Friendly staff, extremely clean & well maintained. Put on multiple events for residents and really try to make you feel at home. only criticism would be the elevators breaking all the time!

Have been living here for almost three years now. It is a good place to live if you are looking for a place close to campus. Great and quick maintenance team.

The location is amazing and the staff is very friendly. Only complaint I have is that you can’t see what your actual unit will look like and when my roommates and I moved in, the apartment was very beat up with burn holes in the couch, desk chairs had shreds and holes all over them, and my bathroom vanity handles were broken and the wood all over the apartment was very scratched.

everything is broken and doesn't get fixed, but it's a good place to live. The staff try their best with what they are given. great location to campus

Great spot to live, super close to campus. We have been having problems with trying to get things actually resolved from maintenance but it’s much better than Campustown so there’s that.

I love 2320. I have lived here for almost 1.5 years and I have signed my lease for 1 more year. It’s a great location, which is probably my favorite part. There’s a gym downstairs which I like to use if it’s too cold to walk to the gym. It’s fully furnished and I have my own bathroom. The people here are friendly and I would not want to live anywhere else.

23Twenty is a great place to live. The apartments are very nice, having my own room and bathroom has been great. The location is also very convenient and one of the best thing about living here. And to top it off the amenities are nice, especially having an in-unit washer and dryer.

Very good location and a nice place to live while in college. Have had very few issues and the issues that I have had have been taken care of very quickly. Overall have enjoyed living in 2320.

I love it here! I love that it’s so close to campus. I am closer to friends and work also. The rooms are nice and convenient. The community here is also great

The place is always clean when I go up to my apartment. I love the study area on the 2nd floor. The people are always nice and very helpful as well

Lived here the past 2 Years and have really enjoyed it!Block One has been very helpful when I have had problems in the building and for also answering any of my questions. People at the front desk are very nice and easy to talk to!

Good location close to campus and the apartment is nice especially with all the bedrooms having their own bathrooms. Building is cleaned every weekday which is also nice.

Very nice location being so close to classes. Also very nice to be so close to all the bars and restaurants. Apartments are very nice, but a little expensive

Always an issue with the heat and cooling system. The dishwasher also does not clean hardly anything ever while all of the leftover residue flows up into our sink. Cool view outside tho

The maintenance is so quick. The facility is clean and well taken care of. The amenities are amazing. I love being able to roll out of bed and being so close to campus.

Very good community. Court yard is fun. Met my neighbors and had a good time. Always having events that show they care about us and have a good time

Great - except for the super slow and often broken elevators. The staff is always nice, packages are easy to get, etc. I quality of furniture and fixtures is on the cheap side but ok

The apartments are well kept and maintenance is always very quick. They also do a lot of events for the apartment and you can win great prizes. Also being super close to campus is nice

Living at BlockONE is actually very enjoyable. They are always hosting fun events where you can win prizes and eat free food. The maintenance workers are always very nice and quick, and the front desk staff is also very helpful.

I really like this place. It is so close to many useful places. I like all the facilities that we have such as the game room, the laundry room, the gym. I would definitely recommend it.

Love the convenience being so close to campus. Definitely get what you pay for and it feels like home living here. The amenities are a great way to bring all of my friends together!

Besides the private bed/bathrooms and the great location I have been disappointed thus far. We have had a leaking issue in our apartment and rather than a permanent solution to our problems, a dehumidifier had been placed in our rooms. This is not only a temporary solution to this issue, but it had damaged items in our rooms and we were expected to pay for the cost of electricity of the dehumidifier being plugged in for weeks 24/7. VERY disappointed in the lack of urgency we felt about this problem and the damaged property of ours because of this. I was also made to pay a HUGE fee for having a small animal in the apartment. I understand a cat or a dog, but I have a rabbit. A rabbit is pretty much a large hamster. Having to pay over $300 that is not refundable for a rabbit in my apartment is absolutely ridiculous. Disappointed to say the least by all the added costs I have had to pay not even living here for a full 3 months. I’ll have to find somewhere else to live next year.

Good apartment. Clean and modern. A little loud when you live on the 3rd floor by the busy Lincoln way road plus drunk people walking around. Overall good.

I enjoy living here, it is very convenient living so close to campus. The rooms are nice and I’m able to have my own privacy. Overall it has been a good experience!

I enjoy the proximity to campus and the apartment is nice. But when there is maintenance problem it can take awhile to fix things. Overall though I do enjoy living here.