I’m from Richmond, VA I moved here for a job opportunity in May 2018. I purposely waited to give my review to give an honest insightful opinion. When I visited for the first time a lady, last name Nguyen greeted me and my family and although she greeted me verbally her eyes and maneurisms gave me a negative vibe almost like a snobby person at a upscale boutique assuming I couldn’t afford to visit the establishment. However, I ignored it and proceeded with the tour. Long story short, I proceeded with signing my lease because it’s close to work and it’s somewnag safe for a single woman. Nevertheless since I’ve been here the service from the staff is anything but 5 star, more like -5 stars. When I first moved in, it took me 5 calls to the front desk to get them to fix my AC in the dead of summer. I’ve made multiple calls to the front desk about the key pad in the parking garage that doesn’t work, which creates a safety hazard. There are residents smoking weed in the building, dog pee everywhere, spilled hot chocolate everywhere; and the most frustrating thing that’s happen thus far is they’ve lost two of my expensive packages during the holiday season. Now I have to get expensive items sent to my moms house in Richmond and go all the way there to get my stuff. I’ve called numerous times been promised a call back numerous times and received nothing. Max in particular is no help, any time I ask for assistance or for a resolution he looks at me as if I’m speaking Gibberish to him. Basically you don’t get what you pay for here you might as well be living in section 8 housing. Only positive is my commute is nonexistent and that goes a long way in an area like this.

We really enjoy the apartment that we live in and since it is right near Fort Belvoir, the location makes my commute much shorter than the hour or two drive some people make.

Great staff very receptive to needs and concerns of tenants. Great amenities! Easy access to gym without leaving the comforts of home. We'll keep by cleaning staff.

The Move In was smooth and the staff was very helpful with paper work necessary and accommodating with recommending options for furniture and delivery of them to our new beautiful apartment.

The place is dirty now. Ppl above me are so noisy sometimes it's hard for me to sleep I never had this problem before but now I guess they must be new living here I don't know what happened one day I was going to my car and I smelt something like a bad smell like I can't describe it then I saw somebody throw a coke bottle out the car window in the garage

I don’t know. I have roaches. Don’t know how there got there, but managment is fixing it. Outside of that, the community is cool. The people are nice and I made cool friends there.

Living here is very nice. The only issue I have is hearing my neighbors tv anytime they are home. Even through the middle of the night. We have asked a number of times to turn the tv down be that’s doesn’t work. So we have many restless night. Overall the community is very nice and friendly.

Pros: amenities awesome. staff helpful. clean cons: they'll tow any car without a BSA sticker in a heartbeat, expensive, you definitely see where they cheaped out when building the place

Great community. Amenities are spectacular. Definitely enjoy the indoor parking and onsite gym makes my life so much easier. Very pleasant staff always willing to help.

Great staff and amenities. Convenient to base. Excited about the new retail store and looking forward to more retail stores. Love Happy Hour Wednesday.

There is not much to do in the neighborhood, especially when it comes to socializing. The space for shops on the bottom floor in the building has been slow in getting tenants.

This is a great and new apartment. Staffs are so friendly. I love everything. However, I take 1 start off because there is no play ground for kids. I have a little Boy who is really active so I need a place for him to play. Disappointed a little:(

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Nice place to live. Love the dog friendly community. Amenities are great. I love the coffee bar, great weekend treat. The courtyard is warm and inviting.

Outstanding!!! Staff is always welcoming and attendants are all very nice. Love being apart of a community we’re everykne is so friendly!!!!

Love how close the building is to my work at Fort Belvoir. If I need anything from home I can do a quick trip and be back on base within 10 min. The studio apartment is perfect with all the space and amenities needed

Beautiful apartment and very friendly staff. It is in a super convenient location for anyone who works at fort belvior but can’t stay on base

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High ceilings are the BEST. I downsized from a 4 bedroom home and I love how open my apartment feels. Not missing any square footage. The only downside is I wish the walls were a little more sound proof.

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Very welcoming staff. I love how safe I feel here and the implemented safety features to make me feel secure. The parking garage significantly helps especially during snow days.

We have just gotten approved at Belvoir square and we are so excited to be a part of this community! The staff are friendly and informative and the building is clean!

Everything has been great so far! The complex is clean and quiet. Everyone I have met thus far has been friendly...even all of the fur babies running around. I haven't been able to participate in Wine Down Wednesday yet, but definitely plan on it!

Great facilities and the inside is normally always clean. There are great admentities as well. The only negative is the electric stove but that is only because I like gas better. And sometimes when I walk my dog there is trash outside and cigarette butts which are really unhealthy for dogs. Great packaging service and amazing gym!

So far our resident experience has been a good one. We are happy with the newer building and being the first occupants of our apartment. One small maintenance issue we had was resolved quickly by requesting service online.

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Yes, it's has a cost. So far this place has been worth every penny. Beautiful building, comfortable homes, fantastic amenities, attentive staff, short drive from local military installation.

Very nice place to live. Staff is great, only downside is dog poop is not picked up. We walk our dogs multiple times a day and always clean up after them. The staff doesn’t do anything to tenants that don’t clean their dogs waste

The Belvoir Square is a good community, however there have been several hiccups since move in, but overall it is convenient, safe and friendly.