The office people are nice. Been living here for 3 years now haven't had any problem. The supervisor maintenance guy is nice and friendly all the time. So far this is the longest apartment I've stayed at since moving up here in 2014.

It’s been good. Good neighbors and great service from the office and maintenance people. The grounds are kept well and well maintained. The maintenance staff are very polite and seem to know what they are doing repairs.

The community is very quiet. I enjoy living here because the location is very convenient. Also, the office staff was very friendly and helpful when I walked in requesting information about the apartments. My overall experience has been great!

Very quiet neighborhood. Nice to live here. Parking places are plentiful. Very strict on abide by the company policies. Quick to fix thi gsp, as long as you put in work order.

Been really living here for the past years really looking to another year. Been really great and hospitable place is really well taken care of.

It's nice and peaceful here. The pool is kept nice and clean. The staff is friendly. I have had no problems since I've been here. It's been really quiet.

Going to be 2 years when we release in Dec. Only lived in two apartments and this one is so far the best. Prices might be going up due to oil boom but maintenance is good, especially the supervisor. He is friendly and understanding.

Really nice staff and when I call they always answer, the apartments are big and worth the price my son loves it here, if I need something done they fix it.

The apartments are for the most part pretty quiet. Haven’t run into many issues since living here but when I have the office staff and maintenance have been extremely helpful.

Great maintenance staff! I know because they had to come to my apartment often because owners took a year to replace AC. Less than 24 hour notice for pest control is frustrating for someone with a day job.

Quite and enjoyable. Very nice residence and so helpful. The workers do there best to keep you satisfied. Very kept clean parking lot and out in the grass areas. Love living here.

My Family enjoy living here. We have no problems at all. My boys love swimming in the pool on the weekends and the maintenance staff are very quick to get our things in our apartment fixed : )

Very quiet. Nice apartment to live in. I have never had a problem with any of my neighbors. The parking is very good generally there is a parking spot for everyone. It's very close to my work and very close to shopping places. The maintenance staff is the best staff that I have seen and I have lived at other apartment buildings. They are quick and courteous and go the extra mile

Awesome staff and service. Quiet place to live. Feels safe and secure for my children. My vehicle is safe also. Clean area and surroundings.

Parking is horrid! Vehicles/motorcycles/trailers take up spaces and never move for months, one motorcycle in front of my apartment hasn't moved since I've moved in! The laundry rooms are convenient, but not when you either have to stand guard or have someone steal your clothing. There are no camerasour security measures for the laundry rooms, many times I have stumbled upon vagrants smoking or sleeping in them at night when I'm doing laundry. The apartments are older, but in good repair and I've never had an issue that wasn't promptly addressed. The staff, from office to grounds, have always been welcoming and friendly.

Nice location, recent updates. Convenient distance to shopping and highways. It is kinda difficult at times to get ahold of office personnel.

Very quite and nice neighborhood, staff at the office are very nice and helpful. The maintenance is VERY slow, my kitchen light is still out.