I love living here. It’s such a quiet community, but you’re also super close to everything you would ever want or need. They also offer different perks throughout the year — free movies, yoga, free breakfast, free pizza. The staff is also super helpful and nice. They’re always eager to help or answer questions. I also love the fact that the complex is pet friendly. There’s a dog park and several walking stations. If none of that interests you, then maybe knowing there’s two luxury pools, a Luxer package station, a 24-hour access gym, and gated community would catch your eye. I would highly suggest living here!

So far so good. I have only lived here for a few weeks, but I have had a very enjoyable experience. The staff has been friendly and helpful, and I very much enjoy the apartment.

So far so good. Apartment design looks very open and bright. Many amenities to choose from as well. Great location, with great shops nearby.

I am new to the area and the staff makes me feel so welcomed already! The community is beautiful as well and in a great location. I am very excited to live here!!

Right now, I'm really satisfied with the resident experience here. The community is safe, everyone is friendly and there're lots of convenient facilities around the community!

My move in process was extremely smooth. The staff has been nothing but helpful! And the community is quiet and chill. Love living here so far.

I like my apartment and its location next to the Target and the medalion center. However, I do not like the parking situation and how there is no wifi provided.

The staffs at The Avery on Southwestern are really great! I just moved in on Aug. 3rd. Several days ago I submitted a work request and they helped me with my request so quickly. Compared with other community, The Avery always reply emails very fast, which is great!

I really enjoy living in this community,it’s safe and clean. Everything is organized, great service and friendly emplyees at leasing office.

The property is attractive and well maintained. Easy access to walking path on Southwestern. And apartment is very quiet. Enjoying living here!

Can’t beat this location for its great location, price and amenities (gym and two nice pools.) Staff is helpful and work orders are done in a timely matter.

Great place to live. Lots of amenities, but mostly a great locations in Dallas. Close to everything I do. Office management is always on top of everything.

Pretty good experience for the almost 2 years that I have been here. I will renew my lease again if I still get a good rate. Wish the side gate would get fixed though.

The experience was amazing! Since I have a Labrador, it is really nice that the community has its own dog park. There is no doubt that the staff is nice and helpful.

Such a calm atmosphere in such a busy city. It’s very dog friendly and conveniently located close to other businesses. Well maintained buildings and good management. I love this place.

Pool is a disaster on the weekends and anytime someone has a party. Doesn't get cleaned regularly. Apartments are good and maintenance is awesome.

I'm a big fan of the portal and how everything is online based. Move in process felt pretty smooth, I enjoy all the amenities and getting our washer and dryer was a breeze and fixes came quick and were performed fast. So far everything has been great.

Mariana has been very helpful with our move-in requirements. My roommates and I are looking forward to being a part of the community, and can't wait to experience the social atmosphere at the complex.

Pleasant staff & great neighborhood! Maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner and my neighbors are friendly. Also Conveniently located next to target, stores and whatever you need!

This is my second year in this complex and I have recommended two people already. I am happy with the service and the community. Every time I submit a request for a service, next day is fixed. I attend to every single event, movies by the pool, bingo night, happy hours, Christmas event. I appreciate everything the staff do to make us feel comfortable and welcome.

I think everything is fine. Except it was a little noisy because I lived near the side of the road. Then I want to fix things faster. The tap at my house has been broken for two weeks and no one has come to fix it.

I love living in the Avery. The pool is very nice and convenient. The people are friendly and so are the dogs. There is a great dog park for my dog. I’m

After only a week of living here, I am so incredibly disappointed with the Avery. Upon move in, it was very clear that my apartment was not thoroughly cleaned or walked through as it was dirty and looked run-down. Even the maintenance guy was shocked at all of the things that were wrong with it! Here’s a snapshot of the issues I’ve noticed since moving in, many of which have still not been addressed: -Bathroom door off of hinges. I literally could not move the door open or closed, because it wasn’t attached - just resting on the ground! -Half of the light bulbs in the unit were blown out & the metal shade for the pendant light in the kitchen is burnt, so it gives off a reddish light -Window blinds are crooked -Bath tub was dirty and not recaulked -Tub is clogged. When showering, the water rises to my ankles -The water in the shower only stays warm for the first five minutes -Sticky front door locks -Huge wasp nest on balcony -Some electrical sockets do not work -Smoke billows from the oven when I try to use it -Utility room door does not close, since it’s missing a hook on the top -Still waiting on a washer/dryer, which I was told would arrive two days ago... what’s up with that? And I could go on.... But I say all this to say that it has been a total headache trying to settle into a new place when there are so many things obviously wrong with it and no sense of urgency to get them resolved. Had I known this, I would have chosen to live somewhere else!!!! -Vinessa Burnett

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Love living here! Having two pools is the summer is great. The location is very convenient with close access to a 24/7 Tom Thumb with a gas station.

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Not as clean as I would like - mold in bathroom and windows. Also kitchen dish washer has dirt in it. Kitchen light did not work Otherwise generally ok