I enjoy living here. The property is clean and most people that you see out are friendly. They redid the pool this winter and now the water is always clean and the water is moving. The neighbors in are building are good

My experience has been a good one so far.. Its quiet and clean.. My kids enjoy the pool area very much.. The staff is very friendly.. Its located right down from my kids school..

Lived here almost a year now and I enjoy it. It’s quite and my children enjoy the pool and park. I even find the small gym useful. I enjoyed it so much I extended my lease for another year.

I have been living here for 3 years, the staff have always been very accommodating and professional. I have never had an issue. My son plays outside with no worries, the environment is safe for the most part. Parent communicate with each other and watch out for one anothers kids.. I enjoy it here.

Our experience has been pretty good. I think the way that the community is able to be involved with a lot of things is great! It keeps people busy and gives the kids something to do as well!

I just feel that managers at this apartment complex aren’t really here to help you out or work with you in dire situations. They also messed up my security deposit and I now have to pay 200 dollars extra for rent.

Too many roaches but aside from that the place is great and quiet also very good commute to work and access to many close by hobbies and stores

Very nice place to live. Very clean and quiet and the staff there is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend anyone to live here at amber chase

Starting from the 1st encounter I was greeted with a very friendly yet professional young lady named Autumn. They seem to be very personable here. Thank you for that.

It has gotten better over time. The most annoying part is the people who run through the gate and break it. Other than that I feel the amenities are getting better.

Very professional. I love how they are constantly working to improve the apartment complex and how they always try to build a community with the neighborhood

I have lived here for four and half years and enjoyed everything about the community. This group of office personnel is awesome. They are always helpful.

Well my family and myself just got moved in and so far the neighborhood seems really nice and everyone in the office has been extremely helpful. So far so good.

My experience has been great so far. I like how spacious and comfortable the apartments are and the outside is very well kept. I also like the fact that there is an online portal.

So far everything is great! I had one cranky neighbor yell out their window early one morning, about music playing while the car door was open and I was putting my child in the car, but other than that, it’s so far so good.

Since moving here I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. Service requests are always handled promptly. This is actually the best community I’ve lived in.

The staff is Excellent and my apartment is great. The grounds are kept in beautiful order. It is a quiet location to just relax. Once the front gate issue is corrected, everything will be taken care of.

LOVE THE STAFF! Ashley is amazing and the amenities are great. Safe area with many things to do close by. Very quiet and peaceful. So ready to move in June.

After a very traumatic experience attempting to rent a single family home, I was very grateful for the kind and patient members of the Amber Chase Apartment Leasing office. After spending many days getting a run around from a leasing company out of California, Catrina got me into a new place in a few hours. She took all of the stress off my plate!

Great experience here at Amber Chase, the Neighbors are great. The fitness center is perfect for my needs. When my friends visit my apartment they are amazed at how spacious the apartment is.

Great front office. Eey helpful apartment was very clean and resonable . Hopefully this will be my home away from home. I love the gated community its great

Amber Chase is always able to address any issues if needed and in a timely manner I really appreciate your professional demeanor. Thank you

The management has been really great with my application to the move-in process. The maintenance person has really been helpful in getting my apartment fully functional. I have yet to explore all the complex has to offer but it is coming soon.

Reply from Amber Chase


Amber Chase is a great place to live that you can actually call home. It’s quiet, it’s in a great area, and it has great amenities. Autumn helped me and she was awesome!

The timeliness of addressing issues around the property is excellent, general maintenance, and the cleaning of grounds is also exceptional. The compactor area is pretty well kept, and usually there is not a mess around the unit. Now the unit I rented I have noticed many signs of a very weak turn over of the unit, there are a lot of things that could have been better, as far as the attention given to cleaning, I believe the cleanest part of the unit was the carpet a least as far as I could tell it looked very clean, the pest control that wa done before we moved in was terrible, who.ever came in the unit left an dust pesticide in areas were it was easy for my wife and I to be contaminated by the product, I don’t know what it was, and we should not have had to clean it up, although I took the liberty to do so, so that it would be done properly.