I love how community based everything is at Andorra. So many activities to get people together. I only wish there was just one pool dedicated to ‘quiet pool’ so that residents can just relax and enjoy the amenities without kids running around the pool or people playing loud music drinking.

So far so good! The leading office is helpful and friendly. Move in was smooth. I like the facilities and look forward to spending time here.

Super fun community with lots of activities for the busy working professional or parent. Units are quiet and spacious making each unit feel more like a townhome over an apartment.

Trash cans around the apartment complex are only taken out every few weeks, including the trash for dog waste. It piles up and smells. I've notified the office a few times and nothing has changed.

Beautiful apartments with an amazing staff! They made our move in process smooth and have been available to answer any questions we have had aml long the way. Also- Extremely pet friendly complex!!

We have just signed our second lease. We are grateful to have such a wonderful place to live and play here in Camarillo. The staff is great and the amenities are out of this world.

We’ve been here for more than a year now and we love it! The location, amenities, activities, events, neighborhood, and staff are wonderful. Home away from home indeed!

I absolutely love Andorra. The amenities are the best. The fact the I can go to the gym then the pool and be able to do it all in walking distances makes it worth while. The dog park is a life saver and the fact that we are in range of all the shopping and parks makes everything that much easier. Amazing apartments.

So far our experience here has been nothing but great and all the employees have been helpful in any needs we’ve had and always respond quickly

This place and area is very nice but could be overpriced but that is just California other than that I like the facilities with the park and pools.

Enjoy it for the most part! The only downfall is loud residents in the middle of the night arguing by their garage. And the occasional yelling from someone upstairs.

Friendly and generous staff with numerous amenities. It was quick and easy to acclimate to this location, and the lounge areas help with bridging the gap during move-in.

Moved in last week, and love everything so far! The community is nice, quiet, clean, and the amenities are amazing! Helpful staff as well, Rachel is amazing!

The complex is in excellent condition. I feel safe in this complex and neighborhood. There's sufficient parking space for visitors. The best part is having my own garage.

Been here eight months and have really enjoyed living here so far. The pools are super clean and beautiful. I live here with my two young boys and feel completely safe. The staff is super friendly also.

Great place to live, wonderful pools (all three) great environment, a home that makes you feel safe! Only think I would suggest is elevators in each building.

I love a quiet and cozy place for any family, its facilities very clean the pool area excellent. Very friendly staff I recommend Andorra apartments

It’s been good. Community is nice and staff is friendly. Location is excellent with close proximity to old town and the freeway. The units are nice also.

This place has been very welcoming and kind from the day we came to look at an apartment! They are there for any questions you may have and help you to fullest! We are so happy we moved here !

Great place! We have been pleased with every part of the application/move in process! The complex is clean and the staff is very nice! Thank you

So far my family is loving living here. It's a quiet and safe community. It has everything we could need and more. The only negatives we have found so far are that our garage is pretty far away from our apartment and was filled with spider webs so it would have been nice if they had made sure it was clean and nice for when we moved in, and our bedroom wall that we have our bed against backs up against a staircase so when people walk up and down the stairs it makes the wall vibrate a bit. Other than that we love all of the amenities and our apartment and can't wait to go to all of the events planned for this month.

The complex is very nice. The only issue I have is people driving to fast through the complex and not being reminded and charged $40 a month for insurance. I received a reminder concerning my insurance had expired and that I was being charged $40 dollars. I reached out to my insurance agent and got a copy of my updated policy the same day, however, when I paid my rent online, the $40 charge was there. I believe I should get a refund since I was covered with my policy.

My first 6months living here was great and is still ok. The last 3 months have been difficult. Issue #1 is my bedroom doesn’t get great AC flow. I have to freeze the rest of the house and other bedroom just so my room can get some AC and have to turn my fan on for circulation. Issue #2; the past 2 months I have gotten a rotten egg sewer smell coming from my bathroom sinks when I turn the water on and constant gurgling of the drains many times of the day/night when the sink isn’t on. Maintenance was called and all that could be done was a flushing of hot/cold water. Problem still persists. Maintenance is a great team though. Landscaping is immaculate.

Andorra staff are consistently excellent - professional, courteous and quick to respond. We also appreciate the special events. Unfortunately though there has been a visible slide in how tenants are respecting the property- we can often smell smoking onsite and see cigarette butts littered everywhere. There is an increase in general refuse around the property. Also some people are not picking up their dog poop although bags are readily available. I would recommend the property but there is a noticeable slide.

Everything is great here! My husband and I love living here as well as our dog! She tries to pull us in the office daily for snuggles and treats.