The community is taken care of fairly well. The location is great and so is the staff. It's fairly quiet and very convenient to the interstate.

Overall, I enjoy living at Assembly Alexandria. There has been several occasions when I’ve seen mice inside the garage. Also some pet owners refuse to pick up after there pets.. even in the elevator of the building. However, most days I still enjoy living here. Staff is friendly and any issues we’ve had with maintenance has been resolved in a short amount of time.

The place is clean and the workers here are nice. There's just a few spots that really show its age. I know they are updating a lot and I'm sure they will get to the old stuff that needs to be updated

The community needs to be kept cleaner and the lighting, specifically in the stairwells is poor. The trash is poorly managed, dog poop bags aren't available at the poop cans, the stairwells are dirty and poorly lit. The door next to P2 entrance is not secure. I respectfully request that management regularly inform all vehicle operators of the importance of correctly parking in spaces outside of the garage. After fair notice and determing legality, please tow vehicles or advise the towing company to tow improperly parked vehicles in non paid spaces outside of garages for actions such as blocking sidewalks. Without a barrier many drivers pull or back into spaces until their tires stop and leave their car or truck bed blocking a significant portion of the sidewalk.

Hopefully it gets better with the new management. Things really need an upgrade I’ve been living here for about two years and it hasn’t been the best.

I like the apartments, though I would renovate the washer and dryer still as they're on the small side. Also the appliances are starting to give out as well ie garbage disposal

The garage floods constantly, the gym equipment is broken often , the front window was broken by a rock and the biggest issue is finding parking late at night

My service request was neglected for 2 weeks, I should have not renewed my lease. I was really disappointed. We need cleaning maintenance to prevent diseases.

Everyone at the office is very nice and they regularly clean the buildings, but I do wish they cleaned the hallways more often and vented the trashrooms because they stink

I enjoy living here. The staff is great and most neighbors are friendly. The community is descent and mainly quiet. A few cosmetic updates will make it even better. Residents should clean up after their dogs, no one likes an unpleasant surprise.

Only a few minor inconveniences since I moved here 1.5 years ago. Overall, a great living experience. The parking is great and maintenance is responsive.

I have no major issues, outside of some residents being a little immature with leaving trash in the trash room or even on the elevator. But property managers do their best with what we are working with. I will probably renew my lease if I don't buy a house

When I first moved in, I would have rated it a 4. Good location and good floor space. Over last 6 months, things have dramatically declined-all of this trash started to accumulate, then rats moved in and things have been awful since then.

Apartments are nice enough. Don't have a sunroom so the energy bill isn't too crazy in the winter. We've had a history of pest problems however and the garbage situation is pretty bad due to smells and general unsightliness. Overall not a bad place to live, but there's a lot of room for improvement.

Rats in the parking garage. Trash not picked up on a daily basis like it used to be. Office no longer holds packages for tenants so items have been stolen.

Overall everything is great. The only down fall is the noise from car stereos at night and people above engaging in personal relations between 1-330 the morning often waking me up.

So far so good. The neighborhood is fine not to much trouble. The apartment was clean upon moving in but they could have done a better job by fixing up some stuff but nothing you can fix up your self

Great price ranges for each apartment, but some structures and appliances are a little old and worn out. Enjoyed our stay and has plenty of space for everything you need.

Nice community but communication from staff is sometimes lacking. I had had some issues with trash rooms, making the hall smell. Apartments are nice and have had minimal issues.

Nice community but in need of some repairs. Seems to be a lot of water leak issues and rats, particularly in the garage. Other than that, I have no complaints.

My husband and I have loved living here. The staff is kind and prompt when we need maintenance. We’ve had some flooding issues and they went out of their way to make it right.

I think it's probably known already that the transfer of management was poorly done. I think it was 5 days notice before the online portal went down. Then i couldn't pay anyway because nobody in the leasing office new how much i owed. The lack of communication after that point was the worst

The overall experience of the employees and the community itself is extremely pleasant, however, the appliances and apartment itself are subpar for a) the area we live in and b) the year we are in. It’s 2019 and I’m in an apartment less than 10 miles outside of a major city with a late 90’s/early 2000’s furnished apartment. Like I said, I love the employees and the community, not a huge fan of the apartment itself.

I loved the point the until Greystar took over. It’s been disgusting ever since. We had rats in our garage for over THREE MONTHS. I am moving after my lease ends.

could use a facelift in particular new gym equipment, hallway carpet and windows due to poor insulation. I do like that overall the community is pretty friendly and quiet