Very friendly and helpful staff, prompt response to any repair or concern matter when theres is a problem with unit. Very well in keeping clean

i love it here, it’s a nice place and the area is awesome! not a big fan of the neighbors but that’s ok! i can’t wait to see what’s in place for me here!

Great so far. Very nice and clean. Having an in unit laundry and gym on site is very useful. Parking can be an issue at some points in the year.

Parking is a headache walls are thin. The snow and ice were not cleared in the winter it was very slick and I fell in the parking lot. I like the people who work here

It’s a awesome place too live, my neighbors are really nice , and it’s not evr too loud ,I got a nice garage that my wife can park her car in ,while I can park my truck in the parking lot

Everything has been good kinda feels like to many people in such a small area and I wish there was more parking. But the office ladies have always been very nice and understanding to my and my roommate

One time, I had a problem in my apartment. I submitted my request on the app, and they were on it right away. They even went above and beyond with their job, and made sure it was taken care of right away. :)

I have only been here for just over a week, but everything has been really good, the management was very responsive to the only minor issues that I had, and I made all the arrangements from Oklahoma without any issues

Apartment was very clean, office staff was very efficient, friendly and informative. I’m very pleased with my decision to move to Auburn Ridge. The other plus is it’s quiet and the walls are not paper thin like most apartments. Definitely recommend this place.

Very nice apartment and atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Convenient to food, stores, and work. But could use a snow removal service to keep the drives clean.

The staff is wonderful and always happy to chat or help with any problems that come up. My neighbors are constantly playing their music to loud so they don’t really contribute anything good to the community.

Very quiet and excellent and free gym 😊 and lots are always kept clean on a daily basis. Snow is also kept of the sidewalks so no unnecessary slips

So far, so good. Unfortunately my garage door froze to the ground and the power door actuator arm bent the upper panel. Other than that, I rate Auburn Ridge very highly.

Its nice been liveing here for awile the appartments are nice. have pleanty of room. Just sucks liveing on the 3rd floor bc of all the stairs

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We really like our apartment and our neighbors. Our managers try to help us out as quickly as possible. The parking area needs a little help though.

Everyone has been nice at the office. There has been alot of ice in the parking lot and on sidewalks 2ould like to see that better but it's been pretty good so far

Management is great. The unit is the cleanest I've seen in Watford. Any maintenance issues I've had have been taken care of right away. 5 stars

Not much parking and you keep raising my rent. The place is clean and well kept. I’m glad they finally put in a gym. I just wish I didn’t have to pay so much for rent.

The overall appearance of the apartment - at first look - is appealing. However, upon inspection, made the following discoveries: Hair on bed mattress, clogged bath tub, dirty base boards, stinky garbage disposal, filthy filters. Solutions provided by the property manager: $100 credit and extensive wait time in resolving issues pertaining to maintenance. By far the worst move in experience, considering lease is at market rate and no welcome gift was provided. Not impressed.

It has very friendly And welcome me into moving into here I would recommend this to anybody The staff is very friendly and helpful very courteous and genuine

Happy that there is a furnished apartment option. Having a fitness center is nice. I wish there was a garage option for studio apartments. ..

Very nice here friendly and clean environment I also Love that there is a gym and staff is super friendly I'd recommend this place also close to stores

Application/Move-in process was quick and easy. Property Manager took the time to show me all of the property amenities. Property is well kept.

Wonderful place to live. Nice area along with quiet and friendly all around. Great office staff as well. New gym is a great addition to the apartment.

I love living here. I've lived here for a year and I'm very happy here. The managers are awesome and the prices are great. I love the layout of the building and my apartment.