It's been my week 1! The team has been super friendly and helpful. It's just the beginning, I look forward to meeting my neighbors and making new friends. I'd be happy to write more in a month or so...

Clean, and responsible staff are both my concerns when living in an apartment. Here at apex I have both. I also appreciate roo.y an spacious yoga room as well as study room.

Happy with the new staff and with the whole complex’ I love the’s close to everything and very convenient.. the place is not too big and too crowded!

Everyone has been friendly and has made me feel welcomed. Also, coming from Canada, this apartment community and its amenities makes it feel like a resort! I'm excited to live here.

I have had a great experience so far. It was easy to move in. The staff are very nice and helpful. The online portal makes living here easy. I’m glad to have chosen Apex.

All of our neighbors are respectful. No one is intrusive and everyone is kind. We always say hi to each other. It’s a positive community to have.

Excellent. Everything is very updated and clean. I would definitely recommend apex Laguna Niguel to a friend. Fjjfufufrhrhurjrjrjrjrurjjrjr

I have to say fells good to be at a place where people say good morning and have a good night to each other. By the way I can’t forget the amazing service we get from our maintenance people. Clean and always on point. The vow we get is amazing right on top of the pool area can’t stop bragging to all my friends.

So far so good, the new management company is doing several renovations around the property. Complex does not seem as secure as it should be for the price point.

Beautiful apartment with a great view of the court yard. Pretty quiet for the most part. The parking garage is nice to have as well as being easy to access

I have had nothing but good experiences with Apex. It’s always super friendly around the area, neighbors are great. I love living here. I would recommend Apex to any one of my family or friends, and I have.

Everything is good but all employees are striving to be better than before. But in some places like room box, it's still not made after six months, and it's a major problem for all residents and employees of the company.

We just moved in and this complex is SO quiet and convenient. Clean, great layout, and fantastic staff. There is really, so much to offer just by staying here. So happy we found this!

Overall we have loved living here. I wish some amenities were working regularly. We love our spot. We love our location. I wish our downstairs neighbors were cool. Most of our neighbors are amazing. We love where we live.

I wish the pool was heated and I wish we didn’t have to pay for an extra spot when we already pay to live here. I also wish they decorated for the holidays I feel like it would make it more homey. The management so far is OK. Whenever we have a maintenance request it gets done right away so that is very nice.

Just moved in and it feels like home already. I enjoy the outdoor areas and appreciate how clean management keeps everything. There is some construction but it’s quiet and doesn’t bother me. Location is great as well.

Apex has overall been an okay experience. Not the best not the worst. Lots of maintenance needs done around the building. There’s a lot of dog urination spots that were just recently cleaned up after being left there for months. The construction of another building is happening right across our apartment. We can’t open the windows because of this dust. The gate to get into the parking garages is almost always broken, causing a safety problem. The staff however are very friendly and the common areas always look nice.

Started off great and continues to get worse. Incredibly loud neighbors, falling apart building exterior ignored for months and broken into cars.

Great overall community the people are super user friendly and that everyone and that the place is very clean and organized it’s also very quiet

I love the apartment but the parking situation is ridiculous. I am paying for an extra parking spot while many of the residents are just parking in guest parking for free. It’s ridiculous. I can never have a guest over because they have nowhere to parking because it’s all filled by residents! It’s the same cars every day and nothing is done about it. Why am I paying while everyone else gets a free ride. On top of that people sneak behind other cars through to the downstairs garage when it is open and park against the walls, behind other cars and even in front of the elevator and never get towed! It’s insane!

Previous management company was so much better. The previous maintenance staff and office staff were wonderful, incredibly responsive and helpful. I renewed my lease because I like my apartment layout and I like the location but thought about moving given the new management company does not take good care of the building nor care about the tenants (i.e. many of the hall lights were out and they did not proactively fix them, they were waiting for the tenants to reach out). The current staff is pleasant but the maintenance requires tenant follow up to get anything done and they make large packages nearly impossible to get if you work during office hours.

Nice facilities and love the interior of my apartment. But: neighbors very loud, lots of dog poop in the hallways. People playing music by the pool late at night. Garage gate frequently breaks. Fire alarm always going off!

There is a cleaning issue , specially at level # 1 by the elevator, dogs leave the elevator entrance full of P**. Also the jacuzzi need more vigilance from you , in terms of cleaning and people who bring drinks and smoke in the jacuzzi

I used to drive by apex and think how I’d love to live there. I love the modern designs and simplicity and openness of the floor plans. I moved in 2018 and loved it. I would like to say that my biggest and it is my concern the parking. I rarely have visitors and if I do I worry if there is a spot for them to park. I’d love to use the amenities to entertain and have people over and share the great place that I live but I don’t because of parking. I had my car towed and it was $400. I asked the tow company and they said that had been towing at least 2 a night. To me that shows there is a problem. The carpets just got cleaned and it looks great but prior to that it was looking pretty bad. I’m a pretty easy going, optimistic and a realist. I know things take time but I feel that there has been a lot left too long for what we pay for rent. For the most part I truly like living at apex. I’d love to see a solution to the parking.

Moved in on October 13, 2019. I love the property and my unit. Just not happy with the communication from the girls in the sales office. Seems like they don’t care about the residents and we were misinformed on a few things. They also don’t seem very organized and we’ve been told different things from each.