My apartment was never checked before move in. I've been here 2 days and I already need a maintenance request for my toilet running, one of the burners on the over doesn't work, and the door to the washer dryer doesn't close.

Love the location here in Hayward. However, we have only been here two days and we already struggled to get direct answers on when our move in date was from the office. Love the dog park. It is pretty loud though, and lots of kids running around everywhere.

Management has been kind so far. There is a lack of communication in the transitioning from old management to new management and there is a slowdown on certain tasks asked.

So far it has been great! Everyone in the office has been super helpful, especially Brittany! We love the apartment! Little things that can be fixed are keeping residents more accountable of their messes. A lot of people don’t pick up dog poop or have trash right outside their apartment (an apartment next to us has kid toy plastic balls all around the plants, it’s been there for 3 weeks now). We do have concerns about theft, but haven’t had any problems yet!

Has been a great experience since we have been here, only since April but we like it here, its perfect for work and the shops in the. Neighboring areas, the environment here is awesome,

Great complex, nice neighbors, wonderful location. The management is usually willing to help, and the amenities are nice little perks to have.

The community service is good. Well maintained and we like the personnel in the office .. there is a level of feeling secured .. but must improve in the process of getting packages .. it is toxic instead of the items being delivered straight to the unit .. which is more convenient

I like living here due to the location since it makes my commute easier. I like having the amenities we have here. There is room for improvement; for example the pool entrance should be monitored. There should be like a bracelet or a lifeguard checking that everyone entering the pool is a resident living in the community. There also should be better maintenance of the grass areas.

So far so good. The staff has been helpful. Amenities are nice , I do wish there was a dumpster to throw out larger items. I love thats it's gated

I’ve been living in a different apartment, and i can tell that alvista is better in every aspects, workers are very friendly and helpful, the community is nice.

the resident experience has been pretty flawless since moving in 2 weeks ago. The staff are super friendly and very helpful with any questions iv asked.

A few issues like the apartment not being cleaned before move in, some fixtures not working or broken. But other than that love location and the weather so not bad at all. J at the office has been very helpful

Very good so far very welcoming and friendly staff. Lengthy leasing process compared to previous apartment complex but well worth it in the end.

This place is beautiful and serene. Lots of great amenities and safe for the children. The staff are all friendly and helpful and when i needed something fix it was quickly handled. Thank you!

It is extremely spacious. Very quiet community. The apartments themselves are amazing and fully furnished. It’s very clean and feels safe. Complete with an amazing pool and jacuzzi. Can’t thing of a better place to live.

Mailroom lock often being broken is annoying and the trash problem has gotten pretty bad, but it's a quiet area and a good apartment for the price.

While I haven't had many problems this year, there are a couple of things that are a bit annoying. The ammount of trash piled up in the dumpster areas is kind of gross. Taking out the dumpsters isn't helping the problem any and is making it harder to get rid of larger cardboard boxes or other large trash items. The mail room sign in is also often down, limiting my ability to pick up packages that are delivered due to getting home after office hours. Otherwise, it's a quiet place and I haven't had any problems here.

Going on two years living here.. I love how quiet my apartment is and all in all there's a lot of amenities but I have a few issues that could definitely be addressed and haven't been. There's a valet trash pickup which is nice but if you have additional trash, recycling or in my case lots of cardboard from from packages, they won't pick it up and they removed the dumpsters so you can't throw anything else away on your own but people still dump all their stuff there leaving a hideous mess. The package room is great but I rarely get my code to get in so I always have to ask the office to open it for me or call Luxor One support for a code which is annoying and I know it's not really the fault of the management but still an issue. There's two pools and two spas.. only one spa works and neither of the pools are heated so they're too cold to use. They don't get back to you about issues with your apartment for weeks. They don't have overnight parking for guests which is ridiculous. Guests must move their cars by midnight or get towed which has actually happened to my guests so I offered to pay for their car which wasn't cheap. For the price, this place is okay but with the prices rising the way they are, it needs to step it up.. like a lot.

The amenities are nice and more accessible than most apartments. The maintence has improved with how prompt they are at getting back to you about work orders. The constant change of what happens with the front gate is getting a little tiring, whether it's open during the day n closed at night, or now closed 24/7. I wish that we could just stick to one policy. It's annoying because ppl that don't live here sit right in front of the gate waiting to get in, it would be nice if the intercom outside worked so that ppl could get buzzed in if they're visiting someone here opposed o just sitting outside in everyone's way Tha actually has a FOB to get in.

For the most part very quiet and clean. Valet trash is a nice ammenity and our neighbors are all very friendly. We love the gym and resources provided.

Community is nice, community needs more parking for residents and visitors. Would also be nice if visitors can be buzzed in at back gate since that’s where visitors have to park.

Staff from leasing office are always helpful and friendly. I am happy that now our Valet Living picks up garbage everyday instead of just 4 days a week.

So far so good. A few problem to complain about is the parking, time limit for visitor parking and not enough parking out on the street. Also a complaint about noise and guests near pool area. Youngsters hanging out by pool making a ruckus and being too loud at about 11:30 pm to about 12midnight.

I live in a area where two of my neighbors have pets. Other tenants walks their dogs and no one is picking up behind their animals. More cleaning can be done.

Lately, we have been having a lot of trouble because of many neighbors who don’t follow the rules and are super loud at night. I have called security patrol a few times and even reported this to Savita and nothing much has changed ever since then. Also, there are many neighbors whose dogs keep on barking 24/7 and nothing has done about it as well. People don’t clean up after their dogs and leave their poop everywhere. The WiFi area most of the times gets occupied by loud and annoying high school kids who keep on playing super loud music. Nothing has been done about it as well. It feels so ghetto to live here. We just can’t wait for our lease to go up so that we can leave this place ASAP.