Ashley Larned was my leasing agent and she is amazing I’m every aspect of her job. I have referred multiple friends to her as well and they are just as pleased as I am. We are excited for this apartment and hope it works out well for us.

Love the staff and the apartment. It's so calm and quiet here even with being close to a busy street. And so close to everything! The apartment is nice and big, and so comfortable. I appreciate the staff most, especially Brittany. She has been truly amazing in helping us find the perfect home.

Still waiting on repairs to be made. I was told 4 months ago that they would return to finish and they have never showed back up. They seem to have been bought out by another company maybe the will be better at getting things done

It’s awesome living at this apartment, I don’t have problem with roches or any pest. Everything is at your right hand gas, shopping, restaurants.

I love living here. The only issue is the parking. People have visitors and they will park in your spot. Very irritating when you get home and you can't park.

Physical apartment is not well kept and shows it's age. Windows desperately need to be replaced and the units need bigger A/C units. Also expect a $300 utility bill in the winter. There is also no staff in the property office, you have to go to ASE. Where the manager Brittany is very nice.

I am a new tenant and everything has been great so far. I've even had to put a maintenance request and they were super fast and friendly about it.

Maintenance is usually pretty quick to attend to issues my only issue is a huge safety issue in my apartment, i have waited 10 months for my stairs to get fixed in my apartment as there is huge gaps between the rails that my 2 year old had already fallen through multiple times and luckily he has not yet been seriously hurt, and there is a opening on the side of my stairs where Anyone could just fall and land on the concrete by the fireplace underneath. I have it blocked with a babygate so my dog our toddler doesn’t just fall through and hurt themselves!

Hard to get a hold of anyone as there is no lease officer in our facility. It could be better here .many updates needed .these apartments need love

I love these apartments. They are nice and very quiet. Maintenance is super fast and i haven't had any problems with the apartments themselves. The only issue I've had lately is getting in touch with the office. They are never there, they don't return my phone calls at the West or East office.

Nice layout ! Slow on getting things repaired. Most neighbors are quiet and stay to themselves. Hopefully they repair the rest of the stuff I’ve been waiting on

Norma has been a great person for the Job! Hate that we are losing her and getting someone that is very rude and unhelpful! I've had to deal with Brittany on two different occasions and she was not a very good fit. It sucks that we are going to have a problem with having packages being delivered, I mean that is a BIG VERY inconvenience for us! I WISH NORMA COULD STAY!!! We are going to miss her very much! HOPEFULLY THIS CHANGE DOES NOT EFFECT OUR DECISION TO RENEW IN AUG/SEPT.

Norma and Lalo have been so nice and patient. It’s so good to know that we have good people working inside the office! You can always count on them!!!!

Building is very engery inefficient. Even updated apartments are 95% particle board. Walls are thin, windows and doors leak dirt and water into the apartment. Wouldn't live here again.

Great place to live. I just wish I didn't have carpet. I wish the rent will go down. Norma the Manager is very helpful. Great maintenance guy.

My experience at andrews square west has been good so far norma in the office is great and so is the maintenance man, lollo. My maintenance requests are tended to with a sense of urgency and efficiency!

Getting into the apartment was super quick and easy. I’ve only lived here for 3 days but I love the complex and location and the staff is super helpful. I haven’t had any issues with noise, I love the amenities and the covered parking is a plus!

I love how much space I have despite it being a 1 bedroom. My favorite thing about my apartment and what led me to choose this place is the floor plan. The renovations really helped the internal aesthetics. Now we just need work on the external. Overall I have no complaints, any issues that arise are all minor.

quiet neighborhood... close to many businesses... one of the main reasons that I only did 3 stars is the laundry room is always disgusting..trash on the ground and the washers literally have a ring of dirt around them

Awesome! We have not had any problems with service. Hope to continue with the rental for as long as the work holds out. Beautiful area and great location. Thanks.

Everything has been good. Still slow with things getting fixed that were promised when we moved in a year ago. Pretty chill neighborhood everyone stays to themselves which is nice.

Great community, quiet, friendly neighbors and very clean property. Awesome office staff, and quick responsive maintenance!!! Very friendly and kind people to have near you!

The apartment was outdated and overpriced. They more than doubled our rent in 2 years with no updates to the facility. Space is decent but it isn't worth what they are trying to charge. They are short-handed on maintenance so the one person they have is doing his best but, it is too much for one person to take care of. Unfortunately, the property is just not managed or maintained the way it should be and too much slips through the cracks. I would not recommend this location.

I love it here people are nice and keep to them selfs the staff is great also if I had a maintenance problem they take care of it right away haven’t had any problems as in crime around the area I recommend renting here and it’s affordable

Place was not move in ready, several things we're broken. Windows and doors leak a ton of air, dirt and when it rains water comes through the doors. So inefficient the electricity bill has been $300+ and we keep out apt at 68'f .