I love living here it really makes me feel at home even though I am away from home at the moment. I would tell all my friends to live here because it’s a great place and a great price!!

The office staff is great and very helpful. There are lots of cool amenities like the pool and 24/7 business center. They do a lot of events and parties which is nice. Sometimes there’s issues with parking, maintenance and the internet but overall it’s a good place to live. And they did a good job on roommate marching and listening to what I was looking for.

It’s a really convenient place to live so that’s nice, but i feel like we are always finding something that’s wrong. Also the mail system is very confusing bc a lot of my friends haven’t received their package and it’s getting to be a common thing.

Very great environment. Other than the noise and cleanliness. I wish the complex would clean off my stairs. But it’s in a great part of town and my roommates are very sweet.

It’s a very nice community and I’m happy to live here. The noise and cleanliness isn’t what I expected. I did however enjoy my roommates I am paired with and the AC is over expectations.

Angelo Place Apartments, has been very helpful with the process of having my own place for the first time. Understanding the process and answered all of my questions. I love having to be only responsible for my part of the lease so I don’t have to stress about the rest of the rent Incase the other roommates get behind.

so far have had a great experience with management and employees. Had some issues with maintnence at the begining, they were not fixing the ussues. However, it seems as though once it was brought to managements attention we got things fixed.

Its a good community to live in. All that live here are a bunch of like kinded college kids. It gets a little noisy on fridays and saturdays, but not too bad.

I like the atmosphere, all staff is very friendly and easy to get in contact with. No problems so far and was definitely a great choice thus far.

My roommates are fantastic. Haven’t had any problems with neighbors. The apartment has has no major issues as of yet. The office staff is helpful and patient in anything I’ve approached them with questions on.

The apartment is a great place, its friendly, great size, and price.The faculty is understanding and great at fixing problems especially with maintenance orders.

Overall great experience, but the move-in process was a little problematic due to being assigned to a room with a resident about to be evicted.

Its pretty good to live for when you're doing college stuff. One might even say, "litty titty" to such a location. I just wish my oven would be warmer.

Great place. Amazing people. Nice pool and nice furniture. What more can you ask for? They even have movie nights and bring out pizza for all the residents!

It’s alright I guess. I like that the rent is cheap and all the amenities are included. I don’t like how they just throw you with random roommates.

It was alright the initial move in but our room wasn't up to standards but they got it fixed in a timely manner. I just hope the resident portal gets fixed soon.

There’s nothing I don’t love about Angelo Place. The people are kind, the place is amazing. You never fail to meet new people everyday. It’s just amazing.

I like it. Very good maintenant and personnel. Always somebody to answer question and service. I like the size of the room and bathroom. I also like the apartment and kitchen

I enjoy being here at AP the staff is really nice and outgoing. i love going to walmart since its so close. My roomates are my friends we like to hangout alot , as for my bestfriend dayna stephens we really be close from each other and working out at ap trying to stay in shape. the pool parties are lit, as id like to thank the staff for keeping it clean for us so thankful .... :)

It’s great. Still don’t have closet doors though. Roommates are alright I guess but that’s mostly my doing and not yalls. Still have some maintenance that needs to be done but otherwise, it’s all good.

Overall good experience. Had some issues with roommates but that's not the buildings fault. Love all of the amenities available to use! Also maintenance is fairly quick to respond to any issue.

It is a great place to study. Everyone is respectful. Great roommates. All the facilities are very nice. Nothing was broken when I moved in.

Angelo Place isn’t a terrible place to live, but isn’t super great either. Staff are nice but everyone is extremely lazy, especially maintenance (who half the time won’t actually fix your stuff). The place is under new management though, so there is a chance that the place will improve.

I love it here at Angelo Place. It’s so close to the school, there’s many restaurants and such up Knickerbocker. The rooms are great, my roommates are great, very content.

I really like Angelo Place, but I do wish the resident portal up and running so that paying rent or making deposits was easier. Maintenance has been great, and really quick to respond when we have submitted a request! I like that AP throws a lot of community events for the residents to come together, meet, and mingle. I am glad I chose to live here.