Great Communication! Worked with me on all phases of application process, were very helpful and professional. would definitely recommend to others.

The area is beautiful with tons of parks and recreation around town. Along with shopping centers and restaurants. Everyone in the community is friendly

This apartment complex has great amenities and it’s always kept up extremely well. The staff is personable and friendly. The only thing I would say they could improve on is the noise level at night.

So Far, everybody I’ve met has been very friendly. My apartment is clean and spacious and I love the location. There are many amenities I have not tried yet

Very nice accommodations, a wonderful location, ample parking, beautiful sunsets, friendly staff, friendly neighbors, and more make this such an amazing place to live!

Very interesting concept. Looking forward to earning points for rewards. Very interesting concept. Looking forward to earning points for rewards.

Been great living here so far! :) I’ve been living here for about a week and although my apartment is by the leasing office, it is still pretty quiet. People here are so nice.

I love the size of my 1bed/bath unit!! My fire place was a dream for me, and I can’t get enough of the view from the Saddleback Mountains from our room/living room! So happy to have moved here!

The apartments are gorgeous! The staff is amazing! Very friendly environment. We’ve lived here for less than a month and already we love this place.

Awesome friendly staff always willing to help. Highly recommend this complex. Amazing prices and beautiful apartments! There is definitely no other place like it in RSM

Avila apartment community is a very welcoming place. The leasing office is well kept and the employees are super nice! Our new apartment home is amazing! We love it, and for the price there is no where else to go!

Things are good but it could be better if trash bin areas were kept cleaner and picked up. Also dog pet owners should be advise to always pick up after their pets. Thank you

Nice Clean property. Nice neighbors. The neighborhood surrounding is perfect for walking and families. Management is helpful, and courteous.

Been here a month. So far everything has been going well. Residents and staff have all been friendly. The grounds are well kept. Great location for families. Lot's of trails and parks around town.

So far living here has been only OK. There were things wrong when we moved in such as no heat. We almost had a fire when the ceiling fan decided to have a mini explosion. However the staff are definitely good at solving all of these little problems so they only got one star of for that. The second star they lost was because they did all of these renovations and left old LOUD washing machines and dryers. Why would you not complete the renovations first off?? Second I'm losing sleep because my neighbors laundry room is above my bedroom and everytime they turn that old LOUD machine on I have to listen to it! It sucks so much!!!

We love Avila. I think the only thing is there is no laundry facility with access big washers on the property. We love the unit washer and dryer it it doesn't fit our blankets or comforter

We've lived in this community for almost 20 yrs. It's a nice place to live. But the Rent gets more and more ridiculous every year. There's No loyalty for long time Residents.

I just moved in and I love my new apartment! It’s newly renovated and it feels so fresh and clean. I’m so appreciative. The neighbors I’ve met are all very nice. The staff in the leasing office are very friendly and helpful. I’m a satisfied tenant.

Some of the neighbors are rude and inconsiderate. But the apartment is very nice! I love the stainless steel appliances. I can always find a parking spot and we are very close to shopping!

Very nice communiy love the apartment fresh clean and new upgrades. Love most about the apt. Only downside is parking at night and also the noise inside the apt that faces Antonio pky. Only upgrade I would like inside would be double pane glass windows.

I love my apartment itself, but I would not refer Avila to anyone based on their management team. Both their property managers and assistant managers have extremely poor customer service, and do not communicate community matters properly at all, and are terrible at responding to emails. Being highly responsive is a fairly simple way to provide great customer service in my opinion, but unfortunately whenever I've sent an email to Avila management, it has either taken days to get a response, or I don't get a response at all. Another matter that I'll mention specifically, was an instance that occurred during the first week of April. Apparently, the company that water, sewage, and trash is billed through, did not post automatic payments on the first of the month of April. So, those residents who were set up on automatic payment were not charged for water, sewage, and trash. Rather than sending out a mass email to all community residents, Avila's assistant property manager sends out an extremely hostile typed-up letter stating that if "they did not receive the balance due on my account by April 6th, that I would be charged a late fee and that my rent would be considered past due." Because I'm set up on automatic payment, I'm not sitting there staring at my bank account and statements figuring out what's going to be coming out of my account. I know I have enough funds in my account to cover all auto charges that'll occur that month, so I'm not worried about it. Since Avila is the one that is collecting money from their tenants, it's their responsibility to ensure everything is being paid and withdrawn on the appropriate day. It's not my problem that there was a system glitch, so I should not have had to receive such a rude letter when I'm a model tenant and pay my rent on time each and every month. Too, I was supposed to be out of town on the day that this particular letter was distributed at my doorstep, but happened to stop home first before leaving. So, if I had not been home, would I have been penalized? Given the way that Avila's management runs things, I'm sure I would have been. Needless to say, I was pretty upset about this situation. To add injury to insult, when I called the assistant property manager to discuss the letter I had received, she was not at all empathetic or helpful, and mentioned that I could "bring down a personal check to the office to pay the balance that was owed." I rarely write any checks any more with online banking, and was in a rush to leave as I was going out of town that day, and when I went to just pay my balance online, I noticed that there's an $80 fee to use a Visa card. That is absolutely ridiculous, so I was left with no choice but to literally run down to the leasing office and drop off a check. Despite the poor level of service provided by Avila management, I would like to point out that the maintenance crew is great, and are very efficient and work quickly any time I've needed something serviced or repaired. They're also all very friendly. Perhaps some some of the gentlemen who are currently in the maintenance department could be promoted to community management.

I love living here! It was my first apartment a couple years ago and I’m back again. The amenities here are great! The pool is always clean and kept up.

Only lived here for 6 months but so far we really enjoy it! The apartment is lovely, I like the neutral colors and so far that I know the community is nice. The maintenance staff are also really nice. The only issues would be people speeding through the parking lot like it's a main street and some of the front office staff are rude to you right away. I understand they probably deal with a lot but some people just have questions and would not like an attitude. Other then that it's great here!

The apartment community is really nice. The office staff is very helpful, the maintenance staff is great and we love our neighbors. This is a great community with lots of amenities.

I love living at Avila at RSM! Our apartment is very nice and modern. It’s in the perfect location as shops are only a 5 minute walk away. The Avila community itself is very beautiful.