The front office staff is friendly. The building gets trashed a lot and doesn’t get fixed quickly. No one is held accountable for the damages since there are no cameras.

Staff in office is very friendly and willing to help! Biggest downfall is how trashed the building gets and how long it takes to get cleaned up. Great location!

Good over just over priced. Love the belcony. Sad to see the pricing went up. I'm not renewing due to price but has been an amazing experience

I moved in this semester and it has been a pleasant experience so far. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The only problem is that people are constantly putting holes in the walls of the hallway in my floor.

The staff has been great and friendly whenever I go to the office to pick up a package. The building is cleaned often too which is nice. My only complaints are that sometimes the people above my are loud and that one of the elevators did not work for the entirety of the Fall Semester.

I enjoy the fully furnished apartments as being from out of state it’s easier to not purchase furniture. The staff is very helpful in any concerns I have had while living here for the past 2 years.

Can be good, can be noisy, location is right near campus which is perfect if you work on campus and to just go to classes in the morning in walking distance.

It's been nice, the staff are friendly when I have talked with them, mail, things like that are easy enough and convenient, washer/dryer, etc. are new.

I really like to live here - amenities and the staff are great, but the major disadvantage is that some of my neighbors are smoking 5-7 times a day and nothing can be done about that.

Best place next to campus to live!! Super close to all of the food places around campus. Also a great community to live in they do a great job of being people together.

I love living here with my friends. The place is perfect for college students especially since it is fully furnished and right across from campus.

I really do like living with BlockOne, however as our building management has changed so have the living conditions. We've spent weeks at a time with only 1 functioning elevator and have had nearly continuous vandalism on several floors to the point they've stopped repairing them(holes punched through walls, emergency exit signs ripped off, pictures ripped off walls). First, is it against fire codes to not have the emergency exit signs functional, second, how am I paying a premium to live in a building with holes all over the walls and neighbors allowed who are doing that? There is plenty of room for improvement in our building.

23Twenty has done a great job of cleaning up during breaks. It’s nice to come back to a clean apartment building. The elevators now work as well.

The apartments overall are great. What I am really disappointed in is the security. It is a campus town so parties are inevitable, but there's not care for the property and security doesn't do a thing

Beautiful living space and great amenities. Also it’s super close to campus which is super convenient! Commons area is huge with lots of room for activities :)

The right elevator had been down for an entire semester which I think is absolutely ridiculous. If we’re “living in luxury” I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have working elevators

The office staff are always super friendly! The resident events are a nice way to meet new people and get some yummy treats! I love being so close to campus.

I really enjoy my living space. My only complaint is that one of the elevators was broken for about 2 months. However besides that I enjoy all the little events they put on for us!

The apartment is very beautiful and located very close to campus. I enjoy the patio that is accessible to anyone who lives here, and I also like that the apartments are furnished.

It was an overall great experience. Great employees, great rooms and a great overall atmosphere for living in a college town. 10/10 would recommend.

I really enjoy the location of the block one apartments. The price is very high however. The staff are very nice and helpful as well. Overall a great place

Being so close to campus is great, especially during this time of the year when the cold makes it hard to want to walk to class. Pro tip, do not leave garbage in the garbage room, the fines are hefty, but with good reason. I feel bad that 23Twenty has to fix all of the holes that people punch or kick in the walls, makes sense that they need to get the money back through trash fines. Management has been very fair and helpful with any inquiries. All in all a good experience.

The location is nice, but the it is often noisy, and there is a lot of disrespect and vandalism with holes in the walls, breaking the glass on the fire extinguishers, animal waste, and exit signs being stolen. The apartment is trying to do something about it but it’s not their fault.

It is a really cool place to live, if you can afforded it. They have a really nice and helpful workers, and have regular events where they give out free food.

I really enjoy living here. The rooms are great, and the location is probably the best part about BlockONE. My only complaint is that one of the two elevators has been out of service for the last week and still hasn't been fixed.