Living at angelo place is convenient for going to school across the street. The staff is pretty helpful but usually the apartment complex is fairly dirty.

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Great apartments! I love the location and how it’s fully furnished! The rent price is Perfect and you get matched with people who you’d likely get along with.

I really like it at Angelo place. It is a very nice community and the staff is very helpful. However I do not like that paying for rent online costs extra money

I have enjoyed my stay here especially since I have great roommates and a kitchen I can actually use. The rent is a little much but convenient since we are not responsible for bills.

Way better then living on campus. Really enjoy my roommates and im really only writing this to get some free points. Its a chill spot and you should check it out.

Power has gone out several times flooring not installed well mgmt does respond quickly to issues rent is not bad pool is ok so some bad, some good

I have enjoyed the experience of moving in however there have been some problems with getting my rent paid via web and sometimes it takes a while to hear back from management.

I love the atmosphere. I'm in college right now and I love how most of these kids living here are too! It makes for a fun living situation. I wouldn't want any other apartment.

A very great place for college students . The college culture stand out . With pool parties and events going on around the apartments. You still even get free food

The office staff is very disorganized and unprofessional. I constantly have issues with them, they lack communication. There are very few times I have had enjoyable experiences with them.

its awesome, this community is always so friendly and wh o wouldnt love to get a gift card for just always paying your rent! all college students shoukd want to live here

My rent is cheap, the scenery is beautiful & all my neighbors are cool. I love it here. It's very close to my job so it's convenient too. This is the perfect location.

The staff is incredible. The maintenance team is awesome. It's close enough to campus for an easy commute. Plus, it's by some great restaurants. I love where I live :)

So far the staff has been helpful and friendly. No issues with the apartment. It would be nice if it was possible to see what you owe when paying lease.

I have put a maintenance order in a month ago, and they still haven't came by. It is not a major problem, it is only that my drawer is broken. So it is minor and a quick fix.

It's cool living here free stuffffff Orlando and there's a lot of cool people that i know that live here as well which makes things place cool but the only bad thing is that I have a wasp hive outside my apartment

The environment is great! the rooms are a little small for $500 a month though. still worth it though. I wish there were elevators. too expensive though, i understand.

Angelo Placeis a great place to live and have fun. The apartments are nice and very well taken care of. As soon as I walked in the door I knew I was going to enjoy the next year of my life.

Y'all are doing great so far. I've only had a problem with paying the rent online. Other than that the place is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better place to stay.

Really like living here. Don't like the fact that the walls are very thin and if people smoke it gets into the vents. My favorite thing is that the office has a lot of snacks.

Decent enough place to live, staff is all friendly and helpful. Good location, close to pretty much everything in San Angelo. However, not a good choice for serious students who need a quiet space (party place)

The activity timing for residents and notifications of the activities poorly timed and don't catch the attention of the residents that inspire individuals to want to come.

Angelo Place has been a decent college living experience. I've spent my first year and a half off campus at Angelo place. In the last few months of living here they have really pushed new things for residents to come out.

The community is beautiful. It's a Nice place to live but it could have better amenities. The apartment was very dirty when I first moved in.

Angelo Place is a good place to live for young college students who are looking for their first home off campus. The units are nice, roomy, and all utilities included in the bill is awesome.