The maintenance and management team is great and I love the area. The floors are very thin, however and I can hear loud sounds from below often.

Not a fan of the price for the size of the apartment, all the spiders everywhere, the tiny little garage, the fact that I had to buy my own key for it, the fact that most of the guest spaces are taken up by peoples cars who have been there so long they have lots of spiderwebs on them, or some of the people in management.

My dog really enjoys the dog park and facilities! It is nice that there are so many pet owners, and it would be great to have some pet friendly events!

All apartments in southern California are expensive and this one is no different. The amenities, sizes, features and pricing are the same as many other apartments in the are. The bonus here is that you can purchase a Laguna Beach parking sticker since you’re just inside the city line. Two other perks are the hiking trails and views because you’re on a hill.

Awesome Place to live. Great community! We love the gym, and also the kids always have so much fun at the pool and jacuzzi. School around here are great for kids.

I moved here for college purposes but so far all the amenities are amazing and the building is amazing! The location isn’t bad either as the nearest shops/restaurants are only about a 10 minute drive away.

I like it. Pool and jacuzzi is packed & needs some updating. Everything else has been great. Is there a steam or sauna anywhere on the property?

Our family has really felt safe and comfortable. My babies are learning how to swim, the facilities are awesome, and the staff is always helpful.

I love living at the Artisan! There are so many amenities, a great staff, there's no noise and it feels rather perfect at times. I also love my apartment and my neighbors :)

I like the Artisan. I think there should be more food trucks. The introduction of snakes into our community would be an added plus. They are cool and would make living at the Artisan a more dynamic.

It’s a great place with a beautiful town and nice, friendly, people. The staff are all very accommodating, and make sure we feel comfortable in our new apartment.

Love the apartment and the area, but there are some issues with the bathroom and dishwasher. However, it seems like they will be taken care of quickly.

Great Service, easy to work with the browser. I did not have problems nor complaints. It took me a few hours to receive an email to confirm my acount.

We love the Artisan! The people are friendly, the staff is attentive and the maintenance workers are efficient. We went hiking for the first time, what’s view from the top of the mountain!

Awesome apartments! This place is truly unique nestled on the hills of Laguna Beach. The apartment complex has great pools, gym, and trail access. The staff are all excellent and we have never been happier with a rental.

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It seems like a very safe neighbor hood, love the easy access , friendly staff, clean atmosphere , love the pool and gym, overall very nice place to leave !!

Love it here at the Artisan Laguna Beach. My experience so far has been mostly positive. Except 2 issues. 1. The Water Bill way way way too expensive. 2. Paying Rent online there is an addl $64 charge using your bank card and k.My Rent is already expensive

So far it has been great. The facilities are well maintained and everyone is very responsive. Neighbors are quiet the apartments are laid out beautifully.

The Artisan had great staff and wonderful people working there. the leasing office was very helpful and I appreciate the community and the quietness .

I absolutely love living here. The community is very nice and quiet. The location is fantastic with the beach being so close and local hiking right in our backyard. Laguna Beach is a great place to live, and The Artisan makes it possible to live here.

Great amenities, great people, great location. We love it here! Also, we are excited that The Artisan is in one of the best public school districts in the country!

Pretty great place. Lovely amenities, great neighborhood, and relatively quiet. Parking if your handicap can be a struggle. The smell of smoke can be annoying as well.

The staff here is great I've lived here for almost 4 years now. Had no problems or issues whatsoever maintenance always been on time and the area has always been kept clean.

I love living here at the Laguna Beach Artisan Apartments. I love all the great amenities like the gym, pool, lounge area, office center and the staff here at The Artisan are GREAT. I highly recommended this lovely place.