There is a lot I love about this apartment complex. The apartment itself is very updated and super cozy inside and definitely feels like home 🥰 I have 3 cons though. 1) the laundry situation isn't very ideal. We have a machine in our apartment and it's a 2 in1 and is half the size of 1 full sized machine and keeping up with laundry is SO hard. 2) parking is almost always a nightmare. ESPECIALLY when you have guests because they HAVE to park at the back of the apartment complex and that's difficult when your apartment is towards the front of the complex. 3) when it rains the pathway infront of my apartment literally turns into a lake. So much so that me downstairs neighbors but bricks to make a pathway just to they didnt have to trudge thru water when it rains and then it gets muddy for several days and the mud is super slippery. Those are big cons to me but the front office is always super helpful, always as on top of service requests as they can be. They're very personable. The actual apartment itself is super cozy, I love it. My son knows his way around here, he also feels like home too. There is a little playground in the complex that I will sometimes take him to ans he loves it as well (super convenient).

So far it’s going great! The office staff is so friendly and my apartment is so cute! I cannot wait to move in this weekend. I am sure that I am going to love the pool too.

Totally recommended its more cheaper than other apartments in the area with a good looking pool parking space is limited but still great to live

Landscape is horrible. Can’t walk anywhere without stepping in mud. Literally probably 12 parking spots without the reserved paint so good luck trying to find a parking spot without getting towed or at your convenience. Don’t even think about working out because people have literally token all of the weights so I guess cardio will be your only workout.

I had a bad experience on my first day living here but Violet quickly resolved the issue and made me feel safe and helped me get into a better living situation in the end

Bad office doesn’t do anything about the noise and children playing in breezeways they canceled courtesy patrol and didn’t inform residents that is not good

So far i love staying here...this is my first apartment without my mom and i’m very pleased! The apartments are well kept and no major issues.

So far it’s great. Thomas LOVES the dog park and he’s made a ton of friends. Everyone has been really friendly and my neighbors are awesome.

I like the are the apartment complex is in. The apartment itself is very nice and big. The flooring is dark but not too dark and I like that there is big enough windows to let in natural light

The showers don't get very warm wich is good for your skin but would be a nice luxury. Maintenance said it gets warm. Other than that very nice experience.

I got and old unit that still has a heater that they don’t even install anymore.. The boiler goes not heat the kitchen sink or bathroom sink properly. Takes too long to get hot. And there’s roaches.

This is a great community, fairly quiet and the updates to the units make it feel very contemporary. Everyone in the office is friendly and so are the residents I’ve met so far.

Hi, I'm a new resident, I like their common area and the attention of the staff has been exceptional, I hope the community is calm and friendly, I love living 3n aspen creek

The apartments and amenities are nice. The parking is ok as long as you don't have visitors staying. The dumpsters fill up quickly, but overall the experience is good.

Pretty good I just moved in and have had very few problems and they was had very quickly... I’m pleased with the office staff they are very prompt

When we recently moved it was ok , but now we have a few concerns and not very happy.!! We have lived here for 7 months and in the time we have live here they haven't fixed a flooding issue when it rains hard outside also some neighboors are noisy they have fights and make to much trouble

Aspen creek is a great place to live, I feel safe and the staff is wonderful. I love that there is a place to let my dog run free and off his leash.

The surrounding community is not a problem, it’s the residency itself. Perhaps in the future, hire better contractors to perform renovations.

Best customer service in the office they were very much organized and I love the AT&T dealers that are there with the discounts. I would recommend this place to anyone

I absolutely love living here! The only thing wrong is the flooding when it rains, the sidewalk in front of our building floods. But other than that I have no complaints!

It’s a nice and quiet neighborhood, however the garbage is out of control, and the gate picks and chooses when it wants to work. Other than those two things, it’s a wonderful place to live.

Love it so far! Patricia was amazing she helped me a lot and very patient. Love the Dog park you guys have. The only thing I didn’t like is the “reserved parking spot” I got my car towed the first night there since the sign are very old you can really see them at night :( but Patricia took care of everything (:

The ladies at the main office are super friendly and helpful! Love the play area and dog park! Location is great as it’s close to a major highway!

just moved here i love this place nice neighborhood neighbors are awesome. also real close to all the fine dinning addison has to offer. real close to Galleria shopping mall is a plus!!!

We've been living here for only a week but it seems like a nice place to live. It's pretty quiet at night which is a nice change from some places we've lived. The only complaint is that the parking system is confusing.