I have been here over 2 years and I was threatened with having car towed today, because you do not provide enough parking. Fix the parking!!

Decent place to live if your a college student and like the night life. They really should list themselves as "student housing" not many residents I see have families. Maintenance is terrible however. The office staff doesn't communicate very well with each other. The amenities are okay. The pool remodel was the only noticeable fix and they painted the buildings to make them look cleaner.

Needs more parking. Came home tonight at 2am from work and no spots in visitor or actual parking so i had to park in a handicap spot hoping i dont get towed. Needs better pest control bugs are pretty bad. Spacious apartments though.

Quite dirty, matinence staff are all great! But they don't get the support from management and it shows. If management would spend a little money on that, it wouldn't be a horrible place.

So far my experience has been less than great, due to the new management switch my paperwork has been lost twice and iv received no communication from the leasing office even though my name is on the lease

Gym has missing parts they don't bother to fix, right next to a bar so you get drunk weirdos walking around, and they're extremely difficult to reach by phone or email. Hardly ever respond to anything.

This past month I have had a lot of unfortunate events occur that made my experience less than ideal. My apt was left unlock and with a key in the door throughout the day during a walk through. This was rectified by changing my lock and I have been informed that policy and procedures have been put in place for this to not occur again. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of communication in the office as I continue to receive calls about signing my lease when I have done so already. Also, the fact that no one knew how much I owed for rent seems a little unreal. That being said everyone while they do not seem competent they do seem kind. Also, understand that it is difficult to be competent with all the changes but the lack of communication is excessive.

So far it's been ok, I love the community and can't wait to move in, in November but the office never returns your calls and it's hard to get in touch with someone unless you physically go to the office.

I enjoy living in this community, it's way more comfortable and has more of a home feeling than my last community. I may be here for more than a year!

Regular is the rating. I have no complaints on neighbors or anything. You guys need to improve on maintenance. My air conditioning unit has frozen 8 times now and I don't even keep it that cold. I keep it at 78 and on auto and it freezes. What's the deal? Also the positioning on the air vents are too far away for me to feel anything in my bedroom. The coldest area in my place is the kitchen and then the Living room. Need more vents in bedroom for better ventilation.

I love the tall ceilings and spaciousness of the apartment. I don't like how the thin the walls are. I am able to hear the conversations of pedestrians and I live on the third floor. I also think Arden needs more green space to walk dogs and recreational activities.

It's been fun living in Arden, I love the new floors that have been provided for us. The staff is super friendly and try their best to accommodate us. I just wish I could renew my lease if the prices weren't so ridiculously high!

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The bug situation and air conditioner not working are the main problems. We love the size of the apartment and the location. The clubhouse/pool area are well maintained.

I love my apartment but I wish the carpet would be swapped for the wood covering that's in the bathrooms and kitchen. I also wish that the fountain would be fixed.

Many things are broken and rent is expensive but apartment is big and renovations are nice. Apartment appliances are outdated and could be replaced

The apartment complex has good amenities like the pool, basketball court, and club house. There has been a lot of construction going on for a long time. I think they also need to cut the grass more often. I did get into a confrontation with another resident and the staff handled it really bad. They didn't even try to listen to my side of the story because the other resident went to them about the incident. I got charge some extra fees and really didn't have a choice but to pay them. There Billing process is kinda strict. You cant pay your bill over the phone and if you use the internet to pay you cant pay until the 1st of the month then it is late if its after the 3rd. So if you don't get on your computer in between those days expect a 100$ late fee. Other residents are nice and young thanks to being next to UCF and staff can be nice.

I generally do not mind this apartment complex. The big issue that has surfaced is parking. There is never any parking after 6:30-7ish. I enjoy high ceilings with being on the third floor but I could do without the bugs.

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Very happy with the complex and all of the staff. My problems, if any, were handled quickly and without question. Convenient payment system was also a plus.

Overall our experience could have been better. Our experience could have been worse as well. We had to move in on short notice and they were able to accommodate that.

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Was better before the change in management. Changes in the lease were not the best and moving into a "student apartment" style but not actually adopting the aspects of it makes me not want to live there.

I love the space that apartments have but its hard to keep it cool. The community is filled with college students and they can get annoying.

Had a bad move in experience but the apartments themselves are very spacious and nice. The front office employees are responsive and helpful

Was misinformed at times but great staff and nice place. The sensory was nice over all. Big place. Spacious. I feel comfortable when I go home

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Good community, would like to see the community cleaner and offer good maintenance services for any problem found in apartments. Pest control needs to be better.

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Everyone is nice however I was promised certain things would be fixed and they aren't. A lot of water damage to all of my cabinets and they are very stained. AC unit is moldy.