I love the area it’s quite and the community is great! Your not to far away from the city and everything you need it near by. The super market and other stores are all within a few distances from each other. Old town Alexandria is closer then you think I love visiting that area. I would recommend others to reside here and make it their home.

The leasing staff, cleaning staff and maintenance personnel are always professional. Every problem or complaint I have given has been taking care of in a timely manner. Thus making the plumbing/flooding problem and a slight infestation problem tolerable. This is the best apartment staff I have had the opportunity to interact with.

Been here for a little over one year and see a lot of changes in the past few months. It appears that there is a lot of improvements going on and an effort to fix up some areas that were worn out and needing repair. I am missing some of the staff that had been here but the new people seem to be very nice. The place has a great location near highways and shopping. I would stay here longer if my job did not require me to move out of state. I have also seen an increase in the rent that is getting a little high for the place.

I got my car towed from my own parking space. I wish this park meant had better checks and balance and controls. The garage smell like dead rats.

Good location. Quiet neighborhood. Maintenance does the best job that they can with the tools they have been give. Decent price. One thing to look at changing is not allowing smoking on patios as it prevents non smokers from opening windows.

The property is so gorgeous! Lots of trees, really pretty clubhouse area. The units themselves are really spacious and feel like home. I have enjoyed my experience so far.

The property is ok. There are definitely some issues such as the fire alarm going off randomly but I think the new management company is working to improve things.

There are a lot of problems but they’re being worked on that’s all we can ask for. As far as maintenance I think it takes too long to have pest control come in or have something worked on in your apartment. However grounds maintenance has been vastly improved with new management.

Good enough. Good location. Everything else is ok. Not bad. Not great. Overpriced. Probably better places and values out there. So far so good

Would love to have more a strict policy on the open parking (especially of guests/uninvited guests). The idea of having cameras in communal areas is highly recommended, as some residents are disrespectful in throwing away trash/pet waste on the grounds, in the elevators, and in the stairways. Better set-up of package delivery to residents, please. Option of hardwood floors would be great in units. More community events for residents, please! Overall, good value for the area in terms of access to freeways.

My favorite part of this community is the people and the staff at the office. They are nice, professional, and know the residents by name. This makes pretty much any transaction with the office pleasant. The only reason I vote one star down is due to the cleanliness of the general areas (garages, paint, elevators, halls). They, especially the garages, are in serious need of pressure washing and repainting.

Very nice neighborhood , the apartments are very open and clean, I really like the fireplace in the apartments and the large balconies. All staff are very welcoming and cordial.

This is a relatively inexpensive place to live and is located in a great area. There are minor issues with the system but overall it is lovely

While the community itself is nothing to complain about, the response from maintenance and management has been seriously lacking. We have submitted multiple maintenance requests that have not even been acknowledged, and upon calling the maintenance line, we are told it’s for “emergencies only.” The dumpster area in the garage is disgusting, and there is frequently pet feces in the stairwell. Changes in cleanliness and response, or even care for residents, are both changes I believe should be implemented to make for a happier community.

Location is great and the apartment is spacious yet cozy 😊 Common areas could use some attention but overall I'm pleased. The amenities are pretty good too! 👍

I've been a resident here for over 10 years and love it. Many different property managers which takes time getting used to but all in all, I love the property.

There is so much potential for assembly Alexandria to be great but unfortunately it is lacking a lot. For example the lobby and elevators are always disgusting with dog urine. The elevators break down frequently. Packages are left by the mailboxes unsecured leaving them vulnerable to be stolen. Maintenance requests can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to be acknowledged. Just overall not worth the money spent. I will not be renewing my lease.

Living here has had its ups and downs. When we first moved here it was great, very quiet, little to no maintenance issues. We had a few situations recently that were not handled so well by Maintenance and the office in regards to communication. The change in management definitely was not the best transition, but I can see that they are slowly working to make the community look better by upgrading amenities and appearance. The only thing I think needs more work is maintenance, and how responsive they are to service requests.

We just moved in. The staff is very friendly and good experience so far. We just moved in. The staff is very friendly and good experience so far.

We have really enjoyed living here. For the most part, the community is lovely and the employees are friendly and know us by name. There are some issues with cleanliness, particularly in the stairwells, hallways, garages and garbage areas.

Like living here no complaints but there is room and needs to be a lot of upgrades done with amenities and apartment living. Not really a noisy complex staff is very great.

Apartments are beautiful, management has gone down since we’ve moved in last November. Maintenance issues take forever to get fixed . Prices are great until they want you renew

Good value overall, but I had to call maintenance out 5+ times to fix a single problem because the first time they showed up but didn't fix it and the next three times (over the course of ~2 weeks) they just ignored requests, made in person, on the portal, and by phone.

The staff here was very helpful to me on my arrival date. They showed me 3 apartments in one day i felt bad making that young lady walk around so much but it was very helpful. I hope the staff have the same energy through out my stay living here.

I have had a great experience with my recent move in. The leasing staff is very professional and the maintenance staff responded to my service request promptly!