We absolutely love living at Avila and couldn’t have picked a better complex. Avila has everything you could ever want including peace and quiet

Nicely remodeled apartment complex. Pet friendly is a big plus! Maintenance guys are awesome and friendly. They all love my pup and always friendly.

I really likeed ,favorite community I can living here because it's close to my job and I have time and saving money on the gas ,so I have plan for Couple years

Had a little misunderstanding with the floor right before we moved in but everyone in the office was super nice and helpful! We moved in a day late but the apartment looks beautiful and we really love it!

I enjoy how quiet the community is, however, I don't like how dirty the property has been recently. Other residents leave trash all over the common areas and it will be a few days before maintenance picks up. Also, I don't know what the issue is with the plumbing, all my neighbors constantly have clogged sinks and bathtubs.

Move in was fast and easy. Apart from a few things broken or not working in our unit, we love it. Parking is great by our building. We have already recommended to many friends

I like living here the location is convenient and the apartments are beautifully remodeled. The staff is really nice and the community feels safe.

My girlfriend and I have enjoyed every moment of our time living at Avila at Rancho Santa Margarita over the last three months. The staff are helpful and attentive, and I have received high quality and fast service whenever I needed help.

We still enjoy living here, the neighborhood is nice. Shopping is maybe a little more than a ten minute walk away! Parking is still not the greatest but no complaints other than that

I’d just have the rent not go up so high every year. The parking is challenging and it could be the people who do t live here use our spots.

I have not been here long enough to really give a fair review, but I do know the staff is on it and it's a pleasure dealing with them! Ask me again later for an overall review ;)

We just moved to Avila in November 2018 and absolutely love it so far! As former Irvine Co residents, we had very high expectations and Avila has surpassed them so far. The staff is helpful and responsive, apartment and community amenities are amazing, location is great. I love our new home at Avila!

Like the neighborhood but have had some repair issues where we have been waiting for up to a week to get responses to getting someone to address our needs

Great interiors. Quiet mostly. Maintenance fixed a leak pretty quickly. Office staff may need to be more proactive instead of reactive with communication and knowledge of processes. Everything should be given to the resident upon move in. Also when having 3rd party vendors fixing homes while tenants are away poses a huge risk to privacy and security. This company should invest in creative by a resident update via email for maintenance work. A confirmation email notifying when workers arrive on site and when they leave. So that there is transparency with who was present in someone’s unit. A paper trail is a great way to prevent any potential legal issues. This would instill confidence in tenants and would alleviate the need to call the leasing office for updates.

The Major issue is parking, no one seems to monitor people parking in their garages......If you come home after 6:30 chances are no parking.

We really enjoy the community. It’s pretty quiet for the most part and almost everyone who works here is friendly and helpful. Only downfall is parking, like in any apartment complex. They should do garage checks more often to ensure people are actually using them to park a vehicle.

Nice complex with easy parcel access and convenient location to a number of shopping centers. Very nice and accommodating staff. Would recommend.

I lived at Avila for 2 years as a medical graduate student. 1 bed, 1 bath. I enjoyed living there and feel the apartment was great with up to date appliances. When I needed help, the office was there to assist; however there needs to be a line of communication for when a resident needs assistance after hours.

I love to live at Avila apartments ❤️❤️My kids and l we are so happy is a very good place for us to live all personal are so respectful and 👍

Dope community! The people here are really chill, and don’t cause any problems whatsoever. One issue that I do have is on the weekend when it’s garbage day, typically on Saturdays, the trucks are extremely loud. Other than that this is been a grand experience, and I would definitely refer a Avila at Rancho Santa Margarita to family and friends.

I've had some issues, not all, but most of which are resolved. The apartment itself if much nicer than most that I have seen in the area. Little touches of character are important to me and make it seem more homey.

I moved to Avila based on my friends’ experience, and thus far, after 9 months, it’s been amazing! Awesome community! Quiet and always clean!

Beautiful property. Just a little hard to get maintenance things taken care of and parking needs to be reigned in. It's hard with two babies to be parking on Antonio and wrangling them all the way to the third floor of building 5..

I’ve been living here for a few months now and so far it’s all good! I haven’t had any major complaints but the couple times that I’ve had to call the office staff has been kind and they resolved my problem immediately.

I really enjoy the community and complex it’s very safe and welcoming the staff is awesome and are very knowledgeable I would definitely recommend it