Everyone in staff and maintenance have been awesome, prompt, receptive, and accommodating to all my problems and repairing things promptly. Leasing process was easy and straightforward. Community is quit, safe, and all the amenities are great. I love they are dog friendly and being able to enjoy the dog park and all other great amenities we have.

Awesome amenities, sweet neighbors, ample parking, helpful office staff, and one of the best school districts in the country!! I hope we can stay here forever.

Attentive staff, efficient systems for requesting service, quiet environment. Neighbors are friendly and there are golf carts patrolling the areas during the day.

Living here at the Artisan has been great. I love all the great amenities and how there are shops and all major highway’s easily accessible.

The Artisan is a perfect community for many reasons. Mainly because management cares what goes on here and works to improve it here all the time. The places here are very nice with modern and new appliances (some). Plenty of room. Parking never an issue. Maintenance staff is great here. They fix things quickly and they are always pleasant. Location couldn’t be better. Close to everything.

Overall a good place to live. Generally pretty quiet and clean. Although I fo have to deal with smoking issues from below and lack of handicap parking. Generally office is receptive and nice.

It’s been a month since I moved in, I enjoy living here. Amenities are nice, Management is great, they respond to inquiries quickly. It’s been a good experience thus far.

The upkeep is nice and people who work here are nice. The apartment carpeting is falling apart after one year of use. Neighbors are unclean and that effects living.

The Artisan is in a perfect location, great amenities and apartments, our move in was super easy and everyone here is so nice. Couldn’t be happier here

Great place to live. Staff is very helpful. Location and amenities are great. Well maintained. Affordable price for Laguna Beach. Great place to have kids

The customer service isnt the best and isnt very helpful all the time for first time renters, but the place is very nice, the community feels safe and clean.

Love the area love the community love the people working in the office. HATE the bugs and spiders soooooo many spiders and creepy crawlers. I’ve had two bugs in my bed and it absolutely terrifies me I’ve walked home and just seen HUGE spider webs and spiders just hanging outside my apartment. I have a newborn I’m constantly cleaning and checking for bugs. Constantly getting bugs spray nothing has worked for the year I have been here I love it here but probably won’t stay because of the bugs it’s really hard sleeping at night knowing there could be something in my bed I’m washing my sheets everyday im just done with the artisan and the big problem here

Quiet community, with friendly residents. Location is convenient to public transportation, which is important if you do not have a vehicle.

I love our nee place. The location is so convenient, not far from the beach, shops and restaurants. My favorite part are the walkways through our unit

It’s cool the location is great and the pools and courts and extra amenities are really massive pros and I love using them with my friends .

We love our new place! It is so nicely refurbished! Beautiful layout and a great area. The surrounding area is great, there’s a pool, a dog park, a hiking trail. It’s super close to the freeway as well. Great location.

Amenities are nice, and maintenance is extremely good at what they do, but the office is mismanaged and the actual quality of the apartments is lacking. Also the water issues are out of hand

The neighborhood is noisy in my area. Young People are partying a lot. There’s trash on the floor by my area as well. The people in the parking lot are impatient and speed , cut turn and cut people off. Other then that, I love most everything else. It’s quiet away from my plex. The neighbors are polite, everyone minds their own business. The outer neighborhood is a great place to live, shops, entertainment, the roads are nice with little traffic. Good place for a kid to grow up. Nicely landscaped. Fast repairs. Nice repair men. Helpful staff.

Fast reliable repairs, lovely amenities, beautiful location, well designed and furnished homes, efficient and friendly leasing agents/ staff

The Artisan is paradise at the end of each day and we find ourselves loving our weekends like never before thanks to the amazing location!!!

Beautiful view, closest we could be to the amazing Laguna Beach!! Staff is friendly and Maintainence team is very helpful and always available for their service!!

The maintenance and management team is great and I love the area. The floors are very thin, however and I can hear loud sounds from below often.

Not a fan of the price for the size of the apartment, all the spiders everywhere, the tiny little garage, the fact that I had to buy my own key for it, the fact that most of the guest spaces are taken up by peoples cars who have been there so long they have lots of spiderwebs on them, or some of the people in management.

My dog really enjoys the dog park and facilities! It is nice that there are so many pet owners, and it would be great to have some pet friendly events!

All apartments in southern California are expensive and this one is no different. The amenities, sizes, features and pricing are the same as many other apartments in the are. The bonus here is that you can purchase a Laguna Beach parking sticker since you’re just inside the city line. Two other perks are the hiking trails and views because you’re on a hill.