My experience with the Bellamy has been excellent. I haven’t actually moved in yet, but everyone I spoke with on the phone is passionate and I could tell they are happy i’m going to love their.

O The resident events are so fun! The staff is always so nice and helpful. I would never live anywhere else in Milledgeville! The property is so safe and they replaced all the lights so it’s so bright at night!

The Bellamy is a wonderful place to live and I cant wait to live there for another year with my friends and see what it has to offer us as a community.

So far everything has run smoothly ! There was one situation with my roommates room but it was quickly fixed! I’m very excited to live her next semester!

Bellamy is the best! They are so helpful and want the best for all their residents! If you’re trying to decide where to live, I highly recommend the Bellamy!! Also, Phillip is the best property manager you will ever have

The friendly staff was one of the reasons I decided to live at The Bellamy. I'm glad I chose to live here! Also, the location was a huge determining factor in me choosing this apartment complex.

It’s great! The pool and apartment are very nice! The staff is so accommodating, kind, and does a great job providing for and watching out for their residents.

As I have not moved in yet. I do very much look forward to spending hopefully the remainder of my semester at GC living in Bellamy. Also look forward to that wonderful pool

Great experience. From what I can tell, the staff is very friendly, amenities are great, the location is pretty good considering it is not far from campus. Overall great place

good facilities, good resident activities. overall a great place to live. nice amenities, really nice to have a police officer live here, good security.

I already feel so loved and I haven't even moved in yet! The office staff really graded my heart and made The Bellamy Milledgeville Apartments feel like my new home away from home!

I am so excited to live here! The apartments, pool, fitness, and study room are great. Everything is so clean and the staff are so nice and helpful.

The Bellamy has been very welcoming. The process for signing a lease was easy and they are very flexible, so I was able to move in with my friends. The staff was also very friendly.

haven't moved in yet, so far experience is okay. i am excited to stay here and make new friends. I like that they offer a fully furnished apartment and pool.

Working with the staff at the bellamy has been amazing because everyone is so helpful and very outgoing and knows exactly how to help. I am looking forward to living at the Bellamy!

I really enjoy the community at the Bellamy Milledgeville because my roommates are wonderful, the amenities are great and extremely convenient, and the price is affordable.

I love living at the Bellamy! The staff is always so welcoming and friendly to me, and it’s also extremely convenient that I can workout in the gym at any hour of any day.

I have not moved in yet but they have excellent service. I cannot wait to move in for my succeeding fall and spring semesters at Georgia College in Milledgeville.

The Bellamy at Milledgeville is a great community with an amazing staff. They are always willing to assist you and answer any questions. I would highly suggest living here!

I don't live there yet but I will next semester. I am looking forward to living at the Bellamy with people I know instead of random people from the village.

I cannot wait to live in the Bellamy because it is so nice and clean. The staff is always willing to answer my questions and they are helpful and knowledgable!

The Bellamy is absolutely a friendly and welcoming environment. All of the staff is always friendly and is always there to help you when needed

So far, I have only lived here for a month, but I already really enjoy the community here at the Bellamy Milledgeville. I love my roommates, and I love how convenient everything is to access in the complex. I also really appreciate how quickly maintenance comes and fixes things after a work order is put in. I am excited about this next chapter in my life, and I am glad it is here at the Bellamy.

love the Bellamy community! Everyone I have met has been extremely nice, and my apartment is amazing! I love using the gym and pool for working out because they are such nice amenties

The Bellamy community is a great place to be! They make you feel welcomed and at home! Everyone on staff is super nice! If you’re deciding between the Bellamy and somewhere else, choose Bellamy!!