Quiet neighborhood and neighbors. Have lived here for 5 years. Only wish they would get long-time residents some of the same upgrades that they put in the renovated apartments.

The lights outside the parking lots they sometimes work . And also there sometimes insect on the stares. So sometimes my finance has to spray bug spray so those animals can go away.

The apartment itself is a decent apartment. The staff is super friendly. The leasing process wasn’t very up front, everything was very vague and nothing was well explained.

Rent is a little on the high side for the area and amenities... maintenances extremely slow.... neighbors are hit or miss... the people in the office act like they are your over lords and should bow when you enter their office... very smug... wouldn’t recommend....

So far so good. I dont have any complaints at all. I've enjoyed my time. The ppl have been great and the overall environment has been a safe place.

I like it a lot. Beautiful apartment and very quiet. The workers are very friendly and helpful. Awesome pool and hot tub. And the website is very simple. Thanks all!!

Overall it's great, the only downside is the parking in front of your apt. The amenities are great and the outside is always quiet, no problems yet

There have been some issues but they seem to be getting fixed and things are getting better. Having a new management company come in ha had some growing pains so hopefully those can get smoothed out soon and then it will be much better.

My experience has sucked from day one. They showed me the wrong type of apartment so I thought I was getting 1 apartment but it was really a downgrade. The office stuff never answers the phone. My work orders take weeks. The parking is horrible and the parking lot lights don't work.

Great staff and pretty good neighbors. Also, the cleaning crew are nice. Parking space available all the time. The online services works quickly as well.

There are a lot of improvements that need to be made. maintenance orders take insanely long to be resolved, Appliances are in very poor condition , dog park is in need of repairs

The new manager Katherine is nice and they are cleaning the property yet to make it look so much better I would prefer my friends and family to come live here too

Old and broken appliances. I’ve been living here for 2 months, the oven is broken since day one and the old washing machine is so loud. We have filled a multiple service requests but so far no luck.

The community is good just a few issues with the apartment. In the winter, the apartment never gets warm enough, which causes our electricity bill to be high. We had a few centipedes pop out in the apartment. But overall the apartment complex is spacious and the leasing office is somewhat responsive.

Other than the waste management issue, I'd say that the community is doing an excellent job it caring for its residences. It normally keeps us abreast of what is going on in the community via it's community portal.

Beautiful complex with a great staff!! The neighborhood is quiet, and not affected by the loud sounds of the close highway. It’s also close to sone really great shopping!

It’s different, I see more things being added. I think you guys should change your sign though, it looks like you just placed a sticker over “the pointe at bull run”.

So far it’s ok. The new management is not so bad. They are not point at bull run but I’m hopeful they will do a great job just like the point!!!

Overall I love being a resident here!!! The neighbors are very friendly.I would recommend moving here to anyone looking for a nice spacious reasonable place to live

I've lived here for 4 years and it's been good overall. The only big issue I've seen is people who don't clean up after their dog or those who leave garbage wherever they feel like it. The office staff is usually helpful, and with the exception of one past issue maintenance has been good. Not much to complain about.

I love everything about the Assembly. From the amenities to the location to how the apartments are set up. The community is great and so is the staff. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Matnince isn't that good and we are moving out on September 11 cuz we dont like it here any more since the name change. What would make us stay is if are washer and dryer were up graded and matnince was more reliable.

Loved living here for two years cause of the people around us! But they definitely could use improvement in the maintenance department and leasing staff

I just love it. It’s been 2 years we are living is this community so far we are very happy and enjoying very nice neighborhood. Very professional Costumer service. Thankful

I love living here. The people are great they look out for you. the location is wonderful. i can walk down the street and say hi to someone and they say hi back. My grand kids have friends there age. Thanks