This apartment is mostly good such as pool,gym and so on. Supermarket is very it's very easy to buy daily foods. On the other hand bad point is so noisy especially night

I like my apartment, but the public spaces are pretty filthy. I refuse to bring guests in the garage elevator because of the overwhelming garbage stench in the garage. Particularly on the ground floor, the garbage is almost always overflowing and all over the place and reeks. I have had to follow up on service requests to get them done, and one time i got locked out and I couldn't reach anyone to assist and even though I left a message saying that I was locked out, no one ever called me back. I had to call a locksmith. the furniture covers by the pool/spa/fire pit are really dirty. Also the fridge makes constant noise and even after maintenance looked at it they said that all the fridges do this, indicating, to me, cheap appliances.

AO Santa Monica is a great community to live in. There is a nice mix of amenities and it is convenient to be able to park on the floor closet to your apartment. The location is great.

The AO in Santa Monica is A great beach area to live. Fresh ocean breezes, a very nice quiet community! Beautiful pool & gazebo areas, with a great fitness gym! Nice Cool people, dog friendly, & they fix anything broke quickly & efficiently. It's fun here!

Great place to live! Perfect location, easy access to beaches, freeway, shopping. Building is well maintained, clean, secure. Entrances on Colorado and Olympic are extremely convenient as well!

Great Community, but the cell service is not the greatest (especially on the lower floors). Fantastic events though. the office is really helpful and nice.

Everyone is great! super friendly and so many great events that help you get to know one another. Staff is super helpful and the amenities are awesome.

Lovely apartment with helpful staff. When we first moved here in 2016 the pool was well kept and quiet, recently there has been a lot of parties, loud music and non residents occupying the pool area on the weekends. There are also slashes on the deck furniture and dirt in the pool. Hoping it returns to it's previous state.

The community is modern, and has plenty of parking spaces. And the maintenance is quick and comprehensive. The interior lighting is a little bit too dark.

I really enjoy living in AO apartments. The community is very warm and cordial. I think the biggest development area would be relating to timeliness and communication around maintenance requests.

Doing a great job, however, at times it can be a bit noisy. I wish there was recycling on of the floors; it is a bit of a pain to be forced to go to the first floor. Overall, a good experience thus far, though highly concerned of a rent increase as we will no longer be able to afford living here.

Great apartment and very nice environment. Quick response for all the requirement, fast and good services, we really enjoy living here. Thanks for all the effort, thanks for all the staffs!

For the most part it's pleasant to live here but the community aspect is lacking and I wish there was a squat rack in the gym and may I suggest a sauna!

We have lived here 1 week now and so far everything has been good. All service requests have been taken care of promptly. Office employees are very nice.

Its quiet we have a piece of mind and we enjoy living here. Anytime I need them to fix things it happens fast and quick. The pool here is very nice especially at night its warm and we also enjoy the gym at times. I love living here the scenery is very beautiful .

I love AO Santa Monica! My favorite thing about the community was the actual sense of community that AO gives. The location is fantastic and the baristas at Starbucks make my day every morning! HUGS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM there!

Great community. Great staff. But, can we get trash cans in elevator lobbies, so people stop leaving trash/Starbucks cups/wrappers on floors. Also, the lighting in the halls is eerie...flickering and/or dim lights.

It was a very last-minute request that I needed for a very important meeting tomorrow I called the leasing department to ask for a copy of my leasing contract and I was able to pick it up by the end of the day before closing thank you so much

great area, comfortable place which give safety, close to store clean building fast maintenance response close to the medical office and hospital

Maintenance was a little slow at beginning and the daily construction outside is so loud but i like living here so far! The office has been helpful in answering our questions and thebunit inside is nice and modern.

The maintenance could be faster. Maybe they can be quiet during midnight. And the second swimming pool can be used later maybe . So far so good.

My AO Santa Monica experience so far has been so great, moving in was so easy thanks to the great help from the leasing office and the efficient back and forth communication whenever I needed assistance. The building is great, location is convenient, lots of great shops right next door. However, the only downside is the flickering lights that took a while to get fixed and the constant smell coming from the trash chute when people don't properly close it.

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So far, so good! Really enjoying the location and accessibility. Pool and Jacuzzi are great too. Close to public transit. Easy to get around.

Love it so far but didn't really have any idea what all there was here or how anything works. Office should have new resident packets or something. Elevators are disgusting and the trash situation is not good.