Some issues after moving in but management is on top of it. All in all have felt welcomed. Everything has been a speedy response and they have went above and beyond to keep up happy.

So far so good other than being lied to about the cost, was told when put the deposit up it would be 2250, when time to sign the contract it went to 2350 a month.

We have lived here sense Sept 2015. We have loved living in the neighborhood. The kids enjoy the park and how many children there are to play with. Our house has plenty of room for us and the kids. Also love the large garage.

I love it here and the people are very nice and caring this is by far a great living area and would recommend it to anyone honestly I am content here

It's a nice and quiet community. I like that there is a playground for the kids and a fitness center for the adults. We are happy with choice to move here.

The unit is very spacious and has a modern look . the floors and appliances are in perfect shape . The furniture is wore out and it has an issue with a hole in the bathtub as well as the garage door doesn’t open with the switch and getting maintenance to show up has been very unsatisfactory and the price of the units rent is outrageous

So far it's been pretty nice with the living spaces marry me tidy clean. So there were a few things that wasn't too pleasant with otherwise it would have given it 5 Stars. The park is usually dirty when I come here so feel like I have to clean it up before I allow my two-year-old to run around. I'm not quite sure if you're allowed to have a fire in the fire pit area where you barbecue just because there is no way to put out the fire if we do have a fire there and if it's not for a fire I'm not quite sure what it is for. I love that it's located outside of town so that the kids are allowed to run around a little bit more vice Avail to get a lot of energy out. A deftly makes me happy that we are able to bring our dogs and have all of our family here so thank you for that.

Loved this place when we first moved in, maintenance was great and the neighborhood was clean and quiet. The great maintenance is gone now and the neighborhood is a mess with garbage, toys and bikes left everywhere. Noise has also become a huge issue sadly.

Still a quiet place to live. Some minor problems with the heat going out and power going out. Pipes freezing during the winter. Otherwise it is a decent place.

I like the neighborhood, and my boys love the playground. The fitness center is convenient, and we enjoy being a little out of town but still close. My biggest complaint is the flooring in the kitchen, utility room, and bathrooms. It is awful quality and so ugly. The paint and trim could definitely use some attention too. That’s part of renting though. Overall, we are pleased with our experience here so far.

It's been great at times and ok at times. I would say overall it's been really good. The best part has been when something is wrong with the house we can get someone over to fix it right away.

Has been good so far. Need to be more ways to enforce speeding through here. The speeding through the neighborhood is out of control. Other than that its quiet

Apartment Manager is very professional. The townhouse itself needs a little work. The carpet was clean but is worn. Paint splatter all over. Oven burner did not work, I emailed and they sent someone over to fix it.

Place looks nice, family friendly spacious for my wife and kids and I. Kids like the play ground. Property management is very friendly and nice

Residents here are very quiet and respectful. The only noises that I have to complain about are the coyotes that seem to really enjoy howling at 2 o’clock in the morning. Love it.

I Really like it here so far. I wish the mailboxes were at our residences. I Also was never told when we could use the gym. I also wish there was a community Facebook page sp or would be easier to meet others.

Appreciate having a fitness center in the community. Good to have a playground area for grandkids to play when they visit. Would like to see better grass planted in yards.

The location is ideal, just outside of town, away from the hustle and bustle of Watford City's growing community. It is a clean and quiet neighborhood. The staff is very friendly.

A pleasant home away from home. Close enough to town without being in the middle of it. Spacious and the two car garage is nice to have. The location allows for great views.

Very friendly, haven't had any problems and when you put a maintenance ticket in its done right away. Very helpful with anything. Answers the phones in a polite manner.

We're enjoyed living in this neighborhood thus far! We are looking forward to continuing to live here for a while! All the staff is very easy to work with.

We moved in on June 1st and have loved it so far! We have no complaints. When we moved in we had a couple things that needed to be fixed from previous tendant and everything got done in a timely matter.

I like it here. I just wish more families that wanted to do more with people in the community lived here.besdies that everything seems great.

Great neighborhood! So quiet and peaceful! Would definitely recommend to any families. Its so nice to know you can relax in your own home and not hear every word and move your neighbors make.

Very friendly staff nice and clean townhomes would reccomend bison run to friends and family the wife and kids really enjoy living here as do i