The apartment is decent however the common areas like hallways are very dirty as well as trash rooms. There is little communication from the office about changes. Receiving packages is sometimes difficult, we once were not notified for a whole day about a perishable packaged delivered.

With the new company owning our complex, everything has been wonderful. The apartments are great for a good price and good customer service.

I am extremely pleased with my apartment and the leasing office personnel! It’s quiet majority of the time and every resident I have come across has been very friendly! I love all the amenities and the ease of doing everything online such as paying my rent. I love it here!!!

What I am not happy about is how I feel there have been hidden charges since the new company took over, it's frustrating... I wish they could have kept it the same as before.

Love it here really nice place to live and pet friendly and not a noisy neighborhood at all. The balconies could be bigger so you can sit and emu.

As many first time apartment owners, I've had my fair share of mistakes and issues financially. That is what I expected. What I wasn't expecting was for Assembly to be so engaged and willing to help me throughout that time and even be available when I have questions outside of that. I gotta say. I'm pretty blessed. Thanks Assembly Team

There is so much to love about this place! I almost never run into other residents, and everyone is pretty quiet. There’s a small gravel space for the pets to run around and get their energy out and use the bathroom, and they even supply doggie bags. The only thing that could use some work is maintenance. We’ve been waiting for someone to come fix some things around the apartment since we moved in a week ago.. But the office is super friendly and efficient in communication. Overall love my new home!

The first several days were rough since parking is not enforce d so my reserved spot was always taken. They didn’t have a towing company contract finalized until two weeks after I moved in so having to park several buildings away to move heavy objects in was definitely a pain I was promised I wouldn’t have. They even said “this will be your reserved spot and no one will take it. We promise” when I signed the lease. Besides that it’s a nice complex. Kind, caring neighbors who you pretty much never hear making loud noise or disturbing other neighbors. My favorite part is all the dogs you see everywhere throughout the day. Bad experience, nice complex.

the location is a big plus and i haven’t had a problem with anyone loving here either. it’s usually quiet and the rooms are not bad. It’s really nice to have a basketball court even tho it is small.

There are things I like, and things I don't like. I do find it funny that the complex is advertised as a luxury complex, and there's nothing luxurious about it. I also don't like the fact that the company doesn't cover a single utility for it's residents. However, it's a decent place to live and decent for the price in the area.

I have lived here for a number of years and I have been relatively happy. The staff is great, Maintenence is quick and efficient but the community could use some updates in common areas, the gym, and within the apartments.

I really like the neighborhood and location of this building. The apartments are very spacious and cozy. This building has very friendly staff.

I have really enjoyed living at AA so far. There have been a few hiccups here and there with things like leftover doors and issues with my AC unit, but overall I am currently satisfied with my stay.

So far it has been great! The process of applying for the apartment and the response time of the staff was been outstanding. The online system made it easy to coordinate my move in.

We love the place at home and practical home designs for families. Location and neighborhood is awesome. We enjoy the amenities and visiting the office.

It's okay living here. It can get loud with the fire trucks. And the alarm system is broken since goes off every few weeks. Speaking of that, this place has an alarm fee ($10 a month)...never seen that before. There's a few other things that aren't desirable. But I chose to live here since it's close to the highway and I can get to my job in a reasonable amount of time.

Great apartment community here at assembly Alexandria, love the style of the apartment and how quiet the neighborhood is. The only complaint

My apartment community is decent. I wish there were more opportunities to meet people as I'd like to make friends with people who live here. I enjoy talking to maintenance and staff when we cross paths. I can tell they work really hard. It'd be great if more amenities were offered or spruced up; for instance, the fitness center could be great but some of the machines don't work and it lacks some basic equipment.

Love the apartments and how spacious they are an the way they are laid out. Nice to feel like it is a community and tucked away from the main roads and city life. Could have better amenities, front office staff response time and more transparent communication.

Very nice and quite place, can sleep with the windows open and not be disturbed. We also have met a lot of friendly pet people. It also nice to walk into the rental office and they all know you my name, which means a lot

Nice quiet environment,nice amenities , wonderful staff, but maintenance is somewhat sub standard. Trash and debris too often not picked up (even after repeated notification to the office).

It’s a nice place but needs maintenance. The garage needs to be fixed, new paint on the hallway wouldn’t be a bad idea, the smell on the first floor of my building is unbearable.

The area is nice, quiet and convenient. The apartments are fairly nice it’s a plus that each apartment has washer and dryer in unit as well as a fireplace. The overall experience has been decent. Maintenance could use some work and lots of room for improvement regarding communication between staff and residents. Additionally the gym could use a major upgrade.

New management seems to be putting things in the right direction. Glad they kept the staff in the leasing office too, they are really the main reasons we stayed here.

It has been fine living here. We havent had too many issues other than the outside could be cleaned a bit more and the gym is extremely outdated.