Arden is awesome affordable price for huge space...close to waterford lakes area and UCF very convenient....nice pool area that's great for parties =)

I love my apartment location amd the maintenence crew is friendly and helpful. The emeneties are very cool..we use the beautiful pool daily.The grounds are nicely kept but i do really miss the fountain in the main pond.It really did add to atmosphere.And it would be nice if ALL of the dog owners would take care of their dogs buissness..we as dog owners feel lucky to have such a nice place for our pets.

Loving the improvements to the overall look of the community. I can tell management has been really trying to improve Arden and I appreciate the work that has been going into it and feel that it has been a great change! :)

The apartments are beautiful and centrally located to UCF. This is actually my second time living in Arden Villas. I love the new upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom!

The apartment complex has good amenities like the pool, basketball court, and club house. There has been a lot of construction going on for a long time. I think they also need to cut the grass more often. I did get into a confrontation with another resident and the staff handled it really bad. They didn't even try to listen to my side of the story because the other resident went to them about the incident. I got charge some extra fees and really didn't have a choice but to pay them. There Billing process is kinda strict. You cant pay your bill over the phone and if you use the internet to pay you cant pay until the 1st of the month then it is late if its after the 3rd. So if you don't get on your computer in between those days expect a 100$ late fee. Other residents are nice and young thanks to being next to UCF and staff can be nice.

Living here at Arden Villas is pretty cool experience. Considering that it's mostly college students who live here, I think, it's pretty quiet and calm. Though I think some stuff, like cleaning around the buildings and stuff could be done a little better.

Arden Villas has been a fantastic experience. The area is nicely well kept in terms of maintenance, watched by security, and close to campus. The apartments are very well priced, especially considering the quality of which you get for what you pay. The club house and pool is very nice to have by, along with the tennis courts and parameter of the complex which one can walk. Only downsides I've experienced is subpar maintenance inside the apartments, a gate that sometimes gives problems, and lack of parking spots late at night.

Arden Villas has provided a great community to live in! Everyone who works here and lives here are extremely friendly which makes this a perfect place to live!

I really enjoy living at Arden Villas; the newly renovated pool looks super awesome! I also enjoy how large the bedrooms are. My only issue I have found is with organization of the leasing office. In the past few months though the confusion in the office has subsided and I feel that customer service has greatly improved.

I really like living at Arden Villas. It's a great place to meet people, while living close to campus without the hassle of living on campus.

Staff at the office can be a little forgetful but their doing their best with so many residents and running the place. My roommates and I love the maintenance crew. Always a pleasure to work woth, ultra friendly, timely and helpful. I lived in Gainesville for a year but when I came back to Orlando I knew Arden was the place for me.

I love it here!! Friendly staff, on going improvements and close to everything. Staff is wonderful the buildings are looking better everyday. No complaints!

Pretty cool community, nice and chill around here. No problems at all for the most part besides the front gate being goofy acting on one side lol but i honestly love it here

Your doing great whenever there is a problem it's taken care of within 48hrs. I never had to call more than once to get things done and the staff is friendly.

I was glad to see that the entrance gate was fixed shortly after it was rammed down. The thing we desperately need is a security guard at the gate to monitor suspicious vehicle entrance

Arden Villas is becoming a fun place to live! The remodeling project brought a whole new modern look to the complex and I love it. I also love the location, everything you could ever need is right down the street.

I really love living here at Arden. The community is very friendly and the renovations have really turned this place around. So far I've had a great experience and I love the apartments!

arden villas is great especially with the new renovations! All my friends are all moving into the back because of all the new renovations. Also the pool is the painting

When it comes to overall Arden is doing a good job except the ever changing staff seems to unsettle some residents. Along with, the trouble that has been arising lately also leaving an on edge feel.

Very happy with the complex and all of the staff. My problems, if any, were handled quickly and without question. Convenient payment system was also a plus.

I been here for about a month now and the only thing that I could complain about is the my neighbors blast their musice to much smost the whole day but besides thst this play is great.

Arden Villas is a great place to live. The staff is friendly and the location is amazing. It's just a few blocks from the UCF campus and within walking distance of popular restaurants.

I have been pleased living at Arden villas, yet there are some things I believe it could work on such as making the community feel safer by always keeping the front gates closed and replacing light bulbs that are out on the outside of its buildings

So far I like the environment. Have 4 stars because some of the employees are willing to go over the top for you but some of the maintenance workers can be rude.

Decent place to live if your a college student and like the night life. They really should list themselves as "student housing" not many residents I see have families. Maintenance is terrible however. The office staff doesn't communicate very well with each other. The amenities are okay. The pool remodel was the only noticeable fix and they painted the buildings to make them look cleaner.