We’ve only lived here for two weeks, so take everything with a grain of salt, but so far we have enjoyed our experience and are happy we’ve moved here.

We have been here for a year now and just upped our lease for a little longer. Best apartments around! A quiet community, helpful staff, great renovations! We love living here!!

We love living at bar harbor. The staff is so understanding and helpful and we have so many great amenities. We are excited to move to our new two bed two bath apartment!

Its a nice place to live..quite area and nice people..the only thing is the dog poop but I know you can't always see the people doing it so that is an overlook

This an awesome place to live. The staff is super friendly. All my neighbors are extremely nice. It’s pet friendly which is nice when I’m dog sitting for a friend. Glad I chose Bar Harbor.

I love to live here! My important things are covered. I can always find a parking spot close to my apartment, no noises, close to everything, and Peaceful community.

I LOVE IT HERE!!! It is so peaceful and everyone is very friendly!!! I have never been apart of a community that is respectful of their neighbors and home life.

So far, I like it here. Good location, nice restaurants, lots of water and nature. Bar Harbor is in a great spot, and they're very pretty inside, I'm impressed.

We have lived here going on 2 years now, the staff here is very friendly, we have had a few mishaps, but they always seem to get things taken care of for us, so no complaints! The only thing I would have to say negative is that they need a few more waste bins for animal feces.

I visited this property in 2016. It took me some time but I came back in 2018 to visit my feelings still remained the same I loved it. Finally moved in and the office has been nothing short of amazing.

Super quick maintenance, ladies in the office are amazing and they actually take requests/complaints serious! We didn’t have a “poop pick up station” around our building so people would just leave their dogs poop in the grass/sidewalks! They put up a station and I’m hoping dog owners will now pick up after their dogs. Thank you for for taking care of the residents concerns!

Absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t have picked a better community for my first apartment. I love the cleanliness, the friendliness of the office staff, and the location! 10/10 will ABSOLUTELY recommend!

So far our experience has been great. Meghan and the front office have been very accommodating. Maintenance has been very efficient and quick to complete work order requests.

So far it's been awesome the apartment is clean the neighbors are nice and the people in the front office where super helpful so I have no complaints!

Really enjoy living here. Just renewed for another yr!! Like the area and the neighborhood. Just wish people would clean up after their pets more.

I am a new resident. So far so good! The office staff is very friendly. My apartment was very clean upon move in. The area is very quiet. I think i made a good choice.

We have only been here fr a couple days and We already love it! Its so quiet compared to Pasadena. We are looking forward to our 1st apartment!

It's a great place to live, quiet and family friendly. Clean and well kept. The office staff is friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend to others.

I was a previous resident at Bar harbor. The experience I had was always pleasant . I decided to come back because of my previous experience with a bar harbor and so far it has been great.

Very friendly staff, clean and quiet community. All neighbors seem very helpful and to them selves and nothing seems to go missing if left out or on the back of your truck or vehicle.

The community is quite most of the time. Good neighbor's and clean area. Maintenance is quick to revolve problems. The office ladies are good and quick to handle all problems and concerns.

Just renewed my lease here. I like the community and where it's located- close to Kemah boardwalk, stores, NASA, etc. The staff is always great and I haven't had any issues during my time here.

I love that I can feel safe and secure here. Our of my many experiences at living at apartments growing up, I am glad to say this is my first home as an adult. I made the right choice when I decided to move in here!

Love it here! So quiet and peaceful . Clean neighborhood, friendly neighbors, no break ins or car breaks ins. Responds quickly to any maintenance issues

I have lived here many years and really enjoy Bar Harbor. I feel safe here. The office staff as well as maintenance is great. I love the way the property’s landscaping is kept making it very quaint. I also love the great pool and barbecue area.