Great apartment great prices great staff great neighbors overall experience has been alright nothing above and beyond, could be cleaner but overall good

Beautiful, safe, relaxing place to live. We especially enjoy the pool area. Our two bedroom apartment is very spacious. Grounds keepers and technicians do excellent work.

Excellent location! Excellent amenities! Friendly & attentive staff. Despite what others has said parking is Excellent. Graded 1/2 star from perfect due to the lack of a privacy door guard on the front door in addition to the deadbolt. If you have little kids it’s a definite must have.

The front office staff has been fantastic, especially George! anything that I have ever needed has been taken care of quickly and respectfully.

I love everything except for three points. 1. The parking is terrible for guests. I often can’t find any spaces anywhere within walking distance 2. 275 is loud during morning traffic affix 3. The office is helpful but can’t be expected to remember requests. You have to keep checking in to make sure matters were attended to.

It seems to get louder by the day. I'm hoping since school is starting back up there will be less kids screaming at the pool all day every day. Also people using the pool and blasting music past 9 pm and up to 5:30 am has happened three times in the last three weeks.

Great community and awesome pace to be. Thanks to a great friendly and safe Environment. We are happy to renew for another year and look forward being at Azure.

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touring & application process were so smooth -- very friendly & helpful staff. gorgeous layouts and interior! downsides: parking, thin walls, printing broken in lounge

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I have had nothing but great experiences with everyone in this community. From the wonderful folks in the leasing office, to all the maintenance people who just give you a wave in passing.

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Only been here a few months but so far its been great. The grounds are kept clean and maintenance was quick when our a/c went out after a storm. Great place to live

The property is well maintained. Office staff is helpful. The people in the community are friendly. I look forward to participating in event

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the property. Amenities are great, not a ton of noise and decently priced compared to other properties. We recently had a pipe break from the washer drain and the maintenance team did great at fixing the issue. My only complaint is that the property staff knew this is an ongoing issue and did not do anything to compensate us for the time and inconvenience of having someone in and out of our apartment to fix it. I would have appreciated money off of rent or something since they know this is a problem and instead of proactively fixing they wait until it is broken to fix.

Great people, great amenities, amazing dogs around here and a really safe place. Been living here two months now and I truly love it here. Especially the valet trash!

My daughter, dog and I transitioned from a single family home to an apartment at Azure a month ago. I had expected the process to be a difficult transition for us all but it turns out I was wrong. My daughter loves the idea that we have a giant pool to use and of course the playground. Mostly though she loves that we can take our dog to the dog park whenever we want. My dog has made tons of new friends and I love that he is adjusting as well. I am personally so happy here. The staff is amazing and I always feel like I can reach someone right away. If you haven't met Sterling, you should. He is incredibly kind and very hard working. He had to come in to do some work and met my daughter who wanted to show him around the entire apartment and he was great about it. My AC had some issues a week ago and after calling the number, someone got back to me within 2 minutes and he was even at dinner but wanted to come back to my house after his meal to take care of it. I mean it is hard to find that kind customer service anywhere. I am so grateful that Azure had the availability when they did so I could make the move without any stress. MOVE HERE!!

I love Azure. It's quiet and clean with AMAZING amenities. The office staff is very helpful with any issues. My only request would be that there would be more visitor AND handicap parking spaces. Sometimes, late at night, it is difficult to find a space near the front of your building. That is the ONLY thing that kept me from giving 5 stars. Keep up the great work!

Everyone in the office was extremely helpful. I had to change the apartment I wanted multiple times and they worked with me each time without any issues. The lease paperwork process was painless and quick.

Love the community. It’s the best place that I have lived at. The staffing is very nice . They are attentive to my needs and got me the perfect place

Great place to live. Very quite! Safe atmosphere and easy to get along with staff. Always ready to help. There is usally some kind of event going on and they are pet friendly.

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time at Azure. It’s clean and safe, with great layouts. I would like to see more community events. We had some when I moved in but they’ve fallen off since.

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The community is very nice, but management is lacking. There is little communication between management to tenants. The staff is very nice just needs to get better on communication

Tyler made the leasing process easy and Iove all the storage my apartment has! The location is perfect- I’m only 5 minutes from work and even closer to Publix!

This apartment is nice and clean with good location not far from highway. I have nothing to complain about anything here so far. The room is huge

In love with the pool and gym. Would love to see more community events. I really enjoyed the omelette day upon move in. The apartments are very spacious and beautiful

Apartments are okay. Good location. Convenient to everything. Community is average. Somewhat dirty and old but not horrible. There are worse places to live.

This community is great in terms of amenities however service is not so good in terms of any complain or fixing. Despite complaining on multiple things 3 months back still they don't have inventory to replace or fix things.

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