living in 2320 is nice because there is a lot to do and there is a lot of community events. The location is also great because its really easy to get to classes.

love living here! everyone is so nice and the location is perfect for where I wanted to be in relation to campus and work. I am so excited to live here for the next two years

When I first moved in I absolutely loved living here but after being here for 2 years I’m ready to leave. It’s just not as nice as it once was.

This has been an all around great place to live. The amenities in and around the apartment are great. The workers are nice and there to help. The atmosphere around the building is a great college town too!

I just happened to move in this semester but so far it's been a really fun time and overall a quality experience not only for me but for my roommates also.

Everyone is always super friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. It is very expensive but you definitely pay for what you get and you get a lot of amenities

The rent is a little high monthly and paying rent online is expensive with a $20 fee to pay your monthly fees. The elevators always seem to break down. But the apartments are kept in good shape to move into and the apartment is really close to classes on campus.

I love having a Kuerig in the study area of the Edge! I also love how close I am to campus and all of the "resident appreciation" activities! Who wouldn't want free food?!

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I really enjoy living at 23Twenty! The location is great and the main areas are always clean. Aside from some minor issues with the apartment (broken and worn furniture and appliances), I have no complaints!

It is absolutely great, we have so much time to relax and have different things to do on the block one and 23 twenty place. Nice smooth and relaxing place.

Amazing amenities. Perfect Location. 23Twenty is the place to be in Ames. The front desk employees were extremely helpful when signing a lease, and really made an inclusive environment that I was excited to move into!

Overall, the experience has been good. There have been a few instances with staff that have left a sour taste in my mouth. One was that my roommate and I got charged for an incident with the garbage when only one of us was supposed to be charged. Neither of us received any notification this charge had taken place, and money had been taken out of both of our accounts. We were expected for one of us to speak up and email staff taking responsibility for the fee, but if we never talked with staff about the problem, both of us would have been out of that fee. The whole experience was convoluted and difficult to find answers. If there had been a notification of the fee, such as an email sent to us, that alone might have avoided all the trouble we had.

2320 is a great place to live! The staff is very amiable and always helpful! The only disadvantage is that you cannot open any window in the apartment.

The water pipes that run behind my bedroom wall are irritating, but I know nothing can be done about that. The room directly above mine has really squeaky floors and that’s also irritating. Other than that, it’s fine

Block One is great! Everyone who works here has a great attitude and treats you very nice. The rooms are very nice and big. One issue is the apartment complex does get trashed on the weekends by random people and the halls do get gross, but the cleaning crew here does do a good job of cleaning it up, just wish it wouldn't happen as much as it did.

It is nice, however, it takes awhile to get things fixed when a work order is filed. We have waited for months to get a window repaired and a wall painted in our apartment.

I love living here because I am close to lots of my friends and campus. The management team are always there to help out in many ways. People are always nice and outgoing

Hallways can be very dirty. Overall a nice building with good rooms and amenities. The outside grounds of the building a very dirt and smells like dog poop a lot which is very gross.

So far, we've had a solid experience. Our rooms are a good size, and we've had no major maintenance problems. Noise levels can sometimes be an issue, but as long as things don't get too hectic, it's not a big deal. Overall, I'd sign here again!

Such an amazing place to live! Love being super close to campus especially right now in the cold weather! Also the free food and stuff is a plus

2320 is a great place to live that is close to campus. Classes are a quick walk and Potbelly/Blaze Pizza are seconds away. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Love the proximity from campus and all of the amazing amenities. They have great activities going on all the time. Planning to stay with them until I graduate.

I generally like the apartment its self but there are some issues. Ive heard this from my neighbor as well that the water heat literally sucks since I can't take more than a ten minute shower before the water becomes freezing. The elevators are also an issue that bothers everyone. I don't know what is wrong with them but its time to fix them because everyone says they ant going to recommend living here just because of that.

The whole process of signing the lease was really easy, the BlockOne employees were really helpful and made the experience smooth. Excited to start me new lease!