Both landlord and maintenance caretakers very friendly and absolutely amazing. Made moving in for my family a breeze and simple. Would deffinately recommend Auburn ridge apartments

I really enjoy the atmosphere and the location. I just moved here from South Dakota and it already feels like home, like I've been here my whole life. I love the layout of the apartment, everything is perfect and spacious. I just love every little thing about our apartment and couldn't be happier with it 😊

The property as a whole is nice. It could be better with more grass to make it more appealing, but overall it is nice. The apartment and maintenance staff are great. However, the liter on property is tremendous. There is brown glass on the sidewalks, cigarettes everywhere, and trash. The people in the unit above us throw their cigarettes out from their patio. With proper cleanup of the grounds the apartment community would improve.

Very pricey place to live and the garages aren’t any near the apartments you live in. We got a furnished apartment but the furniture was disappointing.

This is a ver great place with a great environment. Have met many other people here and they are very friendly. Can easily get in touch with the people in charge in case of an emergency.

The staff is wonderful and always friendly. Our neighbors recently have been really great as well. With people moving in and out often it’s not always quiet but for the most part it’s a great place to live.

Not much for amenities, especially compared to other local complexes. Maintenance is wonderful. I like the layout of the apartment. Not a lot of noise. Neighbors are friendly.

We have really loved the management team here! We’ve had a great experience with them. The apartment itself is nice, other than some maintenance that needs doing, the units are pretty nice and open. The two stars that I left off are due to outside aesthetics. There’s a lot of trash everywhere. Broken glass as well, and we’ve had to be very careful taking our dog out. The trash pickup and overall looks of the outside aesthetics could be much better and safer. Also, the residents here, especially ones by us are constantly throwing out cigarette butts onto our yard, the wind brings them on our porch. They also leave out all kinds of trash, empty bottles, and bottle caps that also get flown over everywhere by the wind. People definitely need to start picking up/throwing away their trash. It’s gross and unsafe for animals. The looks of the outside of the apartment community could also be much better cleaned up, with some added pretty yard work aesthetics too. Other than that, and the walls being very thin, we hear everything going on around us...our experience has been good.

More parking spots would be nice and clean garage But overall great place to live nice neighborhood amenities are wonderful and close to town

4 months of living here has been good so far. Polite people. Trying to get a maintenance request for stuff takes a while and they aren't the fastest to respond.

We really love living here. The neighbors ate great and everyone is so friendly. I know it's hard to get good maintenance workers but it would be nice if the parking and sidewalks were taken care of better.

I love how sound proof the walls are I honestly cant believe how quiet it is😊And it's nice having central heating and air conditioning! It will be nice to have designated parking though I dont like trying to get a pace remotely close to my apartment 😒

Been her almost 2 yrs, everything's been going great so far, just wish they understand that everyone here don't work in the oil fields. Wish they cut the rent down just a little so we can start living the dream.

Happy that there is a furnished apartment option. Having a fitness center is nice. I wish there was a garage option for studio apartments. ..

Love it here. Very homey! We’ve lived here for a little over 4 years and it’s been great! Wouldn’t want to live in any other apartment complex it ND!

Love the ladies in the office! Always happy to help me with any questions and to assist me. The only issue I have with the property is all the smoking. If it were possible to have a no smoking building that would be an awesome option since I can’t enjoy my outdoor space with all the second hand smoke floating around my porch due to the neighbors.

It is a very nice apartment, a little expensive, bit I like that it is pet friendly. I enjoy the balcony every day and am glad to have nice neighbors.

I moved in May 24. It was very clean. I had a small water leak coming from laundry room. Told Mannon Powell and she had it fixed in a timely manner. She is the best

Very friendly and helpful staff, prompt response to any repair or concern matter when theres is a problem with unit. Very well in keeping clean

i love it here, it’s a nice place and the area is awesome! not a big fan of the neighbors but that’s ok! i can’t wait to see what’s in place for me here!

Great so far. Very nice and clean. Having an in unit laundry and gym on site is very useful. Parking can be an issue at some points in the year.

Parking is a headache walls are thin. The snow and ice were not cleared in the winter it was very slick and I fell in the parking lot. I like the people who work here

It’s a awesome place too live, my neighbors are really nice , and it’s not evr too loud ,I got a nice garage that my wife can park her car in ,while I can park my truck in the parking lot

Everything has been good kinda feels like to many people in such a small area and I wish there was more parking. But the office ladies have always been very nice and understanding to my and my roommate

One time, I had a problem in my apartment. I submitted my request on the app, and they were on it right away. They even went above and beyond with their job, and made sure it was taken care of right away. :)