Cool neighborhood and neighbors too. Wish the apartments themselves could be updated. Also the gym could use more free weights. 25 pounds is pretty light

The main thing I love is how quickly the maintenance people are at fixing anything. Not much has gone wrong, but if something is our of sorts they are so quick to fix it!

Staff are friendly and helpful. Place is usually private and peaceful. Grounds, trash area are dirty. Many times not enough parking. Better then renting from a private landlord with the ever changing denver renting market, we have found some stability here.

Very nice the apartments but there are always police in the day and night I have no problems with that but sometimes it is uncomfortable to leave my apartment and see policemen always

I have lived here for the past 5 years and so far it has been a wonderful experience. Apartments are very clean and the office staff are very quick on maintenance and repairs. Shoutout to the office staff they have been amazing taking care of all the residents concerns. Overall happy to be living here!

Excellent staff who are polite and prompt. The people living in the complex usually stick to themselves, but the children can be loud. Overall a fine place to live!

Parking is a nightmare. I'd gladly pay an extra $50 a month for an assigned space. Upkeep for long term residence should not be the burden of the resident-aka, carpet cleanings. The way someone's belongings are left outside in a parking spot when they are evicted is obviously your prerogative but makes the property look trashy.

Love these apartments. Best place ive lived in, in Colorado. Great staff. And very clean. Friendly neighbors. Best of all awsome creek across the street.

I enjoy living here at ascent, I have only one complaint. The number of unsupervised children that are playing in the parking lot area on certain days can be concerning for the kids safety at times.

So far this has been a pretty nice place to live! Conveniently located near just about EVERYTHING I need I'm pretty content with the community that we chose to live in for our first time in Denver.

Neighborhood is good. Lower neighbor is a pain though. Propane tanks for the grill are usually empty I’ve actually replaced one myself just to use it. Glad the pools been open

Great place to live, convenient location, beautiful grounds, and the Cherry Creek Trail is right here! Shopping is close. Pet friendly. Great people, great neighbors!

Its great. Our a/c stop working and the maintenance people caught it and let us know before we went to the office. They have being great. :)

Service has been great so far. There are trails nearby that are easy to walk as well as a park about half a mile a way. My only real gripe is being required to pay $25 a month for trash valet. I'd like to take my own trash out for free.

Good experience nice area good service easy payment through online good management a loot of parking spot for evry body their talking car of the trash too so I don’t have to walk to the dumbster

Reply from Ascent


The past 2 months have been okay. Buildings are kept pretty clean, but garbage areas could use some attention. Seems like a friendly community... Lots of kids. There were a few bumps along the way, but overall not a bad start.

Great living on the third floor! Lots of kids running around outside, and parking isn’t great. The rent is cheap though and the property has a pool.

The Ascent Apartments have really lived up to what they promised when first finding them. I am more than happy to be living here. I would highly recommend.

I like it. Great apartment and management. The noise is kept to a minimum and the grounds are clean. I like the fact that they have trash valet

So far so good. Been here for almost a week. Clean common areas, really friendly staff. Well maintained apartment. Lots of kids in the area playing during the day. Quiet at night and a decent amount of parking

The apartments are clean and very upscale inside. The staff is very nice. The community in the apartments could use more activities to bring them together though.

except for the parking... no complaints. parking could be alot better. cant find a spot at night. too many people who dont live here park in our spots.

Excellent maintenance and just a little too bit loud playground and bit too loud neighbors. Other than that a great community i wish parking issues get resolved too.

It’s very clean outside all the time most of the people in the neighborhood are calm I would recommend this to a friend and also the maintenance is fast

I love this place. It so quiet and people are so friendly. The community is so clean and perfect for kids. Schools in the area are also great