Love this place, I can finally breathe and clear my head when I go home. That is very valuable to me. Peace and quiet, along with beautiful scenery and great location.

Does the doctor say you are going out of the office or maybe you could just take a little while and do it a few days ago if you’re not gonna I want you and you want me

This place is setup really nicely but the people in the community are very rude. I’ve had things of mine have been stollen off my property. I don’t trust the residents here. The community is very disrespectful.

Its very quit place people or very nice,staff are great to work with maintance are great to,the facility is really good ,love the gym ,pool area is great ,great family experance

I love living here due to all the amenities and courteous staff. From the top to the bottom. Always friendly and most important when calling about a concern it has been always resolved in a timely manner and I’ve been here for 4 years. The events during the holidays which are organized by the management team are always well organized and allows neighbors to get to know each other which makes for a more enjoyable living experience. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays

Living here almost a full year now and everything has been great! We have had no issues. The parking is great here and the location is family friendly!

Honestly it’s fine, I’ve been here for almost 2 years. I had to move to a renovated unit which is nice enough, but the rent for the location is steep, and nothing is walkable. The office staff are hit and miss from day to day.

The neighbors are nice and the Artisan provides many amenities, including a gym, which has enabled me to start working out weekly, and swimming pools/hot tubs, which are fun places to hang out with friends.

Generally ok, but there is a lot of noise from below. My dog really enjoys the facilities, the doggie park especially! She has lots of doggy friends in the community!

I love living at the Artisan! Convenient location: close to Laguna, Aliso, and the 133. Quiet community that's clean with all the amenities (pools, gym, storage, etc). Friendly staff, especially the maintenance guys.

I am just moving in but from the gecko l was met with amazing personal , Scott Smith is a very good example (Knowledgeable and friendly) he listened to my needs and showed me the exact apartment that I wanted and I’m very excited to move in very soon.

Nice location, safe. Noise could be better, often people being loud above us. Would recommend to students who need a space that can accommodate a few roommates.

I moved here from Massachusetts as a freshman and I never expected such a lovely place as my first apartment complex! The neighbors are lovely and the apartments are incredibly beautiful!

Everyone in staff and maintenance have been awesome, prompt, receptive, and accommodating to all my problems and repairing things promptly. Leasing process was easy and straightforward. Community is quit, safe, and all the amenities are great. I love they are dog friendly and being able to enjoy the dog park and all other great amenities we have.

Awesome amenities, sweet neighbors, ample parking, helpful office staff, and one of the best school districts in the country!! I hope we can stay here forever.

Attentive staff, efficient systems for requesting service, quiet environment. Neighbors are friendly and there are golf carts patrolling the areas during the day.

Living here at the Artisan has been great. I love all the great amenities and how there are shops and all major highway’s easily accessible.

The Artisan is a perfect community for many reasons. Mainly because management cares what goes on here and works to improve it here all the time. The places here are very nice with modern and new appliances (some). Plenty of room. Parking never an issue. Maintenance staff is great here. They fix things quickly and they are always pleasant. Location couldn’t be better. Close to everything.

Overall a good place to live. Generally pretty quiet and clean. Although I fo have to deal with smoking issues from below and lack of handicap parking. Generally office is receptive and nice.

It’s been a month since I moved in, I enjoy living here. Amenities are nice, Management is great, they respond to inquiries quickly. It’s been a good experience thus far.

The upkeep is nice and people who work here are nice. The apartment carpeting is falling apart after one year of use. Neighbors are unclean and that effects living.

The Artisan is in a perfect location, great amenities and apartments, our move in was super easy and everyone here is so nice. Couldn’t be happier here

Great place to live. Staff is very helpful. Location and amenities are great. Well maintained. Affordable price for Laguna Beach. Great place to have kids

The customer service isnt the best and isnt very helpful all the time for first time renters, but the place is very nice, the community feels safe and clean.

Love the area love the community love the people working in the office. HATE the bugs and spiders soooooo many spiders and creepy crawlers. I’ve had two bugs in my bed and it absolutely terrifies me I’ve walked home and just seen HUGE spider webs and spiders just hanging outside my apartment. I have a newborn I’m constantly cleaning and checking for bugs. Constantly getting bugs spray nothing has worked for the year I have been here I love it here but probably won’t stay because of the bugs it’s really hard sleeping at night knowing there could be something in my bed I’m washing my sheets everyday im just done with the artisan and the big problem here