I just moved in this weekend and so far so great! I’m in an upgraded unit and I haven’t got the right mattress yet, but I was assured the maintenance would bring one soon!

There are a lot of crickets and it’s pretty stressful but it’s nice that the units are fully furnished and the premium units are pretty nice as well.

Great layout and community. Room seemed to be left dirty by the last resident however. The view of the city is very nice and the staff seems to be willing to help diligently

I finally have a home. This is my firsy official place of my own. Super comfortable and the location is great. Having a kitchen is the best part.

Since the change in management, the apartments are definitely going in the right direction. I feel a lot better about being a resident here than I did before.

Really nice apartments with extremely helpful staff. The apartments are very spacious and comfortable. The facilities in the complex such as the gym and pool are very nice and fun to use

Syper excited for my upcoming move in to Angelo Place. I lived there before and still to this day the staff and property are extremely amazing!

Apartment was clean. Staff was nice and kind of helpful but was unorganized. Not all on the same page. Parking is good here. Stairs are super dirty though.

I love to live at Angelo Place because the facility is great. The rooms are nice and tye opportunities on the area are great like the big pool.

The office typically runs through management and communication always gets lost between the tenets, front desk and managers... sometimes there are random charges and some new rule that no one new about but the office workers but if you stay in them and ask questions they Usually have an answer

It has been a good experience it is offically my second year here and I couldn't feel more at home. Reccomend this place to any one looking for an affordable place to live.

I am excited about how close it will be to campus. There seems to be a lot of activities available for the residents to make their stay there worthwhile.

It’s ok so far, no problems have came up for me to go straight into the office and go off and as of right now it’s great maybe the only problem I have with Angelo place is the rent I’m paying right now but right now it’s cool

Apartment location was great. People that worked there were rude. Still haven’t received any type of deposit back for moving out. Overall okay experience.

Amazing ! Honestly it’s a pleasant feeling just being able to walk outside and know your safe ! It’s a wonderful feeling to just feel like you can be yourself and have privacy .

It was difficult at first to figure some things out, but other then that it seems like a great place! I’m glad I chose this place to live in.

People steal mail and I feel that it is not always a safe place to live. The amenities are nice and I enjoy how they cater to college students.

Over the past two years that I’ve lived here things have improved a lot. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The maintenance people now are great and fix things pretty quickly after you put in a request. They have people who help keep the grounds clean which is great because it would get messy before. They have lots of fun events and do cool things for the residents. My only complaints still is the parking can be hard for people who don’t have covered parking and there’s been several people, including myself, who have had their cars damaged and the office doesn’t really have cameras out there to help. It can get loud sometimes when everyone is here during the semester and the internet does drop pretty often. But for everything you get and how cheap the rent is this place is honestly pretty awesome.

Awesome place and super helpful employees. Also very close to the school. You can literally walk to the school from your apartment if you wanted to.

It was great to work with the staff cause they were friendly and way fun. Anytime I needed something done they were quick to do repairs and they have great amenities! Overall its a great place!

I chose Angelo Place because of the promise of ammenities & good prices. I ended up with noisy neighbors, broken fixtures upon move in and so on.

I believe that the apartment has many things to offer throughout the year. Although when it comes to management and the important things the office has had many miscommunications and have not executed things as needed for the renters needs.

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It wasn’t too bad at first but when I got a reserved parking spot my truck suddenly started to get more damage due to others (not the parking spots owners) hitting it and swiping my vehicle

So far, everyone has been super helpful and nice! All of my questions and concerns have been addressed in a timely, professional manner. The staff are knowledgeable as well!

I haven’t moved in yet but everything looks amazing! I love this point system. I also love how much social media it has so you never miss and event. I signed up for text messages for when I receive a package. Pretty neat! Signing the lease was a super easy process as well!