax tmobile starbucks etx

Love everything of this apartment besides the parking. Have no issues just yet 🤗 all my neighbors are so quiet and that's one thing I love about staying on this side 💚👍

Apartment community is quiet and the staffs are very nice. Management is trying to keep update the apartment facility and the new package room is very nice.

Apartments are well-kept and look modern with updated kitchen appliances and great in-unit washer/dryer. Garbage service is also very coveinient.

It would be higher if visitor parking wasn’t such an issue. I am not happy to being charged for the valet trash, i can walk to the trash. Best part about the service us the recycling is more effective.

Location is great ...completely satisfied . Its really quiet and apartment is really nice ...I have no problems ... maintenance is fast on request.... my daughter IA looking forward for a pool party with her friends .... gym is open 24/7