Community is nice and friendly.. good place to live to make friends and get to know people who go to school with. People are easy to talk to.

The only negative I have about angelo place is that I don't always get a notification when I get a package. Otherwise, I love the college community they have built here and I really enjoy how nice the facilities are!

Angelo place apartments has a pretty legit atmosphere! The people that work here are super nice & chill. The residents are very outgoing & sometimes very loud! Lol. But all in all, it's a fun place to be!

Everyday I wake up and I'm like woah I live in Angelo place. I look outside and see my favorite train tracks. Makes me think of a song you know.

The staff is amazing. The property is always well kept and I've never made as many friends as I have here. I love it. Angelo place is home. And I love my home.

Angelo place is doing a good job of meeting needs as far as maintenance and most other things. The only thing that is of concern is there are no security cameras by building nine.

I remember this place years ago and the change to now is a million times better! Great job making this place more student oriented! I can't wait to see what else is in store.

The overall community is a really nice one to live in. I feel safe living here, and I feel comfortable knowing that there are a lot of people my age around me. The one thing I would say is that the office is sometimes chaotic. It is often hard to get information regarding and issue, or even resolving an issue in a timely manner.

So far based on the experience I have had dealing with Angelo Place and its employees I have no problems or concerns. Everybody is friendly.

Seems like a super cool way to get feedback from your residents. I'm in the military and we didn't have anything even close to this on base.

Doing good just wish that the roommates would meet together for new comers. But other than that everything is good. I would like if yall had basketball in yalls office for people that dont have basketballs

I love and enjoy living at angelo Placw. The rent is affordable , the people are fun to be around. Limited problems , just overall a fun experience. I wouldn't want to choose any other apartment places over angelo place.

Angelo place has pretty nice facilities. But they do need better upkeep on appliances. Nice pool area and common area in the office. Overall I give 3 1/2 stars

Near the school, got to live with my friends, has a nice pool and personal bathroom, but they are slow to do repairs. I didn't have a dryer for the first 2 months I lived there

There are a lot of inconsistencies throughout the staff but the overall Angelo place environment is nice. I do like the community programs and social events that you guys put on for the residents.

I love it here! The people and the atmosphere is great. Very close and convenient to work and school. My roommates are great and I just love the over all feel of a community here.

Good place to live People are friendly I like the environment like having my own room like the events made during the year like when they gave tacos only thing would lower rates of rent

Management and staff are very nice. I hqve had very good experiences with staff when I need help with mail box keys or when I get locked out.

I think this is a good place to live in, but the renew of leases increases everytime! It's getting to a point where I'm doubting wether I should move out or not

Once everything in our apartment got fixed, it turned out really nice. The pool is always nice and clean. And the lounge area is always nice.

Great I love Angelo place a lot. The space is nice and the people that love around us are great. Love how maintenance come though and don't take long at all.

All is going very well. So far,so great. Everyday has a reason has a to smile... All is going very very well. So far, it is going great.. :)

This is my first apartment and I LOVE it! The staff is so welcoming and the atmosphere is great. I am so glad I made the move off of campus!

Y'all are doing absolutely Fabulous! Super friendly and good at getting things taken care of right away! I am very much enjoying living here!

Angelo place is a great place to live! I love it here, the staff is very helpful in every way possible. The events held here are a lot of fun!