Nice apartment, but price is a little high at the beginning it was listed as a gated community that’s why the was justified however it was never a gated community the gate never worked and now it’s removed.

Pleasant new place! Thank you Assembly. Renovated property that has definitely changed hands since the last time I lived in Leesburg. Perfect spot close to shoppping malls.

I live in a 2Bedroom apartment. I love the extra space! Bigger than expected and the inside windows bring the perfect amount of natural lighting. Our refrigerator was brand new, clean carpets, and all blinds & shades were accounted for. The kitchen included wooden floors, a dish washer, brandnew electric stove and a microwave. Maintenance here is 24hrs. Move in day, the apartment was clean, there were minimal fixes, and it took only a few days to come & repair. They provide residential parking passes, and guest parking. The neighborhood is peacful. Theres a play ground for the kids and a pool nearby. Assembly is within a 5 mile radius of good restaurants, grocery & clothing stores and the outlet mall. Overall i am very satisfied with my move, and i was gifted a large milk chocolate bar the day of recieving my keys. I highly recommend this apartment complex to anyone looking to move in the Leesburg area.

Economical apartments in Leesburg. Nice neighborhood with all known stores and restaurants walking distance away. Friendly leasing staff. Not much in amenities.

Muy especial me encanta la comunidad Asamblea leesburg va es muy agradable y muy limpio Ycon todo para poder vivir señor recomiendo a cualquiera que ande buscando alquiler

Great place im happy to be here i will have one year in December i like here people is nice and the aparmenr are veey clean always asking how is everything i just like it.

Nice neighborhood. Everyone is friendly. I sleep great and the location is awesome for my needs. The parking is by pass so theirs always a spot close by my unit.

Transitioning from NY to VA was a world of a difference. I’m so thankful to have found an apartment here, very clean, love having a washer and dryer in our unit! Love having parking spaces available at all hours of the day, pool is a huge bonus. All areas are well maintained and clean, great neighborhood and amazing staff at the office!

Muy bonito para vivir excelente todo está muy cerca para comprar la gente muy amable la piscina linda los empleados atentos y educados bonito

The process has overall been very pleasant!! The office staff has been very enthusiastic and attentive during the signup process. A few points of feedback: - the call center I originally spoke to mentioned a $150 admin fee, however it was actually $400. - when I inquired about that fee, the amount was corrected and was presented as a non-refundable fee due along with the application fee. With two adults on the lease, this meant $500 was required up front. When I asked if this was refundable, the office manager apologetically explained that it was not. As a result, I was ready to leave without applying, because we couldn’t afford that amount since we were planning to apply to multiple locations (we had already explained we were on a short timeline to find somewhere to move due to an unexpected work transfer). Luckily, my fiancé asked a slightly different question, and the answer given to him was that the $400 admin fee is refundable if we are either not approved, or if we cancel our application within 72hrs. This answer completely changed our ability to apply!!! My encouragement is to have staff trained to immediately offer to information of how that fee is refundable, since it is required up front with the application. - The digital side of signing up was a bit lengthy, which is to be expected; however there are several steps that could be more intuitive. As a fairly tech- and admin-savvy person, there were some steps that took extra time to complete due to the website’s format and needing to search for the right place to go. Unfortunately, I don’t remember specific pages, as I was preoccupied with getting everything completed. - there is a prompt to log into the resident portal before we were even officially approved. This created some confusion because I paid the security deposit digitally with my card, but then was asked by the office manager to pay the deposit and first month’s rent with a CERTIFIED. check. My suggestion is: perhaps the resident portal shouldn’t be offered to a new resident until they’ve been human-approved after the initial digital approval. Overall, we are happy to be new residents!!! My biggest encouragements are the first two points, as we almost didn’t apply at all. But everything else is just me being a service industry pro, and offering details to help with fine-tuning. Thank you!!!

My family and I like to live in an assembly in Leesburg, the team has a very good approach to every family! Very clean territory, this again thanks to the workers, there is only one thing, but the children have nowhere to play football!

Expensive. Not what I wanted. They told us one price and decided was going to be a different price. $100 for a third key for the apartment.

Assembly Leesburg has been a great place to live. The Lease Office and Maintenance team and very helpful and friendly. Neighbors are good too.

Nice community. Could use a little renovations but do not want a crazy hike in rent. Close to everything shopping dining entertainment. Customer service is good

I love our home. Nice 2 bedroom 2 bath and great amount of space ! Also the leasing ladies are very welcoming. I can see why we had to wait a while to view because they fixed it up and made it perfect for us before we moved in. We completely love it.

This apartment it is very comfortable.I love the park and the pool. I’m so happy to be a resident of this apartment. By sitting in the balcony of my house it give me good views.

This apartment is the best to live the surroundings are beautiful and clean and fresh air to breathe. There is a really good swimming pool which makes me feel refreshing during summer time. I love to be a resident of this apartment.

Love how accommodating the leasing staff are and willing to address concerns when are brought up. Wish there was more visitor parking and more safety precautions for nighttime

Assembly Leesburg is the perfect apartment home for me. The location of the Assembly complex was the initial draw for me (proximity to interstate, the local schools, and shopping venues). The knowledge and friendliness of the leasing office and maintenance staff sealed the deal. I am quite satisfied with my decision to reside at Assembly Leesburg.

I live in The point of Leesburg 3 years ago, I moved out due to relocate of my job. After I moved back to Leesburg, I came back because my first go around I didn't have any problems or issues, so I am glad to be back

I've lived here for over 2 years, and never had to worry about excessively loud neighbors, crime or any of that. Every maintenance issue is promptly resolved without issue. It's been a great experience

Wish community had recycling. Wish there was an annual mold inspection. Not sure if it exists, but hope there is a fee for people who don’t pick up animals defecate

My husband and I have lived here for 6 years now, and we really like it here. I'm pretty sad the gates got taken down, part of the reason we like this community so much was the added security. We accepted paying a little more for the apartment when we moved in came with being in a "gated community", and we hope to see some newer gates maybe be installed. Other than that, we really don't have any issues, maintenance is always prompt with fixing problems. We're excited to see what the new management company brings, we're already happy with the increased level of interest and contact with the residents. Thank you!

This property is very comfortable. Called, Is a nice place close to principal store the leesburg. They have a nice staff administration and maintenance

The place is nice for a family for living. There is versatility, different people from everywhere and you get to know about different cultures living here.