My service request was neglected for 2 weeks, I should have not renewed my lease. I was really disappointed. We need cleaning maintenance to prevent diseases.

I got my car towed from my own parking space. I wish this park meant had better checks and balance and controls. The garage smell like dead rats.

I think it's probably known already that the transfer of management was poorly done. I think it was 5 days notice before the online portal went down. Then i couldn't pay anyway because nobody in the leasing office new how much i owed. The lack of communication after that point was the worst

When I first moved in, I would have rated it a 4. Good location and good floor space. Over last 6 months, things have dramatically declined-all of this trash started to accumulate, then rats moved in and things have been awful since then.

There is so much potential for assembly Alexandria to be great but unfortunately it is lacking a lot. For example the lobby and elevators are always disgusting with dog urine. The elevators break down frequently. Packages are left by the mailboxes unsecured leaving them vulnerable to be stolen. Maintenance requests can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to be acknowledged. Just overall not worth the money spent. I will not be renewing my lease.

Maintenance tickets remain open for weeks. I was promised that I could have pest control come as much as needed, I keep putting in requests and they don't come. The pest are coming in through cracks in the walls and under the sink.

While the community itself is nothing to complain about, the response from maintenance and management has been seriously lacking. We have submitted multiple maintenance requests that have not even been acknowledged, and upon calling the maintenance line, we are told it’s for “emergencies only.” The dumpster area in the garage is disgusting, and there is frequently pet feces in the stairwell. Changes in cleanliness and response, or even care for residents, are both changes I believe should be implemented to make for a happier community.

There are a lot of problems but they’re being worked on that’s all we can ask for. As far as maintenance I think it takes too long to have pest control come in or have something worked on in your apartment. However grounds maintenance has been vastly improved with new management.

I really like the apartment in itself it’s very cozy and comfortable but the amenities and management could be run a lot better. For example, a couple weeks after we moved in our elevator was broken for months and broke multiple times again after that.

It could be better. Maintenance is poor sometimes. My apartment need upgrading. People with dogs are not responsible and the parking garages are smelly and rat infested. This was a nice place 5 years ago.

Overall not bad, some areas need to be improved on. Dog park gets neglected, car wash area is unusable, and maintenance requests fall on deaf ears

The garage floods constantly, the gym equipment is broken often , the front window was broken by a rock and the biggest issue is finding parking late at night

The apartment is decent however the common areas like hallways are very dirty as well as trash rooms. There is little communication from the office about changes. Receiving packages is sometimes difficult, we once were not notified for a whole day about a perishable packaged delivered.

I loved the point the until Greystar took over. It’s been disgusting ever since. We had rats in our garage for over THREE MONTHS. I am moving after my lease ends.

The apartment needs to be updated, I have way too many maintenance concerns. The staff in the leasing office are helpful though. I just wish my apartment didn’t seem so run down.

It used to be better- now the leasing agents, except Anthony, act like they hate their jobs ever time i call or stop by to ask for help. No one seems to care anymore

Prompt response to maintenance requests, little oversight of contractors renovating units and resident move ins/outs. Issues with trash chute backups, parking availability, garage door malfunctions. No resident incentives for renewing like carpet cleaning or paint touch ups to refresh units.

There are things I like, and things I don't like. I do find it funny that the complex is advertised as a luxury complex, and there's nothing luxurious about it. I also don't like the fact that the company doesn't cover a single utility for it's residents. However, it's a decent place to live and decent for the price in the area.

The property is ok. There are definitely some issues such as the fire alarm going off randomly but I think the new management company is working to improve things.

Always problem with a parking for guests, l never used my guest parking permit cut they couldn’t find a parking. Can’t believe that all people have that much guests! They are using it for themselves, parking garage is empty. Definitely have to do sth about it!

Good value overall, but I had to call maintenance out 5+ times to fix a single problem because the first time they showed up but didn't fix it and the next three times (over the course of ~2 weeks) they just ignored requests, made in person, on the portal, and by phone.

Love the apartments and how spacious they are an the way they are laid out. Nice to feel like it is a community and tucked away from the main roads and city life. Could have better amenities, front office staff response time and more transparent communication.

My apartment community is decent. I wish there were more opportunities to meet people as I'd like to make friends with people who live here. I enjoy talking to maintenance and staff when we cross paths. I can tell they work really hard. It'd be great if more amenities were offered or spruced up; for instance, the fitness center could be great but some of the machines don't work and it lacks some basic equipment.

Living here has had its ups and downs. When we first moved here it was great, very quiet, little to no maintenance issues. We had a few situations recently that were not handled so well by Maintenance and the office in regards to communication. The change in management definitely was not the best transition, but I can see that they are slowly working to make the community look better by upgrading amenities and appearance. The only thing I think needs more work is maintenance, and how responsive they are to service requests.

It's okay living here. It can get loud with the fire trucks. And the alarm system is broken since goes off every few weeks. Speaking of that, this place has an alarm fee ($10 a month)...never seen that before. There's a few other things that aren't desirable. But I chose to live here since it's close to the highway and I can get to my job in a reasonable amount of time.