I like how Bayside tries to make you comfortable and fix whatever problem is going on. It would be nice if they had more maintenance staff on hand though. At least one other person to help the current person working. Also, I know security is downstairs at the front sometimes, but there really needs to someone there at all times.

Bayside is a fine place to live, it smells weird and my dishwasher is always broken, but it's fine. Internet is terrible, so that's neat. Rooms are a fair size though.

I really enjoy the security of this building. Also the staff are very friendly and the building is kept up very well appearance wise. Also having the mail in the office (packages) is smart.

The staff is really friendly and helpful, I have definitely been pleased and impressed by the service. The location of the community and the perks are really nice as well.

I am doing good I like the location and my roommates will some are good. I love the cat friendly place. I wish there was mode community stuff

Great location to live in close to everything schools downtown etc great food nearby friendly laid back building staff is very helpful and always gets back to you with an issues you have they do there best to make your living experience as great as possible

I enjoy living at Bayside. There have been some noise issues, but management works to solve them. The location is perfect. The apartment is spacious, but I do wish I had one of the bigger rooms.

The community is doing great job. People are very nice and kind. Only problem was that sometimes it was hard to find packages delivered. Now it's much better.3

The apartment is good for its price and they have a lot of fun events going on every now and then, however, maintenance could be a bit better.

I always feel safe in the building and the amenities that are available are great. As a graduate student on a budget, Bayside is very affordable and convenient. Unfortunately, there are people in the building that don't take care of it and don't take pride in where they live. These individuals give outsiders a bad impression of the building and it's community. Aside from these people, Bayside works to make student life easy and tries to give back to its residents.

Apartment is nice and I love most of.my roommates!! The floor is pretty quiet and the security is awesome if you need any help. I wish maintenance was better.

Hallways aren't always the cleanest but that's not necessarily Bayside's fault. Over all by a bad place to live if you have good roommates that don't steal from you.

Love living here, great location and roommate assignments! Office could use a bit work on communication, but overall I have a had a positive experience.

The staffs are great, very kind and warm-hearted. They solved many problems that I faced. The location of this property is good and it is safe here.

Got amazing roommates as they told me they will give. They told me that they would not give me a pet in my apartment and they did so. Management reacts instantly to any household problems.

So far so good. Not so thrilled about the bugs. As long as something is being done about it, however, it's manageable. The staff is very friendly and will listen to any issues or complaints one might have.

I definitely enjoy it here. Little confused about certain things with my roommates, but residency is great, and the rates are good as well. It is right in the heart of Portland and makes getting around from place to place a breeze.

Choosing Bayside was a good choice, I lIke it here, they have a great team to ensure that you're comfortable and all suits your needs....and I got the best roommates

Get better washing machines. money keeps getting stolen off the card. also clean it more often. then the trash. every time I go to throw away trash overloaded and its pretty bad last time I checked. Doing better cleaning the hallways and some of the smells went away. overall pretty good place to live.

Good place and great people who work here very helpful when just moving in havent heard or seen anyone since wish there were residential activities

So far everything is good during move-in feedback is to be more organized. Such as ensuring people with spaces keys to work for the garage if it was purchased. Also if construction allows for a second elevator there is only 1 elevator to one side of the building; which is an inconvenience for those on the other side of the building.

Love it here, people are great. Staffs wonderful! A joy to live! There's at least 64 characters and haven't seen anyone fuss with their hair, not even once

I think you are doing fine. It's a nice place to stay . I enjoy where it is located. I love Portland Maine it is amazing state and city . So jappy

awesome. i like it here. it's cheap and affordable and i can get to work easily due to its close proximity to the old port and major stores and outlets nearby.

I love living at Bayside! The location is perfect and I really like the layout of the rooms and the furnishings! The only complaint I have is that laundry is expensive and the machine has eaten my money twice now :(

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