Berkshire is just your average apartment complex, although they have a great love for pets which is very wonderful considering that most apartments have strict rules of our furry animals. This place has it's fair share of good and bad but at least I do feel safe where I live and If I do have a problem they mostly will get it solved right away. Can't all be perfect.

Berkshire is a great place to live. It's very quiet. Neighbors are friendly. Staff is awesome. Bonus is all breeds and sizes of dogs are welcome, which is a BIG plus for me!

It’s a great community to live in. The people are so nice and willing to help you out if needed. Also, the community focuses on cats and dogs and treats them like family.

It had always been a good experience here at Berkshire. We have been here a total of 3 years and have few complaints. Our dogs have also always enjoyed the park!

My experience 4 months in has been very good. The front office staff is very friendly and attentive. However, the gym is not given much attention. everything else is kept up in good order. The maintenance staff is also very proactive and respond well when something needs fixed. I am happy with my husband and I decision to live at the berk. I also appreciate the socials they have for the community members. Thank you! Ashley Larssen

I have had an excellent experience here at Berkshire. This is my second year here and I love it. My neighbors are very friendly and my fur baby loves all of his dog friends at the bark park.

Apartments are ok. Have had mice issues since an old neighbor was evicted. Constantly run out of poop bags in our area but the maintenance guys are super nice

About what I expected. A bit disappointed that floors were not updated. Glad to see maintenance was cleaning up outside. Nice location and convenient for me.

Never had any problems with anyone. I don't really know anyone though so it doesn't really feel like a community but that's partly on me. No noise complaints or anything though.

I have really enjoyed everything so far. It seems to be a nice and quite place to live. The front office was helpful with the move in. If we need anything fixed or changed they are willing to do so.

We have had a wonderful experience here. Everyone is friendly, the complex is clean, and the apartments are quiet. We don't hear our neighbors through the walls!

I love living here its quiet and very family friendly. The staff is great. The only thing that i dislike r the speed bumps i was happy to see them go. I also dislike the vip parking.

Not a bad place to live minus all the dog poop that is all over the place. I did ask for access to the gym and the dog park several times and never got access to either.

Maintenance is very helpful- they always get the job done whether I have AC or heating issues. They are also quite nice to my pets whenever they enter the apartment. Ladies in the office are quite nice as well and very helpful. Very helpful that the apartment provides bags in areas throughout the complex for picking up dog / pet waste. Neighbours can be quite loud, however, and some residents do not pick up after their dogs.

Maintenance is always awesome. They are very prompt and always get the problem fixed. Grounds are usually very clean an well kept. Would love to see the complex put in a pool sometime.

We have been here for almost 3 and a half years! That's crazy! We like the neighborhood, and love the dog park! We are dog people, what can I say? πŸ˜‚πŸΆ Staff is always friendly, and maintenance does a pretty good job. The only complaint I really have is that they still have yet to fix or replace the dog park equipment. My aussie thrives doing the obstacles, but can only do the A-frame and tunnel now. We miss the bar jumps and the hoop! 😭 I know it's almost winter, but we would still use the heck out of it!

Knowledgeable staff and assistance when needed, even in an instance when I found I was incorrect on my knowledge (of the price of a long bulb), the office girls were considerate and not degrading. I was appreciative.

Love the community, unfortunately when we moved in the apartment was not cleaned. There was dog hair from the previous tenant everywhere. In the kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, in the bathroom sink, shower and the floor was covered. Other then the lack of cleaning we love the apartment.

I like living here. Moving in was more hectic then I thought it should be. We were told we could move in on July 28th then about a week before we move they email us saying that we can't move in until Aug. 6th. Thats 11 days after we had originally planned. And I had to be out of my last apartment on the 31st. (don't worry i found somewhere to stay). when we finally got to move in we were told that the reason we had to wait was because they needed to paint and redo the carpet. when we moved in there was still a maintenance person fixing things and painting, and the carpet is old and not clean. I was really upset. Otherwise, everyone has been really nice. and they are really easy to work with.

Great speed in getting things fixed. I am really glad we picked you guys for our lease! Also the ladies at the office are super easy to work with and really nice.

Great place to live with great amenities. Friendly staff. Maintenance always comes quickly when needed, and never have had an issue with fixing things in a timely manner

things needed fixed after moveing in other then that everything else went pretty good,having a hard time getting used to the new community,like the apartment every thing is new.

Overall I like living here. There were a couple of minor things that we asked to be fixed though and we were told by 2 different people and a few different occasions, that they would schedule it and nothing happened. We also have been here for months now and hadn't had a chance to use the dog park because our cards didnt work. We asked for new cards a few different times and were told no because the lock for the park was going to be here "any day now." Initially we accepted it and patiently waited but a couple months went by and we asked our neighbors and they said they had heard the same thing for months as well. I am content living in a decent apartment but thus far am not impressed with the things previously stated.

Berkshire Apartments are at a Very good locality/neighborhood. Nice/friendly Leasing office staff and have good maintenance and Good Fitness center

Everyone is always so friendly and nice! It is also very relieving when I have my dogs out and people aren't afraid to stop and say hi to them! They are both part pit so some people are scared, but here it is different and nice!